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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Venkaiah treates journos with 'chepala pulusu'!

After a long time, journalists in Hyderabad were treated with some real sumptuous feast by Bharatiya Janata Party national vice-president M Venkaiah Naidu.

For many days, politicians in the State capital have been treating the journalists with utter contempt, because of the fabricated stories appearing in the media on every politician. So, when Venkaiah gave them a royal feast in Hotel Mariotte, a star hotel in Hyderabad, it was virtually flooded with reporters not only on the BJP beat, but also on the other political and non-political beats. So much that Venkaiah wondered whether there were so many reporters in Hyderabad.

Okay, Venkaiah did not leave the reporters just like that. He gave them full two-hour bhashan in Hindi, English and Telugu. on how Narendra Modi could emerge victorious in Gujarat elections and why there are bright chances of BJP staging a come back in the next general elections. The mediapersons, who came in hundreds, had to patiently wait for the lunch, which of course was worth waiting. It had all varieties of menu: from Nellore Chepala Pulusu to Nadu Kodi fry to Hyderabad biryani.

Behind The Scene: Why did VHR purchase new dress?

Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao is a man of high optimism. Despite all the rumours that there are no chances for him to become the next Pradesh Congress Committee president or get a berth in the Manmohan Singh cabinet, he did not lose his hope.

The other day, Hanumantha Rao purchased two sets of new clothes – kurtha and pyjama, along with a coat in New Delhi. Yet, he did not wear them and has still been coming in his old dress to AP Bhavan in Delhi and Fateh Maidan Club in Hyderabad.

Inquiries revealed that he purchased the new dresses for the special occasion: when he becomes the PCC president or takes oath in the Manmohan Singh Cabinet. Though he would do regular shopping, he wanted that those two dresses should be worn only on those occasions. One doesn't know whether his wish would be fulfilled or not. Wish him all the best!!

Photo Feature: Oldest Photograph of 1840

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In 1814, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce created the first photographic image with a camera obscura, however, the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre is considered the inventor of the first practical process of photography in 1837. That's what the history of still photography says.

The above photograph was taken somewhere in 1840 and it is archived in the oldest photographs documents now. So, this can be called the photograph that was taken in first phase in India. The ladies in this photograph were temple dancers (devadasis) as mentioned in a brief description along with this photograph.

NJ Telugus suggest Chiru to Tie-up with Lok Satta

Progressive Telugu Forum( PTF),USA has organized its Fourth event in Edison,NJ, on 23rd December as part of its national campain to bring Hope & Change in current political system in AP with the leadership of Chiranjeevi.

New Jersey Area PTF Co-Ordinater Srikanth Reddy Akuthota welcomed the audience and thanked them for attending despite heavy rain and servere weather conditions and holiday weekend.

PTF National Convener Ram Tatineni started the meeting with "Hope & Change with Chiranjeevi" message and explained the need of the day to get Chiranjeevi into politics for better Andhra Pradesh.

Several speakers participated in intelligent discussion on various aspects of current state of politics and what Chiru can & has to do with new party.

Mr Venu Palyam, Vice President, Marlabs Inc expressed confidence in the leadership of Chiranjeevi and started the discussion of how Chiranjeevi can take advantage of experience and knowledge of Lok Satha .

Many speakers agreed with Mr Venu and stressed the need to get into an alliance with Lok Satha as it has earned a clean image in AP with its tireless efforts on various issues such as Health and Education that are the most important factors in common man's life.

Other speakers include Satya Rayavarapu, Veer Tikki,Suresh,Shyam,Leela Krishna,Ramana Pasupuleti, HariKrishna and others.

Speakers raised concern about the current state of politics in AP and pressed the need for alternative political party .

Several people including local telugu families participated in the event and expressed confidence in Chiranjeevi's leadership.

Photos of the event can be viewed at the URL below.


PTF is organizing two more events in Bay Area and Los Angeles in California this weekend on 12/29 and 12/30.

For more details on these events please visit



Please visit www.chiruforap.com and support Chiranjeevi by signing the on-line petitoion.

Thanks & Regards
Ram Tatineni
National Convener, Progressive Telugu Forum

Chiru passing through "Sade Saat" phase

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Astrologers say that film actor Chiranjeevi is passing through the "Sade Saat" phase. Sade Saat or the bad seven afflicts all people on the earth during one or other phase of life. The bad seven years are known to cause heavy damage to property and public image of the individual. Many successfully come out of the phase by the Grace of the Almighty. But a few suffer during the period.

The film star is currently passing through this worse phase. The year 2007 was in a way the worst year for the film actor. The year started with one or the other trouble for Chiranjeevi. Several domestic issues put him to great botheration. His daughter ran away from home and married a person against the wishes of the family. Then the debut film of his son flopped at the box office. His brother is caught in a legal battle over a marital affair. And finally there was bereavement in his family.

Astrologers also point out that the next year too will be an uphill task for Chiranjeevi. Since he is passing through the bad seven years phase, his plans for a political party may backfire and will not yield any desired electoral result in the May 2009 elections.

This is something really bad for all those who believe in astrology and the Sade Saat phase. But it all depends on the Almighty God.

'Swathi' Editor Balaram Is Worth Rs 1500 Cr

This sounds a wonder to know that many of Telugu celebrities from various fields have turned crorepathis of more than Rs 1000 Cr in very short notice. After film stars, politicians and media barons now we have to talk about a magazine editor who earned many crores of worth approximately Rs 1500 Cr now. That is Vemuri Balaram, the editor of Swathy magazine.

He started the magazine with many hopes and myriad doubts 3 decades ago in a small room at Vijayawada. His family background was also rich but not to big extent. He didn't earn big figures with his legacy and parental property but only earned on Swathy magazine. Balaram used to spend his earnings from 'Swathy' only for his livelihood and the rest he invested on acres of lands at various places. He believed in cultivating lands and procured many acres. His house in Vijayawada is now a sprawling one and requires big eyes to see.

His lands have got steep appreciation in the past 4-5 years and left him with Rs 1500 Cr and above now. Is that not astounding to know!

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