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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chiranjeevi Shouldn't Miss Bus, Sorry The Train!

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Mega Star Chiranjeevi has great fan following in Andhra region and that is known for all. Adding to that he reserves Nizam rights of his films with him as the collections will be very strong. So he has great fan following in Telengana region too. If the things move on according to second SRC, there would be scope for materializing separate Telangana. That becomes a big chance for Chiru to make his hold in both the states!! For that he needs to come into alliance with KCR.

Now the assumptions are making rounds that Chiranjeevi would carry some interesting decisions along with KCR with respect to capturing Telangana region votes in coming elections. On the other hand he has to assemble his team to hit the mission with broader vision. As the elections are coming up in less than 15 months, it is high time for Chiranjeevi to make up his team and work accordingly. Otherwise he may miss the bus, sorry the train as said by Allu Aravind.

Let us see what happens.

Chandrababu Licking Minorities As Time Has Come

Chandrababu Naidu started his campaigning at minority communities now. He is seen wearing Topis on banners in old city and Muslim dominated areas. It is known that he does this campaigning in big way once in 5 years just before a year for elections.

"The Muslim population also knows that he curry favors their leaders during this time and wishes to maintain friendly relations with them. And for rest of the years he will not show his face for them. So, it's season for Chandrababu to please minorities as per his agenda. But good thing is that he used to keep Charminar glowing with attractive lights in his reign", says Waqar Shiek, a shopkeeper near Charminar.

So Babu is now in the process of attracting Khans and Sheiks in old city.

Mayawati's Gun Pointed Jayaprada Instead Of Chiru

Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati has spoken against film actors and actresses, because she does not know much about the film industry. Uttar Pradesh does not have a film industry of its own. All the films that are screened in Uttar Pradesh are shot in Mumbai. There's no film actor or actress worth his or her name who has settled down in Uttar Pradesh. Though film actor Amitabh Bachchan is from Allahabad, he had left the place long ago. In fact he left the place when he was a child. Moreover, Amitabh Bachchan is very close to Samajwadi Party president and former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav. Incidentally Mulayam Singh Yadav is against Mayawati. So Mayawati has inherent hatred for film actors and actresses built in her.

Neither she nor the BSP requires the support of the film industry to sustain in Uttar Pradesh. The only film industry personality she is fully acquainted with is none other than Andhra Pradesh's Jayaprada. She is now the MP from Uttar Pradesh. But here too, the problem is that Jayaprada is from BSP's enemy Samajwadi Party.

Moreover, Mayawati has no stakes in Andhra Pradesh. Except for a brief political appearance now and then in Hyderabad, Mayawati has no interest in Andhra Pradesh. She came to Hyderabad for the public meeting only to keep her flocks together. She is fully aware that the BSP will never form a government at the Centre on the strength of votes it gets in Andhra Pradesh.

Political observers feel that Mayawati's statement was more directed against Jayaprada rather than Chiranjeevi. For, Jayaprada is a crowd-puller in Uttar Pradesh.

'Dasari Is A Venomous Snake'-Posani! Beware

Although Posani shouted loud in TV channels about his film 'Apada Mokkulavadu', he bagged more curse than sympathy, say the sources. He dragged Dasari Narayan Rao into this issue and made big news in TV channels. But industry people are saying that Dasari is like a snake!!!!

"Dasari Narayana Rao is like a venomous snake. He is very dangerous. We don't know if Snake really holds 'paga' (wish to take vengeance) but Dasari will certainly take his 'paga' on the people who turn against him. He only looks out for right time. Dasari has been keeping ANR at bay from the past 15 years without talking to him as he talked against him in an occasion. Hence while giving ANR award for Shabana Azmi recently, Dasari called for another attractive meeting for journalists. Obviously media journalists went to Dasari's meeting and didn't cover ANR award function. Dasari's intentions go that way. Posani will certainly eat his cake for keeping a tiff with Dasari", said a film personality in Film Nagar last night.

Let us see if that really turns out to be true.

Is Chiru ready to pay 50k crores?

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For some weeks mega star Chiranjivi is hitting the headlines of many Telugu dailies. As each day passes by, Chiru's speculated entry into state politics is getting quite intense driving many politicians crazy.

What started as a game of speculation between many local news channels is actually assuming some serious political consideration given the actor's own game of wait and see.

Whether Chiru actually takes the holy plunge into the dirty politics or not it has some how made the winter of deccan plateau quite hot.

Off late, it has been the turn of all and sundry to script their own foreseeable action scenes on the political screen.

Disgruntled congressmen who could not fill enough of their purses in the mega projects the Chief Minister has initiated in the last three and half years of his rule are now trying their mega best to annoy their high command by making the mega star a Chief Minister designate even before he has set his sights on the ballot box.

The plight of telugu tamullu in the Telugu Desam Party is even more pathetic. Confronted with Telangana sentiment, party rank and file all over the state are increasingly getting polarized on the separation issue. Surely, with the possible entry of coastal boy Chiru the shelf life of their party is likely to expire even before the T-State is announced.

The baby elephant in Andhra wished to grow as big as its mom in theUP state, but Chiru's chilipi cum chinna tammudu has played the spoilsport for the mega dreams of the mega sister. behenji Mayawati annoyed with such chilipi tantrums has not spared the rod on her little brothers for playing truant with her. Hence her outburst shunning the naach gaane wale actor brothers as being unfit for public service.

For the lotus party, the waiting in the murky waters seems to be unending saga. The mega star still seems a mystery. However, for TRS chief, it is like waiting to see which side of the bread chiru is going to butter. Left Parties, having been dreaming since a long time for a third front, Chiru own rylu bandi could once again prove just a day dream best left behind.

Having said so much about the established political parties, lets see what it costs the mega star to gain his entry ticket. A political kitten called T G Venkatesh, of rayalaseema iykya vedika, well known for his obsessive opposition to T-State is now demanding from the mega star Chiranjivi to pay a compensation of Rs.Fifty thousand Crores to seema for actively considering joining politics which could potentially break up the united state of Andhra Pradesh.

Fact Sheet: Moily threatens dissidents

Congress high command has conveyed the message to the dissidents that there would be stern action against them, if they speak against the party interests. AICC incharge of AP affairs Veerappa Moily, who brought the message, said serious action would be taken against Congress leaders airing anti-party and Government statements in public and asked them to use party fora to air their grievances.

Obviously, he was referring to the statements of Narasapuram MP Ch Harirama Jogaiah welcoming Chiranjeevi. Moily said Jogaiah spoke to him and he was asked to come to Delhi on Thursday. He expressed alarm over the growing indiscipline in the party and leaders were airing of views on corruption in Government and on Telangana publicly. He also described, as "prima facie false" charge by a leader corruption was rampant in Government.

Behind The Scene: Kaka warns high command

Even as Veerappa Moily warned the party leaders of stern action for speaking against party interests, his colleague in the Congress Working Committee and the party deputy floor leader in the Parliament G Venkata Swamy predicted trouble for the Congress if the party failed to announce Telangana six months before the ensuing elections.

He termed the proposed move to constitute the second SRC as unjustified. "We all including Chief minister Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy have left the Telangana issue to the discretion of the AICC president Sonia Gandhi. It is time the party high command should spell out its stand on Telangana. The party will sink in the next elections if it fails to come out with a categorical announcement on separate Telangana," he said.

"I had already conveyed the feelings of the people to Sonia Gandhi when I met her after the appointment of Rahul Gandhi as the AICC general secretary, he said and added that Sonia smiled quietly in response to his suggestion. The people of the region are looking forward to Sonia Gandhi for a positive decision on Telangana, he added.

City Buzz: Airport ready, roads are not!

The new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad is all set to be opened on March 16, but the roads leading to the airport are still in a bad shape.

Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy is very much worried over delay in road connectivity to new Airport. At a meeting on Wednesday, he shouted at the Ministers and officials concerned and asked them to ensure completion of the pending works before the d-day.

Officials assured that road connectivity will be completed by large before the opening of airport and the P V Narasimha Rao expressway by September 30.

The Chief Minister wanted posting of police personnel all through the road from city to airport to ensure smooth travel for passengers. He asked Commissioners of Hyderabad City and Cyberabad Police to see that there should be no traffic congestion to and fro the airport once it becomes operational.

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