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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chiranjeevi Shouldn't Miss Bus, Sorry The Train!

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Mega Star Chiranjeevi has great fan following in Andhra region and that is known for all. Adding to that he reserves Nizam rights of his films with him as the collections will be very strong. So he has great fan following in Telengana region too. If the things move on according to second SRC, there would be scope for materializing separate Telangana. That becomes a big chance for Chiru to make his hold in both the states!! For that he needs to come into alliance with KCR.

Now the assumptions are making rounds that Chiranjeevi would carry some interesting decisions along with KCR with respect to capturing Telangana region votes in coming elections. On the other hand he has to assemble his team to hit the mission with broader vision. As the elections are coming up in less than 15 months, it is high time for Chiranjeevi to make up his team and work accordingly. Otherwise he may miss the bus, sorry the train as said by Allu Aravind.

Let us see what happens.

Chandrababu Licking Minorities As Time Has Come

Chandrababu Naidu started his campaigning at minority communities now. He is seen wearing Topis on banners in old city and Muslim dominated areas. It is known that he does this campaigning in big way once in 5 years just before a year for elections.

"The Muslim population also knows that he curry favors their leaders during this time and wishes to maintain friendly relations with them. And for rest of the years he will not show his face for them. So, it's season for Chandrababu to please minorities as per his agenda. But good thing is that he used to keep Charminar glowing with attractive lights in his reign", says Waqar Shiek, a shopkeeper near Charminar.

So Babu is now in the process of attracting Khans and Sheiks in old city.

Mayawati's Gun Pointed Jayaprada Instead Of Chiru

Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati has spoken against film actors and actresses, because she does not know much about the film industry. Uttar Pradesh does not have a film industry of its own. All the films that are screened in Uttar Pradesh are shot in Mumbai. There's no film actor or actress worth his or her name who has settled down in Uttar Pradesh. Though film actor Amitabh Bachchan is from Allahabad, he had left the place long ago. In fact he left the place when he was a child. Moreover, Amitabh Bachchan is very close to Samajwadi Party president and former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav. Incidentally Mulayam Singh Yadav is against Mayawati. So Mayawati has inherent hatred for film actors and actresses built in her.

Neither she nor the BSP requires the support of the film industry to sustain in Uttar Pradesh. The only film industry personality she is fully acquainted with is none other than Andhra Pradesh's Jayaprada. She is now the MP from Uttar Pradesh. But here too, the problem is that Jayaprada is from BSP's enemy Samajwadi Party.

Moreover, Mayawati has no stakes in Andhra Pradesh. Except for a brief political appearance now and then in Hyderabad, Mayawati has no interest in Andhra Pradesh. She came to Hyderabad for the public meeting only to keep her flocks together. She is fully aware that the BSP will never form a government at the Centre on the strength of votes it gets in Andhra Pradesh.

Political observers feel that Mayawati's statement was more directed against Jayaprada rather than Chiranjeevi. For, Jayaprada is a crowd-puller in Uttar Pradesh.

'Dasari Is A Venomous Snake'-Posani! Beware

Although Posani shouted loud in TV channels about his film 'Apada Mokkulavadu', he bagged more curse than sympathy, say the sources. He dragged Dasari Narayan Rao into this issue and made big news in TV channels. But industry people are saying that Dasari is like a snake!!!!

"Dasari Narayana Rao is like a venomous snake. He is very dangerous. We don't know if Snake really holds 'paga' (wish to take vengeance) but Dasari will certainly take his 'paga' on the people who turn against him. He only looks out for right time. Dasari has been keeping ANR at bay from the past 15 years without talking to him as he talked against him in an occasion. Hence while giving ANR award for Shabana Azmi recently, Dasari called for another attractive meeting for journalists. Obviously media journalists went to Dasari's meeting and didn't cover ANR award function. Dasari's intentions go that way. Posani will certainly eat his cake for keeping a tiff with Dasari", said a film personality in Film Nagar last night.

Let us see if that really turns out to be true.

Is Chiru ready to pay 50k crores?

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For some weeks mega star Chiranjivi is hitting the headlines of many Telugu dailies. As each day passes by, Chiru's speculated entry into state politics is getting quite intense driving many politicians crazy.

What started as a game of speculation between many local news channels is actually assuming some serious political consideration given the actor's own game of wait and see.

Whether Chiru actually takes the holy plunge into the dirty politics or not it has some how made the winter of deccan plateau quite hot.

Off late, it has been the turn of all and sundry to script their own foreseeable action scenes on the political screen.

Disgruntled congressmen who could not fill enough of their purses in the mega projects the Chief Minister has initiated in the last three and half years of his rule are now trying their mega best to annoy their high command by making the mega star a Chief Minister designate even before he has set his sights on the ballot box.

The plight of telugu tamullu in the Telugu Desam Party is even more pathetic. Confronted with Telangana sentiment, party rank and file all over the state are increasingly getting polarized on the separation issue. Surely, with the possible entry of coastal boy Chiru the shelf life of their party is likely to expire even before the T-State is announced.

The baby elephant in Andhra wished to grow as big as its mom in theUP state, but Chiru's chilipi cum chinna tammudu has played the spoilsport for the mega dreams of the mega sister. behenji Mayawati annoyed with such chilipi tantrums has not spared the rod on her little brothers for playing truant with her. Hence her outburst shunning the naach gaane wale actor brothers as being unfit for public service.

For the lotus party, the waiting in the murky waters seems to be unending saga. The mega star still seems a mystery. However, for TRS chief, it is like waiting to see which side of the bread chiru is going to butter. Left Parties, having been dreaming since a long time for a third front, Chiru own rylu bandi could once again prove just a day dream best left behind.

Having said so much about the established political parties, lets see what it costs the mega star to gain his entry ticket. A political kitten called T G Venkatesh, of rayalaseema iykya vedika, well known for his obsessive opposition to T-State is now demanding from the mega star Chiranjivi to pay a compensation of Rs.Fifty thousand Crores to seema for actively considering joining politics which could potentially break up the united state of Andhra Pradesh.

Fact Sheet: Moily threatens dissidents

Congress high command has conveyed the message to the dissidents that there would be stern action against them, if they speak against the party interests. AICC incharge of AP affairs Veerappa Moily, who brought the message, said serious action would be taken against Congress leaders airing anti-party and Government statements in public and asked them to use party fora to air their grievances.

Obviously, he was referring to the statements of Narasapuram MP Ch Harirama Jogaiah welcoming Chiranjeevi. Moily said Jogaiah spoke to him and he was asked to come to Delhi on Thursday. He expressed alarm over the growing indiscipline in the party and leaders were airing of views on corruption in Government and on Telangana publicly. He also described, as "prima facie false" charge by a leader corruption was rampant in Government.

Behind The Scene: Kaka warns high command

Even as Veerappa Moily warned the party leaders of stern action for speaking against party interests, his colleague in the Congress Working Committee and the party deputy floor leader in the Parliament G Venkata Swamy predicted trouble for the Congress if the party failed to announce Telangana six months before the ensuing elections.

He termed the proposed move to constitute the second SRC as unjustified. "We all including Chief minister Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy have left the Telangana issue to the discretion of the AICC president Sonia Gandhi. It is time the party high command should spell out its stand on Telangana. The party will sink in the next elections if it fails to come out with a categorical announcement on separate Telangana," he said.

"I had already conveyed the feelings of the people to Sonia Gandhi when I met her after the appointment of Rahul Gandhi as the AICC general secretary, he said and added that Sonia smiled quietly in response to his suggestion. The people of the region are looking forward to Sonia Gandhi for a positive decision on Telangana, he added.

City Buzz: Airport ready, roads are not!

The new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad is all set to be opened on March 16, but the roads leading to the airport are still in a bad shape.

Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy is very much worried over delay in road connectivity to new Airport. At a meeting on Wednesday, he shouted at the Ministers and officials concerned and asked them to ensure completion of the pending works before the d-day.

Officials assured that road connectivity will be completed by large before the opening of airport and the P V Narasimha Rao expressway by September 30.

The Chief Minister wanted posting of police personnel all through the road from city to airport to ensure smooth travel for passengers. He asked Commissioners of Hyderabad City and Cyberabad Police to see that there should be no traffic congestion to and fro the airport once it becomes operational.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Buzz: Chiru's Will be a Family Party!

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Mega star Chiranjeevi's proposed political party will be nothing more than a "dynastic rule" like that of the Telugu Desam and the Congress. There will be no democratic procedures in the film actor's political party as and when it is announced. To begin with, Chiranjeevi's political party will be led by 1) the film actor himself, 2) his younger brothers, 3) his son and above all 4) his brother-on-law. Since all these five people are from the film industry, they all will participate in the election campaign and in public meetings to popularize the new political party, in case it is formed at all.

The top five positions in Chiranjeevi's party will be occupied by himself, his brothers, his son and his brother-in-law. So anyone who wants to occupy an important position in the new political party will have to be contented with positions down No. 5. If Chiranjeevi wants to keep his son away from politics for the time being, then the outsider, who will be the luckiest one, will have to accept the position No. 5.

And this is precisely the reason why Chiranjeevi is not getting the backing he needed from his own caste leaders or from seasoned politicians. They do not want to play second fiddle (in fact it is the fifth fiddle) to Chiranjeevi. Unless Chiranjeevi announces that he will keep his family away from the new political party, in case he chooses to announce one, there will be no political future for the film star's outfit.

People are already fed up with family rule in the Congress and the Telugu Desam. The TRS leadership is also treading the path of the Congress and KCR has brought his son to succeed him.

Second SRC rumours put KCR in trouble

All of a sudden there was a report in a TV channel that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has cleared the proposal for the constitution of the second States Reorganisation Commission. But the news later turned out to be just a hoax. There was no truth in the report. But it has stirred up all major political parties and senior leaders in the backward Telangana region. The Telangana Bhavan, headquarters of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which is spearheading the cause of separate State for Telangana, started buzzing with full of activity. There was no one to either confirm or deny the report. Frantic calls were made to New Delhi from Hyderabad and senior leaders kept glossed to TV screens for any update on the second SRC.

As the day progressed, the TV channel stopped its news report and the Central government has clarified that no such orders were issued on the second SRC.

TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao was seen quite busy. In fact all political parties except the Congress are against second SRC. The TRS, though it had signed an agreement with the Congress prior to Assembly elections that it would abide by the second SRC, had later backtracked and it now does not want any new States Reorganisation Commission, The TRS wants Telangana to be declared unilaterally by the Cabinet without having gone through the regular and established procedure. So in this backdrop the TV channel created fuss among Telangana leaders, particularly those in the TRS and the Congress.

Behind The Scene: Telangana state soon?

New Delhi: The Congress has in principle decided to request the UPA government to set up a second states reorganization commission (SRC) to look into formation of some new states, including Telangana. The move is designed to beat the anti-incumbency effect that the ruling party will have to counter in the 2009 general elections.

Despite the PM’s Office denying TV reports on Tuesday and asserting that there is no such move, highly placed Congress sources told media that a formal letter would be written by Congress president Sonia Gandhi to PM Manmohan Singh very soon, requesting the UPA government to set up a second SRC.

Sources said the AICC general secretary in charge of AP, M Veerappa Moily, is arriving in Hyderabad for a meeting with Youth Congress leaders and the issue of second SRC is expected to figure in his talks with state party leaders. The first SRC was set up in 1955; following its report, states were reorganised in 1956.

A delegation of the Telangana Regional Congress Coordination Committee is likely to meet party president Sonia Gandhi next week and according to sources, the announcement of formation of a second SRC may come up after that.

The second SRC would take up demands for the creation of Telangana (AP), Vidarbha (Maharashtra) and trifurcation of UP. “While the demands for Telangana and Vidarbha have been on for some time, UP CM Mayawati has supported the division,” a Congress leader said.

While there are demands for smaller states, the second SRC would consider only the three above mentioned demands, the sources said. Thus, the pleas for creation of smaller territories like Gondwana (Chhattisgarh), Gorkhaland (West Bengal), Kodagu (Karnataka), Bodoland (Assam), Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir), Garoland (Meghalaya) and Mithilanchal (Bihar) would not be taken up.

Hillary wins NH primary to regain momentum

Washington (IANS) Former first lady Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire with 39 percent of the vote, with 73 percent of precincts counted.

All three major US cable news networks late Tuesday declared her the winner over Senator Barack Obama who conceded defeat after receiving 36 percent of the vote in the intra-party election.

Speaking immediately afterwards, Hillary told cheering supporters: "You deserve a president who stands up for the people." She promised to "end the war in Iraq the right way" and "to restore American credibility throughout the world".

John Edwards came third among the Democrats, polling 17 percent, DPA news agency reported.

Senator John McCain, a backer of the US troop build-up in Iraq, won the Republican poll.

Vietnam war hero McCain, 71, claimed victory with 37 percent over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, once the New Hampshire front-runner, who ran second with 32 percent.

"Tonight we sure showed them what a comeback looks like," McCain exclaimed to a cheering crowd of supporters in Nashua, New Hampshire. "We celebrate one victory tonight and leave for Michigan tomorrow to win another."

New Hampshire, a small northeastern state, traditionally holds the first primary in US presidential election year. Michigan holds the next contest on Jan 15 in the series of state-by-state votes to determine the Republican and Democratic nominees.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

'Andhrajyothy' Continuing Its Chiru Business

Andhra Jyothi has only one mission and that is presenting Chiranjeevi's news as regularly as possible. As the news is hot it is keeping on cashing on the same. While Eenadu has been conventional in its approach in presenting news on Chiranjeevi, Andhra Jyothy is placing him on the banner almost every alternate day. The News daily also conducted a survey on the ins and outs of Chiranjeevi entering politics.

Although Eenadu claims it to be the largest circulated News Daily that proves to be situational basing on this explanation by a News Stand owner.

He says, "We bring 50 Eenadu and 50 Andhra Jyothy every dawn. Generally they will be sold by afternoon and Andhrajyothy by evening. These days we still find Eenadu unsold till the evening and Andhra Jyothy selling off in the morning itself if Chiranjeevi's picture is seen on the banner".

That is an evident for the selling power of a News Paper that puts Chiranjeevi's picture on its banner.

Bucknor sacked, Harbhajan can play in Perth Test

Melbourne(IANS) Team India heaved a sigh of relief as controversial West Indies umpire Steve Bucknor will not be officiating while Harbhajan Singh can play in the third Test against Australia in Perth starting Jan 16, the top International Cricket Council (ICC) official announced here Tuesday.

In a hurriedly convened press conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed said that Billy Bowden of New Zealand would replace West Indies' Bucknor, an Elite Panel umpire. Pakistan's Asad Rauf will join Bowden in Perth.

Speed said that some people would be unhappy with ICC's decision at India's insistence to remove Bucknor.

"I can understand that people will take that view," he said. "It is an extraordinary set of circumstances and we want to take some of the tension out of the situation."

The move comes a day after the Indian cricket board drew the ICC's attention to the horrendous umpiring mistakes that cost India the Sydney Test Sunday.

Umpiring was one of the two issues India were unhappy with following that match, along with the three-Test suspension imposed on off-spinner Harbhajan.

The off-spinner was Sunday suspended for three Tests after he was found guilty of racially abusing Australia's Andrew Symonds in Sydney by allegedly calling him a "monkey".

India have appealed against the ban, and a fresh hearing is to be held.

But Speed could not say when that hearing would be held. He was hopeful it would occur before the next Test, starting Jan 16.

If the hearing on Harbhajan's ban was not held before the start of the third Test, the Indian off-spinner would be eligible for the match in Perth, Speed said. The ICC chief executive was hopeful India's tour would continue, but could not guarantee that.

Speed said the ICC needed to take a "pragmatic view" towards the issue, and needed to be "flexible" to resolve the crisis.

He was confident Bucknor, 61, would umpire again at Test level. Speed said match referee Ranjan Madugalle, the former Sri Lankan captain, would be appointed as a mediator between the Australian and Indian sides.

Meanwhile, a racism hearing against Australian spinner Brad Hogg will also go ahead, after the Indians alleged he called captain Anil Kumble a "bastard" in Sydney. Hogg's hearing will be held some time before the third Test by match referee Mike Procter.

Speed said Procter and an ICC-appointed code of conduct commissioner would re-hear the Harbhajan case, with the witnesses to be called again.

Behind The Scene: And now Babu has his own "TV"

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu will not leave anything to chance when it comes to seeking publicity. How long could he depend on others for publicity? So after launching his own TDP Radio on the internet, Chandrababu Naidu has started his own TD news channel. This TV news channel is quite different from all the existing ones in that the TD leadership simply picks up press conferences/meetings covered by various electronic media, and put them up on Youtube. So you have Chandrababu Naidu speaking on a variety of subjects on the Youtube. The electronic news clippings are updated almost on hourly basis and those visiting the Telugu Desam's official website can go through the Youtube links.

Though the Telugu Desam's electronic "brain" PNV Prasad had left the party long ago, Chandrababu Naidu continues to get innovative ideas. So Chandrababu Naidu has with him, 1) TDP radio and 2) Youtube links. If one wants to hear Babu's speech, he or she may listen to the TDP radio and if one wants to record or watch Babu in action, just visit the TD website and click on the youtube link concerned.

With elections round the corner, Chandrababu Naidu has been trying his best to derive maximum political mileage and publicity for all his actions. Interestingly, the meetings of other senior TD leaders are also available in both audio and video format.

YSR sees no threat from Chiranjeevi

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh chief minister Dr YS Rajashekar Reddy today said that new political entities like the one expected to be floated by Telugu film star Chiranjeevi or the Bahujan Samaj Party would not be a factor in state politics. Chiranjeevi is the biggest film star after NT Rama Rao in Telugu filmdom.

“We are the reigning champions, as they say in sports. We will be challenged in next year’s general elections. For the past 25 years, it has been between the Congress and the TDP. Now if there are new challengers, it will be good for us as it will further reinforce the fact that we are the champions. Frankly, the more the merrier”, he told the close aides who spoke to the media.

Dr Reddy was closeted with them to figure out the impact Chiranjeevi would have as he belongs to the Kapu community. The Kapus have largely voted for the Congress but with Chiranjeevi’s entry, the Congress leaders fear that they would choose him en masse.

Dr Reddy discounted this theory. He referred to a couple of recent surveys he had ordered to find how communities choose their parties. “For instance, the TDP is perceived as a Kamma community party, but over 40 per cent are consistently voting for us. The Congress is seen as a Reddy community party, but one third are with the TDP. The trend is the same among all other communities. Even in Gujarat, 30 per cent of the Muslims voted for the BJP,” he reportedly said.

Aides pointed to the trend across the country that when a second regional party emerges, the Congress always has been the loser. Dr Reddy said this is a fact in states like Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. He gave the watershed years for those states and the leaders who played out their roles.

“At that period, in none of these places, there was a strong state Congress leadership. The second is that there was substantial dissatisfaction with the Congress. The situation is exactly the opposite in AP”.

“The Congress here is more of a regional party. Issues like free power, housing, free health insurance and land distribution are all the state’s initiatives done in consultation with the party high command. Thanks to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, we are a strong leadership in the state. And never in the past was the party mechanism such a well oiled machine as it is now,” he said. Significantly, Dr Reddy said that Chiranjeevi was attempting to fill in the political vacuum caused by the TDP.

“Mr N Chandrababu Naidu is getting increasingly desperate, which means he will make more mistakes in the run-up to the elections,” he said.

Sureedu is Telugu Desam's Corruption Target

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy's personal security guard and confidante Sureedu is now the prime target of the Telugu Desam, which is spearheading a State-wide campaign against corruption in the Congress government. The TD leadership has zeroed in on Sureedu and Sarasa Devi on the DPEP scam. The TD has put up the pictures of these two persons along with another scamster V Subrahmanyam on the internet with the headlines that corruption in the Congress government.

As the TD has now decided to launch a door-to-door campaign against corruption, party leaders will increasingly use the names of Sureedu, Subrahmanyam and Sarasa Devi, along with their photographs.

It seems bad days are ahead for these influential people, who have thus far been calling the political shots. It is to be seen whether the Telugu Desam's campaign will be successful and the people will show scamsters their rightful place - jail. But all this will happen only when the person who heads the government has the political will and guts to do so.

Even if the Telugu Desam comes to power, it will not initiate action against these scamsters for the simple reason that no one in politics is clean enough to initiate criminal proceedings against the other.

A youth wing for Chiru even before the party!

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"Aloo ledu, choolu ledu, koduku peru Somalingam," goes a Telugu saying. Even before Chiranjeevi formally announced the launch of his political party, some enthusiastic political activists representing various parties have formed into Rashtra Chiranjeevi Yuvata.

The organization got itself registered and the leaders have started bombarding the media offices with statements, criticizing the critics of Chiranjeevi. For instance, the Chiranjeevi Yuvata leaders took strong objection to the comments of Roads and Buildings Minister T Jeevan Reddy against Chiranjeevi's plans to enter politics. In a statement, the organization vice president Sreeramula Suresh, state executive member M Navin Kumar, town unit president G Hari Prasad alleged that the ministers were showing the signs of frustration on the very indications of the proposed entry of Chiranjeevi. They are worried over their fate once Chiranjeevi enters into politics, they alleged. "Politics is not the domain of a few. A will to serve the people is the basic prerequisite in politics", they remarked.

Meanwhile, several leaders are already in the race to join hands with him, with a hope that they would get the party tickets in the next elections.

Several discontented leaders of the main political parties, NRIs and even some officials are making desperate attempts to develop rapport with the actor to test their political fortunes. A few Karimnagar based NRIs who are living in the US also called on the actor recently with an offer to muster support for him overseas.

Monday, January 7, 2008

10 jokers in Andhra state politics in 2007

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Normally we look at politicians to guide our destiny and design our policies; but in today's politics we come across a large number of buffoons in politics for variety reasons. Deccan Post takes a look at 10 jokers in state politics in 2007 who will be remembered for their foot in mouth remarks, timidity and double speak.

Dreams bite dust
Popularly called MSR, this septuagenarian Karimnagar legislator is one person who never misses an opportunity to express his frustration that CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy ignored him. First, he lost his job due to an endowments land scam and then he was not rehabilitated properly.

Boastful of being AICC general secretary three decades ago and PCC president, MSR always aspires for the moon and gets a lollipop. His trident attack on CM after another Velma senior leader J Ratnakar Rao was made minister has only lowered MSRs’ image. Of course, his second term as APSRTC chairman is no substitute to his gubernatorial dreams.

K K misses bull’s eye
Widely called KK, this maverick Congress leader is best remembered for his jack- in- the box image. People even recall his controversial remarks as education minister in Anjaiah’s cabinet in 1980s that Maths and History were unimportant to students.

After spending ages in wilderness, KK made it to forefront on Congress echelons thanks to Telangana issue. A shrewd man, KK first began his rehabilitation as activist of Telangana Regional Congress Committee and then quickly changed track and became an acolyte of YSR.

This first fetched him the coveted PCC president job and along with it came the Rajya Sabha seat. In the last one-year, we have seen him swinging on Telangana issue suiting his convenience. His blabber earned him more enemies within the party.

But, all machinations came to an end abruptly. One bullet shot from his son’r revolver which claimed the life of a young realtor has forced him to shut his mouth. He not only lost the PCC job, but also the confidence of YSR and the party high command. KK’s sudden fall has only exposed how vulnerable he has been all these days.

Rewarded for barbs
This Shadnagar Congress MLA has demonstrated how power-hungry Congress legislators are. After being denied a cabinet berth, this former minor irrigation minister went on a verbal rampage and hit out at YSR in true Congress style. For a few days, he offered free entertainment to people by venting out his frustration.

Of course, the party high command has its own reasons for keeping him out. Shankar Rao’s father-in-law and MP G Venkata Swamy is a deputy leader of Congress in Lok Sabha, and his brother-in-law G Vinod, a state cabinet minister, so a post for the third member from the family was unlikely.

Shankar Rao even went to the extent of joining hands with other dissident legislators like late PJR and Shashidhar Reddy, famously called Hyderabad brothers. And suddenly, one day he stopped his attack on the CM. Guess what? The CM, a shrewd politician sanctioned a mega tourism project to Shankar Rao on the Mahbubnagar highway, close to the Outer Ring Road. This deal has benefitted Shankar Rao by hundreds of crores, thanks to the rising land prices. He need not have asked for more, nor could he have achieved by becoming a minister.

‘Narada’ Narayana
So far, we have been faced with scarcity of comic leaders from the Left camp. Now this irrepressible comrade from Chittoor district has filled that slot. Known for his pragmatic ideology and cosy lifestyle,

K Narayana is in race to hog limelight on par with his more serious colleague in the bandwagon BV Raghavulu.

Narayana made a fool of himself by publicly eating chicken on Gandhi Jayanti day, when ahimsa is preached. The CPI state secretary could have simply said he had no faith in rituality. But, aping bourgeoisie politicians, he took a vow not to touch non-vegetarian for a year.

Since then, people have begun closely watching Narayana’s moves. A Congress MLA pointed out that the CPI leader had broken his vow, while others say he is eating eggs and omelets (will Gandhians approve of this?).

Not just that. His impromptu comments on third front and Chiranjeevi too have raised eyebrows. On one hand, he is eager to join hands with Chiranjeevi, and on the other also doubts the scope of third front. Narayana, tipped to lead the state for some more time, will end up with more antics.

Nagam loses shine
This bald and bold TDP heavyweight used to carry some credibility within his party. But, alas, these days no one takes him seriously and one can see him fretting and fuming. However, his histrionics in the assembly have made him indispensable to party supremo Chandrababu Naidu.

This Nagarkurnool legislator and former minister considers himself as TDP’s answer to YSR, as he is the only senior Reddy leader in the party. At least, he is the deputy leader of TDP in the assembly. But, Naidu has doubts about the lawmaker’s abilities.

To prove him right, Nagam goofed up the Obulapuram mines issue, which his party thought was a golden opportunity to nail the ruling Congress government.

Dr Reddy who was member of an all-party delegation, which visited Obulapuram mines, was expected to expose mines baron Gali Janardhan Reddy, on illegal mining. Due to his tactlessness, and petulant behaviour, Nagam failed to carry along other opposition leaders.

Apart from that, he even failed to prove beyond doubt the irregularities going on in the mines by the owner as well as the government. Thus, he lost an opportunity and an issue to the party.

Guest artist
Once hailed as Lady Amitabh, Vijayashanthi is struggling to lead a small outfit, Talli Telangana. A very successful heroine, Vijayashanthi initially thought that she would be a smash-hit with people of Telangana by just launching a party.

However, this was not the case, she realised after looking at the situation she had landed in. Before floating her own party, TRS leaders KCR and Narendra wooed her on the one hand, and BJP top brass led by Advani on the other.

The actress has now limited her appearance to occasions like Bonalu festival or a quick padayatra in a city slum. Last time she was spotted at Nilofer hospital where she held a baby and decried that people of the backward region were suffering because of the junior doctors’ strike. As is her wont, Vijayashanthi may take a long break before her next public appearance. Is this the way to be in politics?

Gone with the wind
Maverick, marauder, and Man Friday - all rolled into one. This angry and not-so young man has lost his way this year. Famous for his political analyses and poll predictions, Prakash Rao earned his proximity to YSR solely by attacking TRS supremo KCR and MSR, who too belong to the Velma community.

In the beginning, Rao aspired to emerge as a tall leader within the Congress, but ended up as a point man of YSR or his advisor KVP Ramachandra Rao. Gone Prakash Rao is supposed to have tricked in some DCC presidents from Telangana districts to submit a memorandum to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi that they do not consider Telangana a major issue.

Now, Prakash Rao’s mission is to tarnish the image of Nizamabad Congress MP and AICC secretary Madhu Yashki Goud. The Parliamentarian’s growing proximity to Rahul Gandhi and clout within the party may have prompted Prakash Rao to this mission.

By digging Goud and his kin’s involvement in fake documents to travel abroad, Prakash Rao is only harming the interests of his own party. But, people are not ready to believe that he can do these things on his own. From being a young Peddapalli MLA on Sanjay Vichar Manch ticket in 1978, Rao has been reduced to a semi-employed clown in political circus. What a fall!

No holds barred Ganga
The firebrand Mahila Congress president and MLC is a woman in hurry. She was badly looking for an issue to score a brownie point with YSR. Then came Telugu Mahila leader Nannapaneni Raja Kumari’s remarks against CM that YSR was a “broker”.

To demonstrate her loyalty, Ganga Bhavani led a group of women activists to the house of Raja Kumari and held a dharna there. When tempers ran high and situation turned violent, police stepped in. She threatened to “cut the tongue” of Raja Kumari. Ganga Bhavani justified her aggression on the ground that she cannot stand any criticism against YSR. She cannot stoop lower than this. However, Ganga Bhavani is considered being close to MSR.

An attention seeker
This hyper sensitive north-coastal TDP former minister is known for his now-on-now-off spirits. Once a member of shouting brigade in the assembly during 1989 and 1994, Sitaram often slips into inertia and becomes moody.

His recent release of list of Reddys who were appointed to various nominated as well as official posts by CM has betrayed the sense of frustration in TDP camp. But unwittingly Sitaram made people think of another dominant community, Kammas, during TDP period. This he would not have imagined.

Moreover, his warnings to TDP leadership on internal bickering too were made light by his own party leaders. He opposed TDP supporting a Congress rebel during MLC elections, but backtracked later. Sitaram’s attack on Union minister and NTR’s daughter D Purandareswari too have made him a laughing stock.

No longer isht devta
Many expected a bright future to G Kishan Reddy, who began his political apprentice as Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. A day never passed without him hitting media headlines in mid-1980s. A quick learner saffron brigade, Kishan Reddy swiftly changed loyalties.

First he was with Baddam Bal Reddy, later CH Vidyasagar Rao, then Dattatreya and finally M Venkaiah Naidu. He learned the tricks of the trade fast, but, in the process lost his self-image. Being a leader of two-member party in the assembly, Kishan Reddy should have been a big hit. But, thanks to his self indulgent and withdrawn attitude, he lost the opportunity.

Kishan Reddy was in tears in the assembly when Speaker KR Suresh Reddy made a casual remark about him. He offered to quit the assembly, but no one took him seriously. That is Kishan Reddy.

Behind The Scene: Jayaprada eyeing on AP?

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Samajwadi Party MP and heroine Jayaprada seems to be toying with the idea of coming back to Andhra Pradesh politics and play a bigger role in developing the party here.

New Delhi sources say Jayaprada is fed up with the Uttar Pradesh politics and she knows that it would be extremely difficult for her to retain her Rampur seat in the next Lok Sabha elections, in the wake of growing influence of UP chief minister Mayawati in her constituency. She might try for a Rajya Sabha seat, but there are several contenders within Samajwadi Party.

So, the best way is to return to Andhra Pradesh, join hands with either Telugu Desam or if the situation demands, with Chiranjeevi's new political party, so as to remain active in politics. Who knows, people of Andhra might even crown this glamourous woman!

Ramoji Rao Advised Chiranjeevi Not To Start Party

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This is the news from inside sources that Ramoji Rao talked to Chiranjeevi for quite a long time before the demise of Konidela Venkat Rao. He met him to give an advise for not to start party. He explained all ins and outs for Chiranjeevi and elucidated how he loses if he enters politics now. He said it seems that 2009 would be an year for TDP.

He added, "If you start party now, people get confused and Congress takes advantage of that. Congress is trying to color that the fight will be between only Congress and Chiranjeevi and TDP wouldn't be in priority. By this kind of indoctrination Congress would take an advantage. The ultimate loser will be you".

However, Congress people are openly talking about Chiranjeevi and welcoming his entry stating that the loser will be TDP. Majority of Telugu population is holding the same opinion now.

‘It won’t be a cakewalk for Chiru in politics’

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Hyderabad: The Left parties are game to the idea of entry of Chiranjeevi into active politics but refuse to play ball—at least for now—on the likely impact he will create on the political firmament in the state. Both CPM and CPI are of the opinion that it augurs well for the state if more number of parties and players enter the political arena.

However, the leaders of both the parties are not ready to accept that mega star Chiranjeevi - for that matter BSP’s Mayawati - will make inroads into the base of the parties. All they say is people will have a wider choice, and hence they welcome Chiru’s entry. Quoting CPM strongman Prakash Karat, CPM state secretary B V Raghavulu says the next elections will be far more decisive if only the proposed party by Chiranjeevi comes out with a clear-cut ideology, programme and policies.

Refusing to hazard a guess on his party’s stand in case Chiru floats a new party, he said: “It will be premature to comment.” Playing the cards close to his chest, he said the Left parties have always welcomed a third alternative provided the policies and programmes are in tune with the CPM ideology.

“Whatever be the final political scenario, the Left will have a very decisive role to play in the months to come,” he said. The CPM got 1.84 per cent votes in the 2004 assembly elections and won nine out of 14 seats it contested. Joining the issue, CPM floor leader Nomula Narsimhaiah said the Congress due to its anti-poor and anti-farmer policies has landed itself into a difficult situation in this election year. “It will not be a smooth sailing for the Congress this time round,” he says.

Preferring to play it safe, CPI general secretary S Narayana told ‘TOI’ that people were unhappy with the present leadership of the Congress and the TDP, giving rise to the third alternative option. “Though more players — whether it is Chiranjeevi or Mayawati — are welcome, they will not be able to make a dent in the two Left parties,” he admitted.

“We are not expecting any dramatic developments as in 1983 when NTR established TDP and swept to power,” he said. The CPI got 1.55 per cent of the votes in the 2004 poll and won six out of 12 seats it had contested.

The TDP had polled 37.59 per cent as against 38.56 per cent votes received by the Congress. The BSP had polled 1.23 per cent of votes and emerged as the seventh largest party though it had won only one seat, forfeiting in the remaining 159 seats it had contested. However, the BSP had polled more votes.

Behind The Scene: PJR death clears VHR's way

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Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy's sudden death has increased the stakes of Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao in the Hyderabad Congress politics.

PJR's follower, who feel orphaned after his death, are of the view that VHR is the only person they can rely on. Leaders like Secunderabad MP Anjan Kumar Yadav, PCC general secretay Nirajan and many others, who do not accept the leadership of Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee president Danam Nagender, are now rallying behind VHR, who is also more vocal and independent like PJR.

Indications are that VHR would play a more active role in the State politics, if he is not given the PCC chief post. With his proximity to the national leadership, he might emerge as a major centre in the State Congress, sources say.

Pawan responsible for BSP leader's ouster

Film actor Pawan Kalyan, who always remains in the midst of controversies, on Sunday proved too costly for BSP State leader Nalla Surya Prakash. According to informed sources, Surya Prakash has been replaced by BSP national president Mayawati. Though the reason behind the sudden change in the State BSP leadership is not officially known, sources point out that the BSP central leadership was quite angry at the role played by Surya Prakash, both in Pawan Kalyan issue and in the entry of TRS (N) leader A Narendra into the BSP. Surya Prakash has hogged all the limelight. He announced that Pawan Kalyan was joining the BSP. He said he had photo documentary evidence to support his claim.

There were also reports that film star and Pawan Kalyan's brother Chiranjeevi was projected by the BSP State president as the future chief minister of the State. Mayawati, who was apparently unhappy over her party's State unit leader going too far and taking his own decisions on crucial issues, decided to teach him a lesson. So she replaced him with some one who would toe her line of thought and would not create problems for her.

Political Talk: Babu puts stop to T talk

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu has virtually gagged the mouth of party leaders on the controversial Telangana issue. For the first time, Chandrababu Naidu made an open statement at a press conference at party State headquarters NTR Bhavan that Telugu Desam leaders and activists should not speak anything, good or bad, on Telangana. He also told them to approach him if they have to say something on the Telangana State.

Chandrababu Naidu's statement comes in the wake of reports that TD leaders from Telangana are divided on the demand for a separate State for the backward region. The TD supremo had faced certain embarrassing moments when media flashed the differences in the top leadership of the Telugu Desam on as crucial issue as the division of Andhra Pradesh to form a separate State for Telangana.

The TD chief could not hide his anger but made efforts to control it. His statement is a warning to senior leader T Devendar Goud and others to mend their ways if they had to remain in the Telugu Desam.

So there will be no T talk in the TD forums henceforth. One has to wait for Chandrababu Naidu's "appropriate time" to arrive for the TD chief to make a Telangana statement on his own.

Film stars can only sing and dance: Mayawati

Hyderabad: Launching the Bahujan Samaj Party's foray into Andhra Pradesh politics, its leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati Sunday made it clear that there was no place for film stars in her BSP.

Addressing a well-attended public meeting at the Nizam College grounds here, she urged people not to fall to the spell cast by film actors. 'The film actors can't serve the society. They can only dance and sing,' she said amid applause by the crowd.

Mayawati said the BSP was against admitting film personalities into the party in Uttar Pradesh and all other states, and asked party leaders in Andhra Pradesh not to make any attempt in this regard.

'BSP has no place for film actors. This is against our policy,' she said.

The BSP leader's comments are significant in view of the speculations that Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi could join the BSP or the party could invite him.

The clarification also came amid reports that Chiranjeevi's younger brother Pavan Kalyan, himself an actor, was keen to join the BSP. The party's state leaders had claimed a few days ago that Pavan Kalyan held talks with them.

Speculations were doing round since Sunday morning that Mayawati could call on Chiranjeevi to offer condolences after the death of his father. No such meeting took place and the BSP leader set the record straight at the public meeting.

Chiranjeevi, who is also engaged in some social activities, has a huge fan following in the state and his aides recently hinted that he would soon launch a political party.

During her hour-long speech, Mayawati repeatedly urged weaker sections of this southern state to replicate the Uttar Pradesh formula to gain political power in the state and at the centre to improve their socio-economic conditions and help BSP create a casteless society.

She promised to give separate statehood to Telangana region if the BSP formed government in New Delhi. The public meeting saw parliamentarian from Medak A. Narendra merging his Telangana Rashtra Samiti (Narendra) with the BSP.

Mayawati appealed to dalits, minorities and poor among upper castes to reject the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), their allies and some regional parties, and said these parties were responsible for exploiting them since the independence.

'You (weaker sections) are an overwhelming majority but the Congress, BJP and their allies which ruled the country and the states during the last 60 years followed a policy of divide and rule. They divided you all these years and made you feel that you are in minority,' she said.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Buzz: Opportunist Jogayya Licking Chiranjeevi!

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Narsapuram Congress MP Chegundi Harirama Jogaiah has once again proved that he is the No. 1 opportunist in politics.

Being a Congress MP, it is totally unbecoming of him to say that Chiranjeevi is the next chief minister of the state. Hitherto, Harirama Jogaiah has been creating embarrassing moments for the Congress party with his separate Andhra slogan and he even went to Sonia Gandhi demanding separate Andhra State. He has been picking up arguments with the other Congress MPs too on this count.

Those who know the history of Harirama Jogaiah can recall that he is not a true Congressman. He joined the Telugu Desam; later moved into Congress; took a somersault into the Bharatiya Janata Party and then returned to Congress to become an MP. He is now once again contemplating taking a plunge into the Chirajeevi party, hoping that his Kapu caste would get him into the good books of Megastar.

Jogaiah incurred the wrath of the party high command for his unsavoury comments. If the Gandhi Bhavan sources are to be believed, the days of Jogaiah are numbered in the Congress.

Chiru's Security Officers Are Informers Now!

Now, everywhere the buzz is about Chiranjeevi. Freshly, the government of Andhra Pradesh provided Chiranjeevi with VIP security. This is the first time that a celebrity has been given this type of security. Experts believe this to be a ploy to keep track on the megastar's political activities. So, the security officers act as informers for Government.

There is a clear indication that the state government has put an eye on the star. Sources also confirmed that intelligence agencies have been asked to keep an eye on Chiranjeevi's activities. This is one of the main reasons why the government of Andhra Pradesh provided to Chiranjeevi a VIP Security all of a sudden. This is the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh that government has provided this type of security to a Celebrity. Presently only the cabinet ministers have been provided this type of security.

The government seems to be too cautious of the Telugu superstar's political plans. And that is why, though, Chiranjeevi has made his stand clear regarding his political entry, the party in power seems a bit worried.

Even political analysts believe that the security is nothing but to keep track and have the state intelligence agencies keep an eye on Chiranjeevi's activities.

Why Chiranjeevi Hugs Gaddar And Holds

Hugging Gaddar is equal to that of hugging Maoists. Although there are split of opinions among Maoists about Gaddar, on a whole he is being treated as Chief Campaigning Singer of them. Many of Maoists feel that Gaddar is a 'collection-king' who earned big amounts moving with politicians. Gaddar is such a man who pleases the people in front of him with mere looks and smile accompanied with well behaved nature and modesty.

Chiranjeevi likes Gaddar as a poet-singer first and he is continuing the 'hugging-scenes' ever since his inclination for entering into politics was turned strong. Whenever Gaddar meets Chiranjeevi he wouldn't adjust with hand-shake. He takes liberty to hug him. And Chiranjeevi also hugs Gaddar and holds for a few seconds allowing media cameras to record clearly.

Gaddar has very good crowd-pulling capacity and if things are planned well, who knows, he may be useful for Chiranjeevi as well.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chegundi's remark creates uproar in Congress

Hyderabad - The prediction of senior leader and Congress MP Chegundi Harirama Jogaiah that Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi would become the next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has sparked a row within the ruling party with its leadership seeking an explanation from him.

The party's state unit has come down heavily on Jogaiah, member of Lok Sabha from Narsapur constituency in coastal Andhra, for saying the actor would storm the state politics and blow away Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's development mantra.

Acting president of the party's state unit G.S. Rao told reporters Saturday he had sought an explanation from Jogaiah. 'How can he criticise the chief minister of his own party?' wondered Rao.

He said while Jogaiah's prediction of Chiranjeevi becoming the next chief minister could be his personal view, it was not good on his part to comment that Rajasekhara Reddy's term as chief minister would last only a few days.

Jogaiah, however, stuck to his guns and warned Saturday that he would quit both the post and the party if he were issued show cause notice on the issue. He said if Chiranjeevi launched a party, he would join it.

Jogaiah had stated Friday that people of the state were waiting eagerly to see Chiranjeevi in the chief minister's chair and no force on earth could stop him from occupying that position.

He said the actor would have equal popularity in all the regions of the state. He claimed Chiranjeevi had the image of 'Mr. Clean' while all established political parties were 'polluted'.

The MP, like the actor, belongs to the Kapu caste and hails from coastal Andhra. He has been favouring bifurcation of the state against the wishes of the party leadership. He predicted that Chiranjeevi's reported stand in favour of statehood to Telangana would have no backlash in coastal Andhra and Rayalseema regions.

This is the first time that the speculations of Chiranjeevi's entry into politics have created a stir in the ruling party.

Other close aides of the chief minister were quick to hit back at Jogaiah. Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasad Rao said Reddy was the real hero for the poor, who were able to have two square meals because of him. 'Cinema glamour cannot wipe out the popularity of the chief minister.'

Another minister T. Jeevan Reddy said if Chiranjeevi wanted to serve people he should focus on social activities. 'Where is the need of floating another party?' he asked.

Chiranjeevi's fans, the Kapu community and leaders of different groups are keeping their fingers crossed as the actor has said he needs more time to decide on taking a plunge into politics. He has appealed to his fans to be patient while his advisers have hinted that he will soon announce formation of a new party.

Fact Sheet: Roja Shouting On Roads Again!

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Film actress, sorry former film actress, Roja is once again on the roads. This time she appeared in Vijayawada. Ever since she took over as the Telugu Mahila president, Roja has been taking up some or other agitation to draw the attention of the Congress government. But quite often she failed in her efforts and won the wrath of not Congress leaders but from her own Telugu Desam cadre.

Whenever Roja takes up some agitation, she annoys the Telugu Desam cadre to the extent that they lose temper and start shouting slogans against her. Not deterred by the protests, she has now taken up a mega agitation in Vijayawada. The issue is the murder of a minority girl studying pharma course in Vijayawada. A week has passed and the police are still clueless. Roja has become angry over the delay by the police in identifying the culprits and the State government to come to the rescue of the victim's family.

Roja blocked the roads in Vijayawada. Though she hails from Rayalaseema and has political stakes in the backward region, she wants to become quite popular in coastal Andhra and Telangana too. She is taking up similar agitations all over the State to ensure that TD president N Chandrababu Naidu gives him the TD ticket in the next Assembly polls.

NRIs express confidence in Chiranjeevi

NRIs express confidence in Chiranjeevi

The members of Progressive Telugu Forum( PTF) embarked on a mission to bring in awareness of the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh and the essence of new party with Chiranjeevi as the leader. They have started an online petition for the NRIs to offer their support by welcoming Chiranjeevi to provide Change & Hope to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

As part of its national campaign "Change & Hope with Chiranjeevi" they organized its sixth event in Los Angeles, CA on 30 Dec 07. They have conducted similar events in Dallas, Houston , Virginia , New Jersey and Bay Area. These events received tremendous support from all the cross-sections of the NRIs and everyone expressed their confidence in Chiranjeevi and extended their solidarity for the formation of new political party.

PTF would be conducting similar events in all the major cities of US. For more information on the topics discussed and upcoming events, please visit www.chiruforap.com or call Shekhar Seera at 805-754-0517 or Ram Tatineni at 214-551-2467.

Members of PTF request to provide your support to Chiranjeevi's new party by attending these meets and voicing out your opinions. If you are not able to attend, please visit www.chiruforap.com and support Chiranjeevi by signing the online petition.

Please forward this to all interested persons and encourage them to be a part of Chiru Phenomenon, which will bring new light and hope for the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Nostalgia: NTR Demanded For Kantha Rao

An incident took place before the shooting of the film 'Lava Kusha', the first color film in Telugu. Shankar Reddy was the producer of the film and he didn't like Kantha Rao to be Lakshmana. He thought to pull in some other actor for that role. But NTR demanded for Kantha Roa to play the role of Lakshmana. Later when the film was released, it turned super hit and Kantha Rao was given an award in National Level for his role. Kantha Rao shared such nostalgic flavors in his biography 'Anaganaga Oka Raja Kumarudu'.

Kantha Rao also said that NTR used to like him a lot. In fact both of them acted together in the films like 'Ekaveera' as well. And there are numerous films in the filmography.

Kantha Rao's biography was released on his 85th birthday in Hyderabad.

Keep off politics, YSR tells Chiru


Now that it is more or less certain that Megastar Chiranjeevi will be floating a new political party, Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy has started his own efforts to prevent Chiru from venturing into politics.

On behalf of YSR, his aide and advisor K V P Ramachandra Rao went to the 10th day ceremony of Chiru's father late Konidela Venkat Rao and had a brief chat with the Megastar. Sources close to the Chief Minister say KVP had conveyed YSR's message to Chiru, which is loud and clear: "Please do not mess up the political atmosphere in the State by entering into politics."

According to these sources, YSR conveyed to Chiranjeevi that the latter would not gain anything by entering into politics at this stage, as the Congress is not facing any major anti-incumbency situation right now. In fact, the Congress is sitting pretty in most parts of the State, except in Telangana and some parts of Andhra. And if Chiranjeevi enters politics, he could only split the votes of all parties, resulting in a hung Assembly. Therefore, there is no possibility of Chiranjeevi coming to power on his own.

"So forget about politics. Seek whatever you want including land for a studio free cost. If you are interested in politics so much, join the Congress and I will see that you get elected to Rajya Sabha," YSR told Chiru. And the reply was a mere smile!!

Fact Sheet: Letter diplomacy by Mallu Ravi

Former MP and State government's special representative in New Delhi Mallu Ravi is moving heaven and earth at the State and the Centre to get into the good books of the Congress high command and become the Pradesh Congress Committee president.

With Chief Minsiter Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy blowing hot and cold over his candidature, Ravi thought the best way to impress upon the high command is to get as many recommendations as possible in his support. So, he is asking every leader close to him to write a letter to Madam Sonia Gandhi recommending his name for the PCC chief post.

Among those who had written letters to Sonia Gandhi include Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti leader Manda Krishna Madiga, Union Ministers Sushil Kumar Shinde, Meera Kumar and Motilal Vohra. He is now running after Governor N D Tiwari asking him to right a letter to Sonia Gandhi recommending his name.

Devender Goud to fight it out on Telangana

Telugu Desam deputy leader in the Assembly and senior MLA T Devender Goud is understood to have decided to fight it out with his boss N Chandrababu Naidu on taking a stand on the formation of separate Telangana.

Desam sources say Goud is bringing pressure on Naidu to take a positive stand on Telangana, as every political party is now reconsidering its view on the issue. He even went to the extent of telling mediapersons in Warangal the other day that the party was seriously deliberating the issue of separate Telangana and would soon take a decision.

It looks like Devender Goud is taking the Telangana issue as an alibi to shift loyalties to Chiranjeevi. He reportedly told Naidu that even the Megastar is likely to take a positive stand on Telangana and therefore, the TD cannot remain in isolation. "So better take a quick decision, or else, the Telangana leaders in the party would have no future," he is learnt to have told the TD president.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Chiranjeevi Wants To Confuse People and Win?

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Mega star Chiranjeevi has the ways and means of floating a political party and sustain it- Electoral victory or defeat notwithstanding. But the film actor, who is regarded as the Badshah of the Tollywood, has been dillydallying the issue and is in deep political dilemma on his future political plans.

Why? The answer is quite simple. Whether one likes it or not, the mega star is not mustering enough will-power and self-support to announce his political intentions. Or in other words, he is not politically strong enough to take a step this way or that way. The film star has set his eyes on the seat of the chief ministership and wants to grab it any way. But his dilemma is that he may have to bite the dust if he faces political and electoral defeat in the May 2009 elections. He wants a straight victory, which is very difficult to predict these days. The last celluloid person who could make political and electoral waves in the country was late NT Rama Rao. After him there's no charismatic leader enough to capture the hearts of voters.

The mega star knows this fully well. So he is releasing political trailers quite often dropping a hint or two about his political and electoral intentions. In the meantime, his brother Pawan Kalyan too had released a trailer about his plans to join the BSP.

This is all nothing but to confuse the voters. A confused voter cannot decide for whom he should vote. Chiru wants to win the polls through confused voters and not through enlightened electorate, as political analysts put out.

Chiranjeevi Tremors In TDP and Goud As Dy CM

Chiranjeevi tremors are shaking TDP. The much worried person is now Devender Goud who is about to hit Warangal with the event 'BC Garjana' on 23 rd of this month. Now the task on the shoulders of Devender Goud is to control the BC drain towards Chiranjeevi. BC Vote bank has been very crucial for TDP all these years and now that is going to affect in big way.

Inside sources say that almost all the cell phones of all party leaders are busy since this evening as they were discussing further plans to combat Chiranjeevi wave. The coming days will prove to be testing time for many political parties all over the state, say political analysts.

TDP leaders know that it is the opposition party that suffers when a new party comes into light. TDP is bound to lose lot of seats for Chiranjeevi's party and above all that there are chances that many of BCs would jump into Chiranjeevi's party from TDP. Inside sources say that Chandrababu sent a feeler from Gujarat that Devender Goud may jump out with Chiranjeevi.

That is true indeed. Inside sources say that Devender Goud is holding negotiations with Allu Aravind putting a few conditions. "I come along with you. I need Dy CM seat when we come into power. If separate Telangana materializes, I need complete hold on the region"-is the tentative dialogue of Devender Goud with Allu Aravind. The response of Aravind is yet to be known. On the other hand TRS is planning to come into negotiation with Chiranjeevi to share Telangana seats on 60:40 bases (60% for Chiranjeevi and 40% for TRS). Let us see what happens.

Nannapaneni Plays Drama With PJR's Death

Senior TD leader Nannapaneni Rajakumari has nothing to do with the internal affairs of the ruling Congress. As one belonging to the main Opposition Telugu Desam, Rajakumari has every right to comment on public issues but not on the internal fighting in the Congress, unless she has some ulterior motives or political considerations.

The issue now is the death of former legislator and senior Congress leader P Janardhan Reddy. He died in the very presence of Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy though the latter was not aware of the fact that PJR had suffered a massive heart attack. Rajakumari is the only political leader in the State who has been blaming Rajasekhar Reddy for the death of Janardhan Reddy. She alleges that medical facilities were not provided to the former Khairatabad legislator immediately. "The chief minister's ambulance was very much available on hand but it was not utilized", she said.

So Rajakumari has a grouse against Rajasekhar Reddy and hence she has been repeating this issue wherever she goes. All this is because of the greater Hyderabad municipal elections.' Make PJR hero and YSR villain and get political mileage for the Telugu Desam' is the strategy now. Will this strategy of Rajakumari work?

In the evening, a television channel conducted an SMS poll asking the viewers opinion on Nannapaneni’s drama at PJR’s residence. And 90 per cent of the viewers condemned Nannapaneni’s vitriolic attack on YSR!

Is Narendra Taking foolish Decisions?

Former Union minister A Narendra is now changing colors fast. Yes, we are talking about the political colors. But he does not want to quit his membership to the Lok Sabha. What would be the Reason? He says he did not quit the LS membership when he resigned from the Bharatiya Janata Party before joining the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. "When I did not resign then, why should I now," he questions.

Strange political logic indeed! Only the likes of Narendra could offer such reasons or excuses to survive in politics.

He also says the TRS is not a political party but a platform to achieve separate Telangana State. So when he had shifted from the BJP to the TRS and now to the BSP, he feels that he had just changed platforms and not political organizations. So the question of anti-defection law does not apply to him.

Narendra, who did not talk about the "welfare" of Christians and Muslims when he was in BJP and TRS, now wants proportionate political representation to be given to them. He says he will take up political positions in BSP which does not attract the provisions of the anti-defection law.

Narendra is going to join BJP in the presence of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP Chief Mayawati. It is to be seen how the two leaders will go hand in hand and whether Narendra will be able to sustain the "authoritarian" attitude of Mayawati. He says Mayawati has promised him separate Telangana and hence decided to sail with her. We may get a thought, 'who is Mayawati, after all, to talk about Telangana and promise the division of Andhra Pradesh'. What political status or following does she enjoy in the State? BSP as things stand will not be able to capture power either at the Centre or at the State and thus her "promise" of separate Telangana has to be taken with a pinch of salt. And Narendra has gulped this "salt" many a time in the past.

Usha: 'What Chiranjeevi Can Do To AP?'

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3 letters have started a new epoch in AP politics in 1983. It is needless to say that those letters are N T R. People praised to the skies that the era is going to be Rama Rajyam. Entire state was in mass hysteria. The screen god became the Chief Minister as a cake walk. But was there Rama Rajyam? If giving rice for Rs 2 a kilo can be termed as Rama Rajyam, yes that was Rama Rajyam. If giving a yellow shirt and green knickers for Rickshaw pullers were Rama Rajyam, yes, NTR's era was a Rama Rajyam. If announcing prohibition initially but later setting up Government Liquor Hubs with a great nomenclature 'Varuna Vahini' can be termed Rama Rajyam, yes that was Rama Rajyam. On a whole, it's the faith, following and mania those decide the righteousness of a person of leaders. N T R brought identity for Telugu and 'Telugu vari atmagouravam' in international scenario. That is true and holds no dispute. N T R brought that identity and confidence for 6 Cr-population. As a successor Chandrababu also brought identity for Andhra Pradesh as a hub for world standard software technology. One cannot raise finger in that aspect.

But no body is immune to vote bank politics. Be it NTR, Chandrababu, YSR -everybody is bending for vote bank politics. Indian political scenario is in such a miserable position that Rs 2 kilo rice is still a vote pulling mantra. Politicians are becoming millionaires, multi millionaires and reaching unbelievable height sin acquiring properties. But still they are pulling common man votes by throwing Rs 2 kilo rice. Which politician could become a statesman and change this scenario? People know only one thing. Chandrababu earned Rs 10,000 Cr in his political career. YSR earned a few thousand crores in his era. Jayalalitha is worth Rs 5000 Cr in Tamilnadu. Chidambaram is also worth Rs 2000 Cr as per grapevine. The funniest part is that many of Chowdharys are patting themselves saying Babu has Rs 10,000 Cr property and Reddy's are putting glowing faces saying YSR has Rs 20,000 Cr. What about the common man? He is still running for Rs 2 kilo rice. Where is development? Where is welfare? Elections have become a child's play in India.

Will Chiranjeevi change this scenario? Can he start a new epoch that stands impressive and inspiring? Can he become a real life Muta Mestri and Tagore for AP? Then his entry into politics would certainly make great sense.

Vizag to be developed on par with Kolkata, Chennai

Visakhapatnam: The coastal city of Visakhapatnam would be developed on par with Kolkata and Chennai, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Thursday while promising the people to look into their demand for setting up an international airport in the city.

Addressing a public meeting, the prime minister also assured them that he would look into the demand for establishing in Visakhapatnam an Indian Institute of Management.

Stating that the city was emerging as a key industrial centre, Singh held out an assurance of all assistance from the central government to improve the civic infrastructure.

While agreeing to look into the demand for an international airport, the prime minister said efforts would be made to operate round-the-clock flights from the existing airport. "As far as making the airport operational for 24 hours is concerned, the ministry will be asked to operationalise this at the earliest opportunity," he said.

The existing airport is under the control of the Indian Navy, which has its eastern naval command headquarters here. Flights from this airport are operated only during daytime and the airport also faces the problem of frequent flooding during rains.

Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, in his speech, urged the prime minister on behalf of the people of the state to sanction an international airport for the city.

Manmohan Singh, who was here to inaugurate the Indian Science Congress, also interacted with members of women self-help groups and lauded their efforts to fight poverty.

Earlier, he allayed fears about the future of state-owned Bharat Heavy Plate and Vessels (BHPV) Limited. He told a delegation of ruling Congress party leaders that the cabinet decision on making BHPV a subsidiary of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited was final and there was nothing to worry over it.

The delegation led by former chief minister and Visakhapatnam MP N. Janardhan Reddy called on Singh late Wednesday.

The prime minister also told the delegation that Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited would be merged with Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), the corporate entity of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, to solve the raw material problem faced by the latter.

The delegation demanded setting up of an Indian Institute of Management and other premier educational institutes, separate railway zone with Visakhapatnam as headquarters, and expeditious setting up of a Knowledge City on the city outskirts, and a petrochemical complex near Achuyutapuram.

Political Talk: Chiranjeevi Party In March-2008

Chiranjeevi has fixed muhurtham for announcing his party in March 2008. He expressed his decision to enter active politics today in a function that was held on the name of his father Late Konidela Venkat Rao.

Many film celebrities and political friends have attended the function and had lunch. Chiranjeevi appeared without moustache and Nagababu with tonsured head in the name of their father.

Chiranjeevi discussed about his political ideas with his close friends in that occasion.

Chiranjeevi's Long Discussion With Dasari

Mega Star Chiranjeevi discussed with Dasari Narayana Rao for more than 15 minutes in standing posture. Chiranjeevi was seen standing and discussing with Dasari while the latter was having lunch in the ceremony of Late Konidela Venkat Rao.

The details of the discussion are not known as none approached them during the silent talk.

It was only Ghattamaneni Adi Seshagiri Rao who was sitting beside Dasari during that talk. Sources, off late, say that the discussion was about politics, announcing new party and association with Congress.

Chiranjeevi Fans Shout With Spirit

Chiranjeevi fans have burnt crackers at a few places in AP just after listening to the news that their star has given a positive statement regarding his political entry. A few fans have made rounds on bikes shouting 'Twinkle Twinkle Mega Star-Mega Star Chief Minister'. It is not even the announcement of party but Chiranjeevi has just given a positive statement. And the fans have started celebrations.

"It's just Chiru gali. It will become tufaan in a few days", shouted a fan when media asked his opinion.

The fans are now happy that their star that has been silent all these days has opened his mouth now.

Rumors: Chiru taking political tuitions?

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Even as Megastar Chiranjevi’s political entry has remained a mystery for the political observers, rumours continue to make rounds as to how Chiranjeevi is making preparations for his new party.

According to grapevine, Chiranjeevi has already started taking tuitions from a well-known political science professor on various subjects – ranging from Constitution of India to political history of Andhra Pradesh to the sociological set-up in the State and its impact on the electoral system to the administrative mechanism, so as to have a thorough understanding of all the subjects. He is of the view that he should not be taken for a ride by other politicians when he actually enters the politics. He wants to know how the bureaucracy is taking the party in power for a ride and how corruption is so deeply rooted in the system.

Interestingly, he is also mastering the art of facing the media and of course, media management, so that he would not make any controversial remarks that would spoil his image. For that, he is said to be attending “mock press conferences” and “mock media interviews” regularly and practicing as to how answer queries from the media, however embarrassing they might be.

This is what we hear from that camp. By the way, the tuitions have come to a halt, following the death of Chiranjeevi’s father Konidela Venkat Rao. They might be revived after a few days, sources say.

All Party Leaders For Chiru's Father's Ceremony

While Chiranjeevi's political entry is making big news in entire state and creating tensions for many parties, on the other hand almost all the party leaders have participated in the ceremony of Late Konidela Venkat Rao organized by Chiranjeevi fans on large scale at Subrahmanya Maidanam in Rajahmundry. Leaders of TDP and Congress are seen collectively at that event as per sources.

The event went on in large scale where the religious leaders of Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christians have come to do prayers for the peace of Konidela Venkat Rao's soul. 'Annadanam' for poor people was conducted by Chiranjeevi fans on this occasion.

That was the following of Late Shri Konidela Venkat Rao in Rajahmundry.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mumbai molestation victims recount horror

MUMBAI (PTI): Recounting the tale of horror, one of the victims of the New Year Day molestation case here described how the hooligans pinched and groped her, while the woman's husband narrated how he felt when around 50 people were trying to get at his wife and cousin.

In an interview to a city tabloid, she said, "I just want to get over the horror. I want to stop seeing my face on TV. When we came out of the hotel (early) on January 1, I did not sense any trouble. But when we were walking, the crowd just kept getting closer."

"They touched my butt and pinched me. They also began grabbing my cousin sister-in-law. People just watched as my husband tried to protect me," she said.

"I believe Mumbaikars are not willing to stop and help people in trouble."

Her husband told the newspaper, "We are the victims. We were at J W Mariott from 9 PM on December 31 and at around 2 AM we (he, his wife and two cousins) decided to leave (the hotel) and take a rickshaw back to hotel Royal Gardens."

"Just as we stepped out, we saw a group heading towards us. They reached us and immediately began grabbing my wife. Since we were walking against the crowd it was difficult to move ahead. But then it got worse. It seemed like the whole crowd was on my wife and my cousin," he recalled.

"Then somebody pushed all of us on the ground. It seemed like they were 50 people around...all trying to get at my wife and cousin."

The victim's husband said "my brother and I tried to fight the crowd, but they were too many. That's when some photographers started clicking us."

"All of a sudden from the crowd, there emerged a man wearing a red T-shirt who tried to help us and started shouting for the police. The cops arrived in a few minutes and the crowd thinned out," he said.

"I told the police that my wife and cousin were molested. They put us in their vehicle and took us to the Juhu police station from where we were put in an auto and we went to our hotel."

Explaining the reason for not filing a police complaint, the victim's husband said, "We could not identify any of the molesters as it happened too fast. For the record neither the police nor the J W Mariott hotel should be blamed."

"We are all based in California and I got married just a day before this horrible incident. I have been coming to Mumbai for the last five years, but this experience on New Year has changed my perception about Mumbai," he added.

"We don't want to be bothered by the media and want to enjoy whatever is left of our vacations. And yes, I want to thank the man in the red T-shirt (who helped us)," he added.

Mayawati sends feelers to actor Chiranjeevi

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NEW DELHI: Both Sonia Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu have reason to worry. Mayawati has grand plans for Andhra Pradesh.

The BSP chief is exploring a Dalit-OBC-minority-Brahmin alliance in the state before the next Lok Sabha polls. She has sent feelers to Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and Telengana Rashtra Samiti chief Chandrashekhar Rao for an electoral alliance. TRS is currently aligned with the UPA.

If the BSP-TRS-Chiranjeevi alliance fructify it would become a formidable force in the state upsetting traditional players — the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Mayawati is holding a rally in Hyderabad on January 6, while Chiranjeevi’s supporters are organising a “backward caste garjana” rally in Warangal on January 19 to lure backward castes from TDP and Congress.

Chiranjeevi, who has mass appeal across the state — akin to late NTR, is planning to launch a political outfit and an announcement to this effect may be made in February or March.

The actor belongs to the Kappu community, which is considered backward in some districts, forward in some and “other caste” in others. The Kappus constitute over 10% of the state population. The Dalits also has an equal representation. Overall, the BCs constitute over 50 per cent of the population. The proposed alliance would trigger realignment of social forces weakening the forward castes.

Six killed, 15 injured in Vijayawada temple stampede

At least six people were reportedly killed and 15 others were injured in a temple stampede at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday morning.

The incident occurred when a large number of devotees thronged the Durga ghat near Kanakadurga Temple to perform prayers on the occasion of 'Bhavani Deeksha'.

According to police, devotees pushed each other to move ahead, which resulted in a stampede, in which five women and a child was killed.

The injured have been admitted to the local government hospital. The condition of one injured woman is stated to be serious.

Vijayawada MP L Rajgopal and MLA Devineni Rajasekhar met the injured in the hospital.

Blaming the temple authorities for the incident, State Endowment Minister J Ratnakar Rao has ordered a departmental inquiry.

The government has announced one lakh rupees ex-gratia payment for the kin of those killed and 10,000 for each of the injured. (ANI)

City Buzz: Crude bomb found near NTR Garden

Hyderabad: A crude bomb, with about 50 grams of explosive material stuffed into it, was found near a popular tourist spot near the state secretariat in the heart of the city on Wednesday.

The bomb, kept in a tiffin box, was found in a dustbin near NTR Garden which is at a stone's throw distance from Lumbini Park which was rocked by a terror bombing four months ago.

The recovery of the bomb a day after re-opening of the popular laser show at Lumbini park sent the police into a tizzy.

City Police Commissioner Balwinder Singh said that such type of bombs were generally used in Rayalaseema region often plagued by violent clashes between rival political groups.

''We have taken up the investigation and security has been tightened further at the Secretriat and public places,'' Singh said.

A security guard at the popular tourist spot found the bomb in a dustbin on a pavement and informed the police who later defused it, police said.

Meanwhile, the bomb disposal squad said the bomb contained 50 grams explosives and cycle ball bearings.

The famous laser show in the Lumbini Park here, the scene of the deadly terror bombings on August 25 last year, reopened yesterday amid tight security measures.

Over 40 people had lost their lives in the bomb blasts at the Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat Bhandar, a popular eatery, on August 25.

Five killed in stampede at Andhra temple

Hyderabad (IANS) At least five devotees were killed and 15 others were injured in a stampede Thursday at a temple on Indirakiladri hill in Andhra Pradesh's Vijayawada town, police officials said.

Those killed include four women and a child. The injured have been admitted to the government hospital in Vijayawada, about 280 km east of here.

Police said the mishap occurred around 5 a.m. during the annual Bhavani Diksha rituals at Durga Malleswari temple. More than 100,000 devotees had congregated on the hill for the last day of the rituals.

Vijayawada police commissioner C.V. Anand said the stampede occurred when thousands of devotees tried to surge towards the temple for a look at the deity.

He said police had warned the temple authorities on several occasions in the past that lack of proper arrangements could lead to a tragedy but they failed to take necessary precautions. He pointed out that the movement of devotees was limited to one road on the hill, leading to chaos during the rituals.

Vijayawada MP L. Rajagopal and legislator D. Nehru met the injured in the hospital. Nehru has announced a compensation of Rs.100,000 each to the kin of those killed and Rs.10,000 to each of the injured.

The temple near the river Krishna attracts thousands of devotees from all over Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Politics: What YSR has "achieved" thus far

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The State has ushered into the New Year. As people look forward for a bright future during 2008, Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy look backwards at the achievements of his government. Rajasekhar has completed three and a half years in power and let's see what he himself says about the achievements his government had made thus far.

1. The Congress government waived arrears of power bills related to agricultural consumption to the tune of Rs.1,192 crore on May 14.

2. Free power to the farmers from the first day (May 14th 2004) of YSR in power. Started "Jala Yagnam" to build 26 Major irrigation projects and 6 medium irrigation projects with the expenditure of 56,000 crore investment. FAB (Electronics, Semi Conductor) City to Andhra Pradesh.

3. Distribution of Lands to poor farmers with the "Indira Prabha" programme.

4. Science City Proposal in Ananatapur with 1,00,000 Crores investment.

5. Inter national Airport to Hyderabad.

6. The Congress government launched a new scheme by name Rajiv Yuva Shakthi to provide wage employment and self employment by spending 1000 crore. Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) to Andhra Pradesh.

7. For low-income urban population, government has launched an innovative housing scheme "Rajiv Gruhakalpa". American Consulate to Andhra Pradesh. 25 Paise interest to Dwacra Group Women.

8. Vizag Steel Plant Expansion. Adidas shoe company to Nellore district. Successfully getting highest amount of money from Central Finance commission since three years, for the 2007 year 30,000 crore and 2006 year 20,000 crore.

9. Completed Jhanjavathi Project for Vizianagaram district. Successfully launched "Rajiv Internet Village" to promote technology to villages.

Out of 117 election promises made in 2004, works pertaining to 74 were completed, 19 were are various stages of progress and 24 are pending.

And with elections fast approaching, Rajasekhar Reddy is busy seeking publicity for his schemes and completing the pending works.

Screen Talk: Film actors to be felicitated

Kakinada: As part of the Yanam festival, film actors ANR, Krishnam Raju, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Anjali Devi, Sarada, Devadas Kanakala, R. Narayana Murthy and Saradhi will be felicitated at GMC Balayogi stadium at Yanam on January 6.

Sobha Raju will render Annamacharya sankeertans the same day.

Songs competitions will be held to mark the occasion. A sum of Rs. 36 lakhs has been allocated for the event, according to official sources.

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