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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fact Sheet: Yashki's struggle for existence!

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Congress MP from Nizamabad Madhu Yashki Goud is virtually struggling to retain his existence in the State politics, as he is fully aware that his days in the Congress are numbered and that he would not get the Congress ticket in the next 2009 general elections.

So, he is trying to build up his own image in Nizamabad district, that might come to his help in seeking the Telangana Rashtra Samithi ticket in the next elections. He is spending most of his time in the district, mobilizing the people, and particularly the student community, in support of Telangana. He is calling upon the teachers and students to participate actively in Telangana separate statehood movement.

Madhu, however, is cautious enough not to distance himself from the Congress for the time being, but to be still loyal to Madam Sonia Gandhi. While lambasting the anti-Telangana forces in the Congress, he is making it a point to display his loyalty to Sonia, saying the Congress president was fully aware of the aspirations of the Telanganites, notwithstanding the negative campaign unleashed by anti-Telangana forces. "I am confident that the pParty would definitely take a positive decision, if the State Congress leaders explain public opinion before high command," he said.

Attempting To Understand Religions and Gods!

Religion is a set of instructions set by some matured souls in body form to move forward to merge in the ocean of Spirituality. Religion is a training platform that moulds the soul to turn capable to merge into the ocean of Spirituality . Religion is a torch that shows path to the ocean of Spirituality. Religion is a lubricant for the soul to get rid of the friction of confusion, doubtfulness, uproar and other similar factors those hamper the smooth journey of the soul towards the ocean of Spirituality.

Religions took their shape in different places by different people under different circumstances.

Since the energy, the soul and the spirituality cannot be visualized by the physical bodies, an imagination was incorporated which was in tune with the physical bodies in assuming the energies in the form of gods and goddesses just only for the matter of concentration and self conviction. One has to realize, while worship, that it is the energy that has to be concentrated but not merely the assumed shape of the energy. The concentration should go beyond the assumed human shapes of energy.

There was a time when the lands we see now stayed united. There was a time when the land was not broken and flown away. There was a time when the waters have not broken the land. That was the time when the groups of humans lived together like we live now in specific nations, states and islands. They had a religion as if we have now. They had the masters to put the humans in religious control as if we have now. Those masters with a noble notion of driving the fellow humans towards the spirituality have formulated and incorporated many ideas in the brains of the people. Noble thoughts can come only when there is peace, good acts can be performed only when there is peace, the journey towards spirituality is possible only when there is peace. And this peace can be possible with love, brotherhood, non-violence and doing the acts through which guilt and disease cannot arise and so on. To bring all these aspects in an easy possible way, the concept of adoration is formulated. Love, brotherhood, peace and other similar aspects are the subsets of adoration. Masters asked their fellow humans to adore everyone, every thing and every element. Many of the fellow humans turned resistant to understand and follow the concept.

Masters understood that the point 'adoration' is abstract and hence it is not understandable for many humans. Consequently, they decided to make it concrete by mixing the abstractism in concrete things. First they started with five elements which are unconquerable by human beings. They said, "Sun is god. He is invincible. He is all energetic. He is the light who is giving lives. He is the light who is guarding lives. He is the light who gets angry when the peace is disturbed on land. He is the light who punishes the humans who cause disturbance to peace, who does violent acts, who pains the fellow humans. He punishes with his hot and dangerous rays."

Listening to this the humans understood that there is someone beyond them who is divine. They started adoring the Sun. They understood the feel of adoration. They felt the fear of being controlled. Masters were happy. Their noble mission took an initial step towards the vision of bending the humans towards spirituality. Eventually, the masters continued to divinize other elements in nature, the water, the fire, the sky and the land. By then, the humans were capable of adoring all elements of nature. But still the violence on fellow humans and animals didn't halt. Masters pondered once again. They understood that the fellow humans are adoring the elements of nature and developing many abstract feelings which are useful for the journey towards spirituality. That was because they could able to see god in those elements. Even then that fear of being controlled by the elements of nature had not become sufficient for humans to keep their fellow humans and animals in peace. That was because they weren't able to see god in them as they were seeing in the elements of nature.

Masters decided to divinize humans and animals. They pondered once again. They have formulated some tales and divinized some characters in them. They divinized many animals by associating them to the divinized characters in the tales. They said in their tales that some animals are the friends, some are vehicles and some are loved ones of some divinized characters who were called gods and goddesses.

To incorporate the receptive nature in fellow humans, masters even divinized knowledge and wisdom in human form. Thus they divinized many aspects; one comes across in his life. They decided to show good and bad in concrete form. They gave form to some tales by showing the good and evil in the characters of the tales. Some happened events in their past, some imagination, some fantasy and some exaggeration conglomerated together and formed as epic tales. There were some master souls and super souls who took birth in human form to make the humans understand the values those drive them towards spirituality. They were the epic heroes or legendary personalities in epics.

As time has flown, the lands are divided with waters and emerged as different continents. Evidently, even the people separated and restricted to respective lands in the time of many successive generations. But the religion they carried from their ancestors was still carried further, but with many amendments and many changes. Even then the major thread of the religion, the tale or the characters shows many similarities when observed carefully. The so called Hindu Religion and Greek Religion which are considered to be the oldest religions, derived from that religion which prevailed in ancient times when the land was united. Greeks' Apollo, the Sun god is Hindus' Surya. Similarly, Romans' Minerva, the goddess of wisdom is Hindus' Saraswathi and so on.

In due course of time as we know the Islam and Christianity took their shape under certain situations. By the time these religions took their birth, the violence on fellow humans was considered to be the central point of disturbing peace and hence the major focus of these two religions was kept on the love and peace on fellow humans.

When one thinks of Jesus Christ the energy that strikes him is the Love. Loving all the people as one loves oneself. When love is all-pervaded the scope for uproar, confusion, doubtfulness and other similar factors almost wane off. Thus the journey towards the ultimate destiny becomes smooth.

When one thinks of Allah the energy that strikes him is the peace. ' Salaam alaikum- Let peace be upon you' is the daily wish of every Muslim. When there is peace the journey of the soul towards the ultimate destiny becomes smooth.

When one thinks of Hindu philosophy the energy that strikes is the Bhakthi, the adoration. When one adores the other and the other adores another there will be no scope for uproar, confusion and doubtfulness and thus the journey towards the ultimate destiny becomes smooth. Many right aspects we come across in life are personified and worshipped in this religion. The personification of all the beings, elements and knowledge is for the matter of identification and concentration. As someone said earlier, if ants have the same cognizance as that of man, they assume the ultimate energy as a magnificent ant. Since we are humans we are assuming the energies in human forms.

Thus the underlined concepts of all the religions are interlinked and carrying the souls to the same destiny, the Spirituality.

Photo Feature: Sania Mirza with Sachin Tendulkar!

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Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and tennis sensation Sania Mirza greet each other at a press conference in Kolkata, on Tuesday, September 18, 2007.

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