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Monday, December 31, 2007

Fact Sheet: Purandershwari logic impresses Sonia

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If the New Delhi sources are to be believed, Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development D Purandareshwari is all set to get the prestigious post of AICC spokesperson, a post which was held by seniors like S Jaipal Reddy, Ambika Soni and Kapil Sibal.

According to these sources, the Congress high command is more than happy with for her vitriolic attack on the Telugu Desam party and its supremo N Chandrababu Naidu. While the Congress thinktank is breaking its head as to how to erase the impression among the people that Rs 2 a kg rice scheme was only a Telugu Desam scheme introduced by its founder-president N T Rama Rao and therefore, it would help only the TD in the elections, Purandareshwari is making efforts to to delink NTR from the TD. She is trying to convince the people that Naidu is not a successor of NTR and that if at all there is anyone, who is implementing the policies of NTR, it is only Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

Purandershwari's logic has convinced the high command, though Sonia Gandhi initially did not like her to involve NTR's name in the Congress politics. But after realizing its impact on the Congress prospects, she felt Purandareshwari is right. And soon, Sonia is expected to appoint her in a key post in AICC, preferably, the Congress spokesman, sources say.

Political News: CK Babu injured in bomb blast

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Former Congress MLA CK Jayachandra Reddy alias CK Babu was injured in a bomb blast in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district on Monday.

A bomb, planted near a drainage canal, went off when Babu's vehicle was passing by, police said.

The attack took place when the former legislator was on his way to visit a temple.

Two of his gunmen, driver and an associate were also injured in the attack.

While the condition of the former MLA was said to be out of danger, the condition of the driver and one of his gunmen was serious, the police said.

The vehicle in which Babu was travelling was damaged in the blast.

What your number predicts for 2008

Wondering what 2008 has in store for you? Numerologist Sanjay Jumani deciphers your future according to your ruling number.

1 People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th in any month are termed as Number 1 people, ruled by the planet Sun.

With 2008 being ruled by the Sun, the number 1 people in a position of authority would fare well, showing the way to their subordinates with elegance.

With a little rumination, you could balance it into a win-win situation. It’s high time you focus on the non-materialistic things of life, which are also very important. Try to delve in the spiritual side too.

2 Number 2 represents the Moon, and they are persons born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month.

Ruled by the Moon, this year would be favourable for the number 2 also, as 1 and 2 are quite compatible. The most important thing for you to do this year is not to depend on others to complete the job you started. Though this year will be good for you, your dreamy nature and over dependence on others could bring delays or failures in your life. You’ll be at your imaginative best if you allow your thoughts to go with the flow. Some of your intuitions could turn into realities. Those in alternate sciences such as yoga, meditation, reiki, astrology can climb further.

3 People born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th in any month are termed as Number 3 people, ruled by the biggest planet Jupiter.

This year being equal to number 1, you may find some opposition to your plans. However due to your stubborn and ambitious nature, you could overcome these hurdles and surge ahead in life.

Sun could further ignite your ambitious side, and make you more forceful, not for the sake of accumulation, but from the fear of being under obligation to others. You may excel in the execution of commands, being orderly and disciplined.

In the bargain, others may consider you dictatorial, so try to use a surgeon’s knife in such situations.

4 People born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st in any month are termed as Number 4 people, ruled by the planet Uranus.

A good year ahead as the numbers 1 and 4 go hand in hand; those who are awaiting a job change or marriage could get rewarded.

Due to your original ideas, and unconventional thoughts, you are likely to face problems in the form of misunderstandings. However, if you follow your intuitions and original thoughts, you stand better chances of success. Those who are in litigation could get a breather, but must try to avoid business partnerships.

5 People born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd in any month are termed as Number 5 people, ruled by the planet Mercury.

Due to your ruler Mercury, the fastest planet, you could be in quite an impulsive hurry, brimming with emotions. All others may not be as quick as you to match up with your pace, so expect less to avoid disappointment. If you faced a few problems last year, this year things could start to look up, especially on the financial front. Try to use your communicative skills, which is your USP.

6 People born on the 6th, 15th and 24th in any month are termed as Number 6 people, ruled by the planet Venus.

You could have an average year, although the number 6 is good for the number 1, it is sometimes seen that 1 is sometimes unkind to the number 6, so this year, brace yourself to face some delays in completing your projects.

May and October are the best months to start anything important.

Those who are in newer relationships should be warned not to be hasty, and may play the waiting game.

7 People born on the 7th, 16th and 25th in any month are termed as Number 7 people, ruled by the planet Neptune, and such persons are also under the influence of the interchangeable number 2 of Moon.

Ruled by the planet Neptune, 1 is one of the number 7’s best numbers, so a good year ahead. Travelling for work or pleasure would be profitable for you this year, but learn to control those mood swings and take decisions from your head and not from your heart.

Spiritually, a satisfying year, and yoga, meditation and alternate therapies could give you immense gratification. Those in consultancy, or any kind of service-related work could see unprecedented profits accrue.

8 People born on the 8th, 17th and 26th in any month are termed as Number 8 people, ruled by the planet Saturn.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, 1 of the Sun is the lucky number for the number 8, so although a year for you to surge ahead, be careful in your investments, and do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Try not to trust anyone blindly, invest sensibly and think before acting.

This year could see you make great progress both financially as well as personally.

Those on the lookout for buying land could take a chance, and some of you may end up with your dream house too.

Post-February, you should see a positive development as regards your profession.

9 People born on the 9th, 18th and 27th in any month are termed as Number 9 people, ruled by the planet Mars.

Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, the number 9 is a strong number at the end of the number line, and as there are seven numbers in between the numbers 1 and 9, you would find work being delayed, or missing opportunities that should have been rightfully yours.

This year you should keep a check on your temper and use your energies for constructive things to have a good year. Past laurels could come in handy, if you use them, which is not a bad idea if one does so, once in a while.

Chiranjeevi Stopping TTD Chairman Getting MLA Ticket

No one knows if assumptions on Chiranjeevi's political entry are sending tremors among many but it is sure that TTD chairman Karunakar Reddy is quivering for that. Karunakar Reddy has been the 'yes man'of YSR and expecting MLA ticket from Tirupathi for 2009 elections. But YSR is cold on that aspect now. It is said that he is planning to reserve that ticket for person from Kapu community. The current Congress MLA at Tirupathi is Venkataramana who is a Kapu. As the chances of Chiranjeevi entering politics in 2009 are many, YSR doesn't want to take risk by giving Tirupathi ticket for other than Kapu leader. So Venkataramana will retain that again.

Apart from this, Karunakar Reddy is also upset as CM Is not giving positive signal for the lobbying of his brother's wife for the post of VC-Padmavathi Mahila University and request of his sister's husband for the post of VC-Sri Venkateshwara University.

Probably, Karunakar Reddy's prayers weren't answered by Tirumala Lord as of now.

Behind The Scene: Dasari becomes butt of ridicule!

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The Congress high command, which was of the opinion that Union Minister of State for Coal Dasari Narayana Rao is a man of principles and stature, has changed its mind now.

Eversince Dasari made that speech inviting Yuvaratna Balakrishna into politics and described him as future Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the AICC was flooded with complaints against Dasari from the Congress leaders. Leading the batch of complainants is Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao. In fact, by loosing his tongue, Dasari has become a butt of ridicule in the AICC and everybody is doubting his credentials now.

Realising that he is under a scanner, Dasari rushed to Delhi to do the damage control exercise. H tried to convince the leaders in the AICC as to why he had to play to the gallery at the Balakrishna function, but there were no takers for his argument. Looks like days are numbered for Dasari.

Loose Talk: And now Kaka wants 3 States!

Former Union minister and senior Congress leader G Venkataswamy has dropped a bomb shell. He now demands the division of Andhra Pradesh into three States. Not two. He wants AP to be divided into Telangana, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra. He even went to the extent of saying that the Congress Central leadership was also in favour of the trifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

This is the first time that a senior Telangana leader in the Congress party to come out with such a type of proposal. So far Congress leaders from Telangana have been demanding separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. But no one spoke of division into Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra.

Perhaps it is a clever ploy to gain the support of people from the backward Rayalaseema district. Or is it his real intentions to have the State divided into three parts. Though Venkataswamy, popularly known as Kaka, has not said it in so many words, it has however become clear that he would continue with the fight for Telangana in the new year. With the Congress high command refusing him the post of the President, Venkataswamy is at least aspiring for some gubernatorial post. Age, however, does not permit this senior Congress leader to play an active role either at the national level or at Telangana level. His spirits are quite high, despite his feeble age.

TRS not to contest bye-elections in Khairatabad

Hyderabad - Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), the regional party fighting for a separate Telangana state, Sunday announced it would not field a candidate for bye-election to Khairatabad assembly seat as a mark of respect for senior Congress leader P. Janardhan Reddy who died Friday.

TRS president and former union minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao told newsmen that his party had decided to appeal to other parties to ensure unanimous election of a member of Reddy's family. He had fought for the rights of the people of Telengana.

Reddy represented Khairatabad constituency in the state capital for a fifth term. He had also served as a state minister.

Meanwhile, rich tributes were paid Reddy at a condolence meeting held at Gandhi Bhavan, the headquarters of the Congress party. Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy also paid tributes to the former minister and announced that a memorial would be constructed in his honour in the capital.

Leaders of Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) also paid their last respects.

Behind The Scene: KCR takes it easy on Gaddar

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao is taking the comments of revolutionary balladeer Gaddar against him with a pinch of salt.

Apparently, people of Telangana take Gaddar's words with respect and therefore, his comments against KCR would definitely have an impact on the voters. Realising this, the TRS is refraining from retaliating against Gaddar. On the other hand, it is not attaching much importance to his words, saying that Gaddar's agenda was different from that of the TRS.

A TRS leader said the party would focus in its campaign that it would believe in "votes and seats" strategy to press the Centre for the formation of separate State. "If they (Mr Gaddar and other detractors of Mr KCR) have their own plans, they should go ahead with their own plan after all we are all striving for the separate State," he said.

He predicted that the support of TRS would be crucial for the formation of the government after the next elections and this would create a situation where they had to give the separate State.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Greetings

Rumors: PJR's Properties In Question Mark

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PJR's demise left many question marks behind. He has huge properties at various places but his son and wife are not informed about them. As PJR never anticipated any such risk to his life at this age, he didn't make arrangements to let his family know about all of his properties.

Whatever is visible before of the eyes of family members is the only property that is known for them. They have to see if they get any information from the close friends of PJR about his investments and properties. It is said that PJR kept many properties in the name of others and now it is a big question mark if they open their mouths or simply keep quiet. However, it is now a big task ahead for PJR's son Vishnu.

He has to carry the legacy of his father and the loyalty of the people who had put faith on him.

Desam may not contest in Khairatabad bypoll

Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu is in two minds on whether he has to field a candidate in Khairatabad Assembly constituency, which would go to polls sooner or later following the death of its sitting MLA P Janardhan Reddy.

Naidu knows that it would be a futile exercise to field a candidate in Khairatabad at this juncture, because PJR has a huge support base in this constituency and his death has resulted in a lot of sympathy wave for his family. So, if the ticket is given to any of the members of PJR family, he or she would easily win the elections. Moreover, the term of the elected candidate would hardly be a few months and there is every possibility that elections to the Assembly could be advanced by six months. Thus, it would be waste of money and resources to contest the polls, a section of the TD is arguing.

At the same time, Naidu cannot ignore the argument that if the TD would not contest the byelections, it would demoralize the party cadres and have a negative impact on the party prospects in the forthcoming Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. So, even if it does not win, the party should contest the byelections and retain its identity in the constituency. Who knows even staunch supporters of PJR might not prefer his son Vishnu, if the latter is given the ticket, some TD leaders argue.

Anyway, Khairatabad is not going to be the same constituency again. It is going to be divided with Kukatpally and Alwal as separate constituencies. In such a case, the TD would better keep away from the byelections and focus on strengthening its base in the revised Constituencies, sources say.

Behind The Scene: PJR's death a shock to Chiru?

There have been unconfirmed reports that film star Chiranjeevi was in secret confabulations with Khairatabad legislator P Janardhan Reddy over launch of a new political outfit. Chiranjeevi fully knows that without the support of Janardhan Reddy it was quite a difficult task to launch a political party and survive in Hyderabad. But unfortunately, Janardhan Reddy breathed his last all of a sudden keeping everyone high and dry. Sources point out that Chiranjeevi was badly hit by the death of Janardhan Reddy.

PJR, as he was fondly called, had a mass following in Hyderabad and parts of Telangana. He was a well known labour unionist and lakhs of poor people were solidly behind him. Chiranjeevi reportedly was advised to take the support of Janardhan Reddy as the film star will not only lose the image of a "Kapu leader" but also get the support base of BCs, STs, SCs, minorities and the have-nots. Though Janardhan Reddy hailed from a upper caste, he was famous with the poor and underprivileged.

Chiranjeevi has been receiving a blow after blow because he is passing through a bad astrological phase. Let's hope and pray that the film star will get a new phase of life in the New Year.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Buzz: Will Vishnu step into PJR's shoes?

The sudden demise of Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy has left the Congress leadership in a state of confusion as to who would fill the void.

The followers of PJR feel his son Vishnuvardhan Reddy is the natural choice as the Congress candidate in the byelections to Khairatabad seat, which would be held in a couple of months. But sources close to Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy wonder whether or not Vishnu would be the right choice. By nature, Vishnu is different from PJR, who was basically a man of the masses as he grew to the top from the bottom. On the other hand, Vishnu is arrogance personified and has no cordial relationship with any of the Congress leaders, despite being an NSUI leader. All that he knows is to go to parties along with friends, enjoy with girls and occasionally get into quarrels with people.

Sources say even the Chief Minister might not favour Vishnu's candidature, especially because of childish behaviour which was evident from the way he beat up his brother Y S Ravindranath Reddy some time back. Instead, the Chief Minister might favour PJR's wife Sulochana and recommend her name to the high command. Let us see what is going to happen in the coming days.

Aus register 15th straight Test win as India collapse

Melbourne (IANS) India slumped to one of their biggest defeats in recent times as they lost the first Test to Australia by 337 runs, on the fourth day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) here Saturday.

Chasing a target of 499 runs, India were bundled out of 161 runs in the second and failed to cross the 200-mark in the both the innings. The Australian juggernaut, meanwhile, kept rolling as Ricky Ponting's side registered their 15th consecutive Test victory and is now one short of equalling their record of 16 wins under Steve Waugh. It was also Australia's nine successive win at the MCG.

Australia declared at 351 for seven late on the third day and India, who were dismissed for 196 runs in reply to Australia's first innings of 343, needed to a record score to win the match but it was too much of asking from them and they perished under the heavy hopes and failed to last even five days.

The highest successful run-chase at the MCG was England's 332 against Australia in the 1928-29 Ashes series. Only three sides have ever successfully chased in excess of 400 runs in the fourth innings of a Test.

For all their defiance, Indians failed and barring V.V.S. Laxman (42) and Sourav Ganguly (40), none of the Indian batsmen could put up a fight and perished with a whimper. Mitchell Johnson was the top bowler with his three for 21 while Brett Lee and Brad Hogg picked up two wickets each in the second innings. Matthew Hayden was adjudged the Man of the Match for his 124 in the first innings.

India, resuming on their overnight score of six for no loss, suffered the first set-back when fast bowler Brett Lee struck with his away going delivery as opener Wasim Jaffer (15) swished at it and wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist took an easy catch. With the catch Gilchrist became Australia's most successful wicketkeeper with 396 catches and left Ian Healy one behind.

Make-shift opener Rahul Dravid (16) in the company of V.V.S Laxman (42) looked set to see the first session through. But Dravid departed in the last over before lunch after the innocuous Andrew Symonds trapped him in front of the wicket. Dravid stonewalled for two and half hours and faced 114 balls for 16 and his exit left India dangling at 56 for two at lunch.

Sachin Tendulkar (15), after a brisk 62 in the first innings, was keen to attack and drove Lee through point for four. But he was out-thought by Lee, who followed a quick bouncer with a good ball outside off stump that was too full to cut, luring Tendulkar into the shot, which he edged to Gilchrist.

India was cruising along well when Ganguly and Laxman were at the crease. Laxman worked well for his 42 but fell to the frustration of Stuart Clark's tight bowling. Laxman drove on the up straight to Michael Clarke at cover. Laxman was watchful in his 112-ball innings but was quickly onto any bad balls from left-arm spinner Brad Hogg, who dropped short more often than he would like. Laxman pulled a pair of Hogg deliveries through midwicket for boundaries and was also impressive with his straight drives.

Ganguly was also prepared to take risks and more than once cut hard in the air near gully off Clark. He kept on fighting the sweltering heat and also slumped on to the ground after running a two. He needed attention from the team physio and batted on in near 40-degree heat, but kept on losing partners at the other end. He was the ninth wicket after he was trapped leg before by Hogg.

Young guns Mahndra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh failed for the second time in the innings and couldn't rescue India. Yuvraj departed for five shortly before tea, missing a straighter ball from Hogg that would have crashed into his stumps. It was come and go situation for tail enders and India handed Australia a easy win.

TV9 and NTV Did Business With PJR's Death

PJR passed away yesterday suddenly and it is obvious that the two top news channels TV9 and NTV started rolling on incessant news bulletins since the news broke down. But simultaneously they have done business by asking people to send condolences to PJR's family through SMS.

"That's the trick of business which can be accepted- but cashing the situation of death is something condemnable", says a viewer.

Estimation says that the money earned through SMS is being used by those channels to cover many expenses and the salaries of a few employees as well.

Keeping that business aspect aside, TV9 is doing demeaning act by being careless in some issues. The reporter standing in front of PJR's house says, "Every body is grief-stricken here and the surroundings are dull". But the general public who were standing behind the reporter were seen laughing with happiness for showing their faces to TV9 camera. A few guys were taking out their cell phones and calling their friends to switch on TV9 and see them. They were also taking confirmation if they were seen in the channel with smiles. When the news and the report was in sorrow, allowing general public who does such demeaning acts proves to be a mismanagement of TV9 reporter and cameraman. They should take care for not allowing the general public stand behind reporter while reporting news of sorrow.

YSR did not know PJR died in his presence

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy was addressing Congress workers at a function hall in the city in connection with the arrangements for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. Even as Rajasekhar Reddy was addressing the meeting, Khairatabad legislator P Janardhan Reddy got down from the car and collapsed. Rajasekhar Reddy continued with his speech because he did not know what had happened. When he completed his address, he was told that Janardhan Reddy collapsed and was rushed to a corporate hospital.

Rajasekhar Reddy said he would have an official programme and after attending it, he would visit the hospital to call on Janardhan Reddy.

Rajasekhar Reddy left the function hall without knowing that Janardhan Reddy had died while being shifted to the hospital. After sometime, his security personnel informed him that PJR had died.

Janardhan Reddy had been keeping ill health for quite some time and had in fact underwent medical treatment in Hyderabad and Bangalore. But Janardhan Reddy did not tell anyone that he was not well. He projected himself as a healthy person though from inside he was not keeping well.

BJP divided over taking TRS support

The State Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be divided over joining hands with the Telangna Rashtra Samithi in the coming elections.

While a section of the BJP leaders feel that since the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election results have revived the hopes of NDA coming back to power at the Centre, it would be a better option to have a tie-up with the TRS in the next elections, so that it could at least win a few seats in Telangana and strengthen the NDA with the TRS support.

However, some other BJP leaders feel a tie-up with the TRS would spoil the image of the party. The way TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao was pampering the Muslims by praising Nizam and hobnobbing with the Muslim leaders would prove counter-productive for the BJP, if they had a tie-up. Moreover, it was doubtful, whether the people had still faith in the leadership of KCR. On the other hand, it would be better to have an understanding with other Telangana outfits like Talli Telangana, they suggest. The party would have better prospects, if it contested alone, by including the Telangana agenda in its manifesto and promising the people that it would grant Telangana State within three months, if the NDA comes to power at the Centre, they say.

Jagan: Sakshi is coming up against biased media

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The media market in Andhra Pradesh is heating up with Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, 35, an entrepreneur with extensive interests in mining, power generation, construction, cement, all set for a major newspaper launch as early as February.

Y. S. Jagan Mohan ReddyReddy, who is the son of Andhra Pradesh chief ministerY.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, will be launching a Telugu daily, ‘Sakshi’ (which means witness), followed by a 24x7 television news channel, which, according to some media reports, will be branded Indira TV.

Sakshi will enter a crowded field of eight Telugu daily newspapers, including market leader Eenadu, as well as Andhra Jyothy, Vaartha, Andhra Prabha, Andhra Bhoomi, Vishalandhra, Prajasakthi and Surya.

In a rare chat, Reddy talked about why there is the need for a ninth Telugu newspaper and perceptions that Sakshi will be a vehicle for the ruling Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh. Edited excerpts:

What is the need for one more Telugu daily?
Most of the Telugu media, especially the newspapers, have become completely biased and one-sided and I think the readers are deprived of a credible and objective newspaper. There is a large vacuum, which we plan to fill with wholesome reporting. Editorial content is going to be reader-centric and original.

As a business proposition, media appears promising with high potential and scope for attractive returns.

Given the background of the promoters, is this going to be a pro-Congress daily?
Sakshi is coming up against biased media. We cannot afford to be one-sided.

We see a reader and not a Congress or other party reader. We firmly believe in the saying that ‘facts are sacred and comment is free.’

But, papers such as Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy are already well entrenched.

We have aggressive strategies to take on the existing, well-established newspapers. Obviously, I cannot reveal the exact strategies. But, broadly we will take on competition by offering the reader a completely different newspaper in terms of both print quality and clarity of news.

When is the launch date?
We are planning to launch the newspaper close to February-end.

How much investment is going into this venture?
I cannot give you an exact figure at this point of time as we expect investments to increase until the date of launch.

How will Sakshi be different?
Sakshi is going to be the first Telugu daily with all the pages in multi-colour, and the first Telugu daily to be designed by a well-known international designer. (US-based Mario Garcia, who also designed Mint).

I can only say that the Telugu reader is going to have a refreshing and pleasant experience.

How many editions will the newspaper have?
We will come out from 19 centres within Andra Pradesh and four editions from metros, such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. We are launching all editions at one go.

What would be the cover price?
Please wait and see.

Friday, December 28, 2007

YSR tells the world that PJR is his friend

The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/newsimages/pjr11198861948.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Everyone in Hyderabad or for that matter even in New Delhi knows that Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy and former Congress Legislature Party leader P Janardhan Reddy are not at good terms. They had been at virtual war for quite some time. But when PJR died on Friday, Rajasekhar Reddy wanted to send a strong message to the people and PJR's strong following that he (YSR) was a good friend of the deceased leader.

But simple condolence message will not work. So Rajasekhar Reddy, first, announced that PJR would get official funeral. Later, he came up with the announcement that there will be a general holiday in Greater Hyderabad municipal limits on Saturday when the funeral will take place.

Rajasekhar Reddy came out with these two measures to ensure that the large fan following of PJR do not become angry. This is exactly what had happened. When Energy Minister Muhammad Ali Shabber went to the hospital, he was received by a hostile crowd. They shouted slogans against Shabber for the simple reason that he is the incharge minister of Hyderabad district.

But when Rajasekhar Reddy went to the hospital, there was no slogan shouting. Everyone welcomed the Chief Minister. PJR and Shabber had been at good terms. The problem was between Rajasekhar Reddy and PJR. But timely announcement by Rajasekhar Reddy had calmed down the anger of PJR's group.

Srija, Sirish create nuisance at PJR's house

The sudden death of Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy due to heart attack has sent shockwaves among the Congress workers in Hyderabad and thousands of his supporters thronged his residence to pay their last respects to the department leader.

It is nothing but natural that there would be stampede when VIPs come to such places, as the police would have to take extra precautions in providing them security. But some people behave as if they are more than the VIPs. Like Srija and Sirish Bharadwaj (daughter and son-in-law of Megastar Chiranjeevi).

It is a known fact that Sirish Bharadwaj is a distant relative of PJR, and he has every right to visit the latter's residence at this hour of grief. But he should behave like any other relative, who came there. But Sirish tried to pose himself as a VVIP, like a Chief Miniter and tried to barge into PJR house. He thought the police would provide him and Srija necessary security, just because they are related to Chiranjeevi, and lead them into PJR's residence, but the police did their duty and tried to push them away. Sirish picked up an argument with the police, stating that he was a close friend of Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, son of PJR and that he should be allowed. After much hungama, however, the police had let them in. Nobody paid them any attention and they had to leave the place quietly, after paying homage to PJR.

MSR decides to lead fresh T-struggle in Cong

Controversial Karimnagar MLA and APSRTC chairman M Satyanarayana Rao has decided to lead a fresh Telangana movement within the Congress to bring pressure on the Congress high command to grant separate Statehood to the region.

MSR is understood to have closeted with a few senior Congress leaders including V Purushottam Reddy, Palvai Goverdhan Reddy, K V Kesavulu and P Narasa Reddy at his residence a couple of days ago and decided that the time has come all the veterans build up pressure on the high command, lest they would all fade out after the next elections.

The seniors are learnt to have observed that the so-called Telangana Regional Coordination Committee had lost its relevance, as many of its leaders like Chinna Reddy and Jeevan Reddy had lost interest in the Telangana and had become stooges of Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

Interestingy, the task of prevailing upon the Centre is said to have been entrusted to former PCC president and Rajya Sabha member K Kesava Rao. The future course of action is expected to be taken in a few days, sources say.

PJR's Funeral Tomorrow At Amberpet

PJR's sudden death shook entire Hyderabad and the shops were shut down at Madhapur, Kondapur, Kukatpalli, Khairatabad, Somajiguda, Punjagutta and Ameerpet.
Party flags were pulled down as a sign of tribute for PJR. His final rites will be performed tomorrow at Amberpet Funeral Ground. Heavy traffic jam is observed at various places in the city.
The family members of PJR were collapsed listening to the news. All the TV channels are busy with the incessant news regarding PJR's death and the condition at his home. Thousands of PJR fans have conglomerated at the residence of PJR. PJR was survived with four daughters and 1 son.

Sirish and Srija Visited PJR’s House

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Chiranjeevi’s second son in law Sirish Bharadwaj and daughter Srija visited PJR’s house to pay homage for the deceased leader. PJR’s son and Sirish are good friends and also relatives. Number of Congress leaders is seen at his house. The parents of Sirish are also seen at the place. The condition of PJR’s wife is uncontrollable and the doctors are seeing to control her Blood Pressure levels to avoid any peril. PJR was born in 1948 and was grown up as a leader from rags. He started his career as a worker in a factory.

Flash Flash : PJR dies of sudden heart attack


Hyderabad: Rebellious Congress MLA from Khairatabad P Janardhan Reddy died of massive heart attack here on Friday.

He was 59. PJR, as he is fondly called, was participating in the Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee meeting at Jewel Gardens in Secunderabad, when he collapsed with severe chest pain. He was immediately rushed to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences nearby, where he was declared dead.

PJR, who rose to the level of Congress Legislature Party leader from an ordinary industrial worker and trade union leader, was always in the news with his rebellious attitude. He was a staunch critic of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and he, along with Sanathnagar MLA Marri Shashidhar Reddy, questioned the indifferent attitude of Rajasekhar Reddy government towards the Telangana region in general and Hyderabad in particular. Both, together, earned the nickname of ‘Hyderabad Brothers.”

PJR was elected to the State Assembly five times and was a minister in the Anjaiah and Vijayabhaskara Reddy Cabinets. He was defeated in 1999 elections by Telugu Desam candidate K Vijayarama Rao.

Bhutto among 10 women most admired by Americans

New York(IANS) Benazir Bhutto figured among the 10 women most admired by Americans in a survey conducted by USA Today newspaper and Gallup polling agency.

The slain Pakistani leader, who had studied at Harvard, made it to the list for the first time, chosen by two percent of over 1,000 respondents in the annual poll conducted earlier this month.

The list was topped by US Senator Hillary Clinton, who narrowly beat television celebrity Oprah Winfrey. Clinton, who is the front-running Democratic party candidate, was chosen by 18 percent of Americans. Winfrey, who has been campaigning for Clinton's rival for the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama, was just two percentage points behind the former first lady.

Other women in the top 10 were US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (five percent), actress Angelina Jolie and first lady Laura Bush, both with three percent support and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who had the same level of support as Bhutto.

US House of Representatives speaker, Nancy Pelosi, African-American author Maya Angelou and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II rounded off the list, all garnering one percent of Americans' votes.

The poll asked 1,011 adults in the US to choose women "living today in any part of the world" they admired most.

Buzz: Ramoji Rao's Land Business In Gujarat!

This is the historical point to underline by Telugus. After winning in elections Narendra Modi talked to Ramoji for more than 20 minutes just to thank him for the support given by his News Channel –'ETV-Gujarathi'. Modi was rightly glorified by ETV and that added a lot for his charisma, Modi believed firmly. Ramoji Rao seems to be keeping the CMs of various states in his grip wherever he is present with his ETV. He is not just confining his 'king maker activities' for Andhra Pradesh but spreading to other states as well.

Inside sources say that Ramoji Rao is in the process of buying a few thousands of acres of land in other states as well to spread his empire. Well, he may set up Film City or start his Eenadu News Paper in other languages as well. Ramoji has 'links' with BJP groups and he has got good relations with Venkayya Naidu and others. It is said that Ramoji wishes to have big lands in Gujarat, Karnataka and other states whichever are possible.

Let us see how far Modi will be helpful for Ramoji now.

Behind The Screen: Condolence or chamchagiri?

Whether or not Chiranjeevi enters politics, Kapu leaders appear to be in a hurry.

What should have been a condolence meeting has turned out to be a political platform for sycophants

On Wednesday, some local Kapu Sangham leaders led by film producer Ramesh Naidu, organized a condolence meeting to pay tributes to late Konidela Venkat Rao, father of Megastar Chiranjeevi at Ravindra Bharati. They invited a few film personalities including Kodi Ramakrishna, Srihari, Babu Mohan and Mada Venkateshwara Rao, apart from several community leaders.

Most of the participants, who spoke at the meeting, were more interested in eulogizing Chiranjeevi, rather than paying homage to Venkat Rao. Some of them, like Babu Mohan, went to the extent of saying that Venkat Rao was fortunate to give birth to a great personality like Chiranjeevi, who was “born on the earth only to serve the humanity”. “Venkat Rao garu should have survived for another one-and-a-half years. He would have been very happy to see his son changing the destiny of Andhra Pradesh,” a Kapu leader said. Babu Mohan, too, was all praise for Chiranjeevi and wished that the latter should take the reins of the State at the earliest, which would make his father’s soul in the heaven happy.

One wondered whether the meeting was organized to condole Venkat Rao’s death or do “chamchagiri” to Chiranjeevi.

Ironically, the same gathering remained on the dais and in the audience to pay homage to slain Kapu leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga on the occasion of his 8th on his death anniversary.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Babu happy over 'Stop Polavaram' order

The mega dam proposed at Polavaram village across the river Godavari would have spelt doom for the Telugu Desam and the TRS alike. The Telugu Desam was hoping that the Polavaram dam would not materialise. Much to the happiness of the Telugu Desam, the Left and the TRS, the Polavaram dam could not get environment clearance. This means there will be no Polavaram project.

Had Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy succeeded in taking up the Polavaram, the Telugu Desam would have been washed away. Because those in East and West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur districts would have voted for the Congress en masse. The Polavaram dam had been a dream project for long and Rajasekhar Reddy would have gone down in the history as the great visionary, after Sir Arthur Cotton.

In the Telangana region, the TRS would have too been washed away because the party failed to stop the Congress from going ahead with the project.

The rejection of permission for the dam had come as a blessing both for the Telugu Desam and the TRS. But it will prove a costly affair to the Congress. However, the Congress may scrape through putting the whole blame on the Telugu Desam, the Left and the TRS. The BJP, though it has a nominal presence in the State, also opposed the dam.

Fact Sheet: MSR triggers unrest in Cong

The appointment of former minister and Karimnagar MLA M Satyanarayana Rao as the chairman of AP State Road Transport Corporation has triggered a lot of unrest among the Congress leaders in the State.

For several months, Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy has not been filling up any vacancies in the Corporations and Committees, despite the fact that several aspirants in the party have been bringing pressure on him to provide them posts. Everytime the Congress leaders go to him with a request to appoint them in the corporations, YSR has been turning them down, stating that it would create a lot of disgruntlement among those who don't get the posts.

But the sudden appointment of MSR as the APSRTC chairman, and that too, with a Cabinet rank, has created heartburn among the other Congress leaders. They are now questioning whether YSR would fill up the posts only if the leaders scold him. Now that the government has entered the election year, it is highly unlikely that he would fill up the posts at this stage, Gandhi Bhavan sources say.

Fact Sheet: Gujarat polls upset media!

The Gujarat election results have upset the plans of several new media ventures and made their promoters think twice.

Most of the promoters have scheduled the launch of their ventures in such a way that they would coincide with the mid-term elections to Lok Sabha, so that there would be hectic political activity in the State and they would have spicy political news to cover. Even "Saakshi" daily proposed to be launched by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, was expected to be launched some time next month. So are a couple of Telugu channels.

But, with the Congress receiving a setback in the Gujarat polls, the chances of mid-term elections to Lok Sabha have become bleak. As a result, the new media ventures would have nothing sensational to report and therefore, they are all getting rescheduled. Unless of course, Chiranjeevi really enters politics, which would again kick off a lot of political activity in the State!

Behind The Scene: Chiru entry, a Cong Ploy?

Is hype and hoopla around Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics just a ploy by Congress government in the State? Yes, say, some political observers. They said that the entire fracas that surrounded Kasu Prasada Reddy, an eye specialist, is a storm in tea cup.

Many may not agree with this, but the story goes like this: Prasada Reddy who is equally close to both Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy as well as Chiranjeevi wanted to know the pulse of public on the mega star’s entry into politics, and if possible to assess its impact on the ruling Congress fortunes in coming polls.

For this, he has selected a small group of lower rung reporters and invited them to a star hotel at Begumpet for a talk. But, descended there were some senior political reporters who wasted no time in highlighting the story in a big way, making it to banner headlines next day.

NTV, in which a minister from Telangana is stated to have some share, promptly sensationalized the story, by putting it in scroll, throughout the day. This was taken by other channels too, which were badly waiting for a breaking story. So is the case with other major Telugu dailies.

Now, the story is simple. The actor issued a press release urging his fans to keep quiet, till he announced it officially, and the eye specialist is incommunicado to media, after chided by YSR, and the media struggling to sustain its story.

Meanwhile, the minister and the CM are happy that the entire episode has done a big benefit for them; to make people divert their attention from various scams and misdeeds of government. Poor TDP and other parties are left in lurch as they do not know what is going to happen to them now.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Venkaiah treates journos with 'chepala pulusu'!

After a long time, journalists in Hyderabad were treated with some real sumptuous feast by Bharatiya Janata Party national vice-president M Venkaiah Naidu.

For many days, politicians in the State capital have been treating the journalists with utter contempt, because of the fabricated stories appearing in the media on every politician. So, when Venkaiah gave them a royal feast in Hotel Mariotte, a star hotel in Hyderabad, it was virtually flooded with reporters not only on the BJP beat, but also on the other political and non-political beats. So much that Venkaiah wondered whether there were so many reporters in Hyderabad.

Okay, Venkaiah did not leave the reporters just like that. He gave them full two-hour bhashan in Hindi, English and Telugu. on how Narendra Modi could emerge victorious in Gujarat elections and why there are bright chances of BJP staging a come back in the next general elections. The mediapersons, who came in hundreds, had to patiently wait for the lunch, which of course was worth waiting. It had all varieties of menu: from Nellore Chepala Pulusu to Nadu Kodi fry to Hyderabad biryani.

Behind The Scene: Why did VHR purchase new dress?

Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao is a man of high optimism. Despite all the rumours that there are no chances for him to become the next Pradesh Congress Committee president or get a berth in the Manmohan Singh cabinet, he did not lose his hope.

The other day, Hanumantha Rao purchased two sets of new clothes – kurtha and pyjama, along with a coat in New Delhi. Yet, he did not wear them and has still been coming in his old dress to AP Bhavan in Delhi and Fateh Maidan Club in Hyderabad.

Inquiries revealed that he purchased the new dresses for the special occasion: when he becomes the PCC president or takes oath in the Manmohan Singh Cabinet. Though he would do regular shopping, he wanted that those two dresses should be worn only on those occasions. One doesn't know whether his wish would be fulfilled or not. Wish him all the best!!

Photo Feature: Oldest Photograph of 1840

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In 1814, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce created the first photographic image with a camera obscura, however, the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre is considered the inventor of the first practical process of photography in 1837. That's what the history of still photography says.

The above photograph was taken somewhere in 1840 and it is archived in the oldest photographs documents now. So, this can be called the photograph that was taken in first phase in India. The ladies in this photograph were temple dancers (devadasis) as mentioned in a brief description along with this photograph.

NJ Telugus suggest Chiru to Tie-up with Lok Satta

Progressive Telugu Forum( PTF),USA has organized its Fourth event in Edison,NJ, on 23rd December as part of its national campain to bring Hope & Change in current political system in AP with the leadership of Chiranjeevi.

New Jersey Area PTF Co-Ordinater Srikanth Reddy Akuthota welcomed the audience and thanked them for attending despite heavy rain and servere weather conditions and holiday weekend.

PTF National Convener Ram Tatineni started the meeting with "Hope & Change with Chiranjeevi" message and explained the need of the day to get Chiranjeevi into politics for better Andhra Pradesh.

Several speakers participated in intelligent discussion on various aspects of current state of politics and what Chiru can & has to do with new party.

Mr Venu Palyam, Vice President, Marlabs Inc expressed confidence in the leadership of Chiranjeevi and started the discussion of how Chiranjeevi can take advantage of experience and knowledge of Lok Satha .

Many speakers agreed with Mr Venu and stressed the need to get into an alliance with Lok Satha as it has earned a clean image in AP with its tireless efforts on various issues such as Health and Education that are the most important factors in common man's life.

Other speakers include Satya Rayavarapu, Veer Tikki,Suresh,Shyam,Leela Krishna,Ramana Pasupuleti, HariKrishna and others.

Speakers raised concern about the current state of politics in AP and pressed the need for alternative political party .

Several people including local telugu families participated in the event and expressed confidence in Chiranjeevi's leadership.

Photos of the event can be viewed at the URL below.


PTF is organizing two more events in Bay Area and Los Angeles in California this weekend on 12/29 and 12/30.

For more details on these events please visit



Please visit www.chiruforap.com and support Chiranjeevi by signing the on-line petitoion.

Thanks & Regards
Ram Tatineni
National Convener, Progressive Telugu Forum

Chiru passing through "Sade Saat" phase

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Astrologers say that film actor Chiranjeevi is passing through the "Sade Saat" phase. Sade Saat or the bad seven afflicts all people on the earth during one or other phase of life. The bad seven years are known to cause heavy damage to property and public image of the individual. Many successfully come out of the phase by the Grace of the Almighty. But a few suffer during the period.

The film star is currently passing through this worse phase. The year 2007 was in a way the worst year for the film actor. The year started with one or the other trouble for Chiranjeevi. Several domestic issues put him to great botheration. His daughter ran away from home and married a person against the wishes of the family. Then the debut film of his son flopped at the box office. His brother is caught in a legal battle over a marital affair. And finally there was bereavement in his family.

Astrologers also point out that the next year too will be an uphill task for Chiranjeevi. Since he is passing through the bad seven years phase, his plans for a political party may backfire and will not yield any desired electoral result in the May 2009 elections.

This is something really bad for all those who believe in astrology and the Sade Saat phase. But it all depends on the Almighty God.

'Swathi' Editor Balaram Is Worth Rs 1500 Cr

This sounds a wonder to know that many of Telugu celebrities from various fields have turned crorepathis of more than Rs 1000 Cr in very short notice. After film stars, politicians and media barons now we have to talk about a magazine editor who earned many crores of worth approximately Rs 1500 Cr now. That is Vemuri Balaram, the editor of Swathy magazine.

He started the magazine with many hopes and myriad doubts 3 decades ago in a small room at Vijayawada. His family background was also rich but not to big extent. He didn't earn big figures with his legacy and parental property but only earned on Swathy magazine. Balaram used to spend his earnings from 'Swathy' only for his livelihood and the rest he invested on acres of lands at various places. He believed in cultivating lands and procured many acres. His house in Vijayawada is now a sprawling one and requires big eyes to see.

His lands have got steep appreciation in the past 4-5 years and left him with Rs 1500 Cr and above now. Is that not astounding to know!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Popular Politician of the Year-2007

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He has been a notable personality in Rajahmundry from the past 30 years but not known for the rest of the state. He was in Congress and has been known as an interpreter and translator for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi when they used to come to Rajahmundry. He never earned big and never made any sort of news in the past 30 years. But he turned a news maker all of a sudden this year by attacking Ramoji Rao's Margadarsi. His name goes along with that firm now. He is Undavalli Arun Kumar, the MP of Rajahmundry who turned popular this year. He exposed his invincible arguing capabilities, timely response for tricky questions and boldness in putting strife with media baron Ramoji Rao.

He turned a newsmaker this year and attracted each and every media channel, tabloids, news papers and websites. There were many magazines those were sold out in market in big way with his photograph on cover page. He also started a magazine by himself this year called 'Ee Vaaram'. He is now an MP and Editor of 'Ee Vaaram' too.

Every politician will be a news maker somehow or other. But breaking the silence and attracting the media and public all of a sudden is something to be underlined- and that too for quite a long time. So, Undavalli Arun Kumar can be called the popular politician of the year 2007.

Chiranjeevi's Father Very Strong And Sturdy

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Chiranjeevi's father Shri Konidela Venkat Rao turned a topic for discussion among many. He breathed his last last morning leaving his family in big grief. The fans of Chiranjeevi took it very personal and few had shed tears as a silent condolence for the family of their star. Not only the fans of Chiranjeevi, but many other hearts also melted with compassion.

Many have started saying great things about Late Shri Venkat Rao.

"He was very strong and sturdy. He used to drive on motor cycle from Nellore to Rajahmundry when he was in his 50s. He is very disciplined and affectionate and the qualities were taken by his children", said an old friend of Venkat Rao.

"He used to have great affinity for Mogultur although traveled various places on transfers. Chiranjeevi used to study in Mogultur living in his aunt's house. Venkat Rao was known for love and affection", recalled another.

The day was spent by many mega fans and admirers of Mega Star by paying homage for the passed away father of Chiranjeevi, Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan.

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