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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fact Sheet: PJR scared of his own gunmen!

Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy may have the guts to challenge even Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, but he is scared of his own gunmen.

After the recent unsavoury Jubilee Hills incident, in which PJR's son Vishnuvardhan Reddy allegedly manhandled YSR's brother Ravindra Reddy, the government recalled the two gunmen allotted to PJR and replaced them with a fresh batch of two gunmen. Though it was a prerogative of the police department to decide on whom to post and whom to recall as gunmen for an MLA, it should tell the MLA before making such changes.

But in PJR's case, it did not happen. A couple of days after the incident, he was surprised to find two new gunmen at his residence. He now fears the earlier two gunmen, who were eyewitnesses to the Jubilee Hills incident, could be used as evidences against his son in the criminal court. They might also provide vital information about his political strategies, because normally gunmen keep on eye on who is coming and who is going and what the leaders are up to. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons why PJR has become quiet in the last three or four days!

YSR's 'unconditional' apology to Babu with conditions

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy has finally realised the impact of his remarks against his bete noire and Telugu Desam supremo N Chandrababu Naidu. After insisting for full 24 hours that what he had spoken against Chandrababu Naidu was not in bad taste, Rajaseskhar Reddy has now bowed down to the public wish. He has tendered an unconditional apology to the leader of the Opposition. But Rajasekhar Reddy's apology would have been more weighty had he not attached strings to it. His apology reads like this, "if Chandrababu Naidu feels that I have spoken against his mother, I herewith tender an unconditional apology".

Many do not realise that there's a condition attached to this "unconditional apology". The condition is that if Chandrababu Naidu feels hurt.

Bramhani Steels drags Babu, Ramoji to court

Looks like the fight over the controversial Obulapuram iron ore mines has taken legal overtones. Industrialist and Bramhani Steels promotor G Janardhan Reddy has filed a suit in Rayadurgam Munsif Court against Telugu Desam supremo and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He sought damages in the defamation suit alleging that Chandrababu Naidu had defamed him by calling him an illegal miner and cheat.

He has also filed private cases against Telugu Desam MP MV Mysoora Reddy and media barons Ch Ramoji Rao (Eenadu) and V Radhakrishna (Jyothi) for publication of reports in their newspapers.

Bedlam in House over CM's remark against Naidu

Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Monday plunged into pandemonium when Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy's personal remark against TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu evoked strong reaction from the entire Opposition leading to suspension of 13 TDP members from the House for the day.

During the course of his clarification over allegations of illegal iron ore mining in Anantapur district, the Chief Minister directed his ire at Naidu and made certain personal remarks, triggering furore in the House.

Apparently provoked by Naidu seeking to interrupt him, Reddy made a stinging personal attack which was condemned by the entire Opposition as "unparliamentary."

Later, the Chief Minister said he had no objection to his remarks being expunged if they were found unparliamentary.

Speaker K R Suresh Reddy assured the agitated Opposition that he would expunge the remarks after verifying them.

Demanding apology from the Chief Minister, TDP members frequently stormed the podium and stalled the proceedings. Amidst din, the Speaker abruptly adjourned the House till 4.30 pm.

When the House re-assembled, there was no respite from the furore with TDP members surrounding the podium and raising slogans demanding Reddy's apology.

Agriculture Minister N Raghuveera Reddy then moved a resolution, under Rule 340, seeking suspension of 13 TDP MLAs present in the House.

Later, CPI (M) and CPI members staged a walk-out as a mark of protest against the CM's remarks.

Behind The Scene: Why did YSR foul mouth Naidu?

It surprised even the Congress MLAs when the otherwise cool and composed Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy suddenly lost his cool in the Assembly on Monday and used "harsh words" against Opposition Leader N Chandrababu Naidu.

A review of the events that unfolded in the House shows that it was a deliberate and not a spontaneous act on the part of the Chief Minister to provoke the Telugu Desam party. Inquiries revealed that the strategy was worked out by Chief Whip Kiran Kumar Reddy with Agriculture Minister N Raghuveera Reddy and Media advisor Ravichander. They prompted the Chief Minister to run down the Opposition leader, so that the whole attention of the public on the TD leaders's dharna at Rayadurgam police station in Anantapur would be diverted. However, they did not expect YSR to use such a harsh language; they only gave him the evidence about Chandrababu Naidu's involvement in leasing of Obulapuram mines in his own regime, so that he would turn tables on the main Opposition.

As expected, the attention was diverted to the Assembly, while the police successfully put an end to the agitation of the TD MLAs. But, by losing his tongue, YSR created a fresh controversy, much to the chagrin of the Congress media managers.

Fact Sheet: Now, it's BSP turn to fire at Ramoji!

After the Congress party, it is now the turn of Bahujan Samaj Party to fire salvos at media baron Ramoji Rao, in the State.

The BSP, though it has a very little presence in the State, has been writing to all the BC and SC organisations as to how Eenadu newspaper is ignoring the news pertaining to Dalits. The BSP is particularly peeved at publishing a photograph of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati with that of Monica Bedi, film across who was arrested in the pass port forgery case, thereby equating both the women, saying that both these women could go scot free without punishment for lack of evidence.

The BSP activists took out rallies in several parts of the State in protest against the Eenadu report, saying it was nothing but insulting crores of Dalits. The party is now trying to take up the issue of "self-respect for the Dalits" and use it as an election plank in the next elections, along with the other weaker sections.

Media makes mountain out of molehill

The media in Andhra Pradesh, which is following an out and out anti-government policy, has found an excellent opportunity to deride Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy by making a mountain out of mole hill in the Monday's unsavoury episode in the Assembly.

Right from the time the incident happened in the Assembly till late in the night, Eenadu television carried an opinion poll on whether it was justified on the part of the Chief Minister to use foul language against Naidu and as expected, it was a sort of mobilising the public opinion against the government and YSR in particular. So was the case with TV, though on a lessor scale. The channels continuously aired the scenes in the Assembly to create a negative impression about the Chief Minister and played down his clarifications.

As expected, the two newspapers – Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi – carried banner stories against YSR and wrote editorials. And the Telugu Desam made use of every opportunity to take advantage of the media support. The Congress leaders are now lamenting for not having a publication or channel to give the otherside of the story!

'Assembly' Review: 'Chiru' and 'NBK' Can't Compete

Small Screen Film: Assembly
Genre: Sentimental Action Flick
Rating: Not Applicable
Lead Artistes: YSR, Chandrababu, MS, Suresh Reddy, Nagam Janardana Reddy, Yerabili Dayakar, Kiran Kumar Reddy and Devender Goud.
Dialogues: Self Written by all artistes
Producers: Citizens of Andhra Pradesh
Direction: 'Unfortunate Fate' Of AP Citizens
Introduction:Paruchuri Gopala Krishna's dialogues

'Mokke Kada ani peekithe peeka kostha…', 'nuvvu molathadu kattina magadivaithey ra ra vachchi nannu champu…', stand no where before the dialogues of YSR, "Nee Thalliki enduku puttava anukunela chestaa.., 'Ninnu kadigesthaa chandrababu.nee thalli kadupuna puttaka poyunte bagundedhi ani anukunela chesthaa"

Chandrababu's counter, "Nindu Sabhalo Thallula gurinchi matlaadathaara..Intha neechama?" also stands on par.

'Mogudini Kotti mogasalaku ekkinattu undhi' is another counter of YSR on Chandrababu.

The entire issue is about lease for mining. The action episodes on Yerebili Dayakar and Nagam Janardana Reddy are shown in high dose. Yerabilli has shown his muscle power on uniformed policeman and that resulted in receiving blows from the police troops.

Narration and Performances:
Every sane citizen would feel, 'Where are we going?', 'Who is hero and who is villain?'

Yes, there is a big dispute in declaring the hero in this movie. For some YSR looks like hero and for others he may be villain. Chandrababu appears as hero for some and KCR appears to be hero for others. It's again perception of each individual that declares the hero.

Coming to M Satyanarayana Rao, he appears to be comedian for some and as comedy-villain for others. He does various entertaining things by entering into the cabins of other party leaders and cracking jokes with them.

Speaker Suresh Reddy tries to enact the balanced role. Devender Goud and Kiran Kumar Reddy are the best supporting actors in this entire show.

The citizens of AP, the real producers of this show, are wasting their money by making such shows.

It's a moving theme on small screen. It's first of its kind in the history on small screen or silver screen. Each and every scene in this 'Assembly' can be taken as comedy by some, sentimental by some, action by others and a tear jerking tragedy by another segment of people. The perception depends on the minds of the beholder.

It is the unfortunate fate of AP citizens for watching the sessions in Assembly as a comedy and action based entertainment. People are watching no other channel other than the live telecast of Assembly session for the real time entertainment in it. The law makers, rulers and responsible opposition party leaders are behaving in spiteful way creating insecurity among citizens. What is the agenda of Assembly? What is to be discussed and what is going on?

Assembly sessions proved be bigger entertainment than Cricket matches and movies. What a miserable plight?

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