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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Political Buzz: 'Modi is Dhoni of Team BJP'

NEW DELHI(PTI): The 'Dhoni' of Congress Rahul Gandhi may not have been able to make the party victorious in Gujarat but that does not stop BJP to equate its mascot Narendra Modi to the youthful captain of the Indian cricket team.

As soon as Gujarat Assembly polls threw up a remarkable victory for the party, BJP spokesperson Ravishankar Prasad said it was a win of the 'Team BJP' led by Modi.

"Team BJP fought the elections with vigour and Modi has emerged as the Man of the Match. He has become the Dhoni of the party," Prasad told reporters here, apparently likening the BJP's victory to the spectacular win in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup three months back.

Rahul was described by the Congress as their 'Dhoni' when he was appointed AICC General Secretary in September. His appointment coincided with the World Cup victory and Congress lost no time in seeking to cash in on it.

The 37-year-old Congress heir apparent was subsequently fielded by the party in Gujarat with the hope that he would manage them wrest power in the state from Modi-led BJP.

The charisma of 57-year-old former RSS pracharak , however, proved too much for the 'Dhoni' of Congress.

The "if" promises of Chandrababu Naidu

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu has been rolling out promises after promises from his tongue. But all these promises come with a tag: "If".

The TD is now in the Opposition. So if it has to implement the promises it has been making to people in the last four years, the party need to come to power. It has to dethrone the Congress to claim power in the State.

So ever promise Chandrababu Naidu makes is, "if elected to power we will do this and that". Chandrababu Naidu did not do these things when he was power for nine long year. Now that he is in the Opposition, he says that he will do this and that if he were elected to power in the next State Assembly elections.

The latest promise he had made on Saturday was with regard to waiver of all loans - both commercial and cooperative -- borrowed by artisans and craftsmen. He also promised that he will provide loans to these sections at 10 paise interest. His yet another promise was to set up a fund with Rs 1000 crore for the welfare of backward classes.

While Chandrababu Naidu is busy with his "ifs and buts", the Congress government is marching ahead with his concrete promises and fulfilling them at the earliest. Now it is for the voters to decide whether to believe in Chandrababu Naidu or the Congress.

Kapu leaders stumbling blocks for Chiru

Look who is creating problems for film star Chiranjeevi! They are not Kammas or Reddys. But leaders from the Kapu community, to which Chiranjeevi belongs.

According to inside sources, the film star is delaying his decision to plunge into politics primarily because he is not getting the much needed support from the leaders of his own community. Chiranjeevi hoped to muster the support of Kapu strongman and Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao. But Chiranjeevi could not get Dasari's support. Sources point out that Dasari is not in favour of Chiranjeevi entering into politics at this juncture. Other senior Kapu leaders, both in the Congress and the Telugu Desam, are also against the film star entering the political arena.

The reason for this is quite simple. These Kapu leaders have been enjoying political privileges all these years. And now they do not want to hand over their independence to Chiranjeevi. If Chiranjeevi sets up a political party, all these Kapu leaders will have to play the second fiddle. And who wants to be the second-in-command to a film actor, particularly after calling the shots all these years?

If Chiranjeevi has to set up a political party, he will not get first class Kapu politicians to back him. He will have just second rung or non-influential Kapu leaders beside him. The film star has to depend on other castes for votes and this in a way will prove beneficial to the film star, political observers feel.

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