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Monday, December 10, 2007

Vundavalli Arun Kumar's Online Fight With Ramoji?

Outspoken Congress MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar has now gone online. Yes, he has launched the internet edition of his weekly newspaper, Eevaram. Now the newspaper can be accessed via internet. Good news for the Congress sympathizers. More and more people around the world can read Eevaram and the ideology of Arun Kumar.

But one person is unhappy, sources point out. He is a media baron and does not want Arun Kumar to get wide publicity. With the internet edition in his hand, Arun Kumar will take on his opponents including the media baron with an iron hand. He will be able to disseminate the Congress information across the globe.

But the question that is nagging the minds of his opponents is from where Vundavalli is getting all the funds to run the media. Is he spending all that he has in his pocket for the sake of prestige or is he really getting some funds to sustain the publication? Unless Arun Kumar or his opponents come out with facts and figures doubts continue in the minds of people.

Apart from all this, he is continuing his fight on Ramoji by joining hands with ABK Prasad, the Chairman Official language commission. ABK Prasad is a Kamma but got betrayed by Ramoji Rao. He unleashed the darker sides of Ramoji Rao and his character which will be seen in the online edition of Vundavalli's Eevaaram.

Hitec Babu Scratching Head For 'NRI-TDP' Website

Former Chief Minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu is called Hitec CM. But he is unable to start his own NRI-TDP website due to non availability of right man to help him.

Babu speaks from housetops when it comes to modernization, technological revolution and innovation. But when it comes to setting his own house in order, quite often he fails and stands exposed.

And this is exactly what has happened with his much-touted NRITDP website, set up for the "benefit" of non-resident Telugu-speaking people around the world.

Six months after the website was set up, it is yet to be started fully. A visit to the site says it is still under construction. What is the reason for such a long delay? First, the computer man who had been helping Chandrababu Naidu from behind the scene, Mr PNV Prasad, had left the party. Before leaving the party, he kept himself aloof for a long time. Unless Chandrababu Naidu finds someone really capable and trusty, he will not be able to construct his website and reach non-resident Indian Telugus in 100 countries.

Hero Balakrishna For Rajahmundry MP Seat

Hero Balakrishna For Rajahmundry MP Seat

This is not a gossip but the hot confirmed news from reliable sources. Hero Balakrishna is being pulled in by Chandrababu Naidu to make him contest from Rajahmundry for MP seat in coming Parliament Elections. Sources say that Balakrishna also expressed his consent for the same. The idea is to wash out Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar, who bagged big fame for the first time with his fight against Margadarsi and Eenadu Chairman Ramoji Rao. The idea of placing Balakrishna in Rajahmundry is to create a wave in East and West Godavari districts.

A few days back there was a discussion in Balayya's family that he would be the president of TDP and takes the mantle of campaigning. Although Balakrishna maintained poise at that time, he got convinced with Babu's call to contest for MP seat. The other hidden benefits offered for Balayya by Babu are not known. There was a two hour discussion between Babu and Balayya couple of days ago with this regard.

There seems to be a very interesting phenomenon in coming Assembly as well as Parliament elections.

Chiranjeevi's 'Sample Test' Revealed Off Late

This is the inside talk that is spreading in political circles. Chiranjeevi, in his statement to media, mentioned that he didn't ask anyone to talk on his behalf or do show on his name. At the same time he did not condemn the news in News Papers and media immediately. He observed for a few days before responding to media (only in written form).

Sources say that it is like 'gummadikaya donga antey bhujalu thadumukunnadu' .

"No one asked Chiranjeevi if he encouraged his men to do show on his behalf. But Chiranjeevi himself said that he is not responsible for anything. But inside sources say that a close ally of Chiranjeevi ignited a spark and kept silent stating that Chiru is announcing party for Sankranthi. It's only Chiranjeevi's wish to know the public pulse, media reciprocation and the response of political circles regarding his political entry. It's only a 'test fire'. He understood various aspects in these days. He understood that there is thumping support from public, no media support from Eenadu and balanced approach by political circles. He also understood how many are willing to leave TDP and Congress to join his party if he announces.

After understanding all this, Chiranjeevi released his statement to media stating that the uproar about his political entry got ignited without his involvement. It is a very intelligent move, indeed.

Chiranjeevi keeps political parties guessing

The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/newsimages/chiranjeevi21197277429.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Hyderabad (IANS) Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi continues to keep political parties in Andhra Pradesh and his fans guessing about his plans of entering the political arena.

Even as pressure is mounting from fans to take a plunge into politics, Chiranjeevi is keeping his cards close to his chest. Informed sources said he was in two minds and wants to test the waters first.

Chiru, as his fans popularly call the film star, has asked his supporters to be patient till he makes an announcement on the issue.

"I am deeply touched by the warmth displayed by countless people across the state in response to a news event. I appeal to all my supporters to be patient till I make an announcement. I have not authorised any individual or organisation to act on my behalf," he had said in a statement issued Friday.

He was referring to reports in a section of the media that quoted sources close to him as saying that he would launch a political party in January.

While the ruling Congress and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) are wary of the impact his entry would have on their prospects in the 2009 elections, smaller parties and caste-based outfits trying to forge a third front are eager to accept him as their leader.

Leaders of Kapu, the caste to which Chiranjeevi belongs, want him to enter politics without delay. Other backward classes are also looking towards him to take on the Kammas and Reddys, the powerful castes dominating the TDP and Congress respectively.

Speakers from Kapu, Mala and Madiga castes, at a meeting of weaker sections organised by former advocate general S. Ramchandra Rao here Sunday, also exhorted Chiranjeevi to lead them.

"We expect Chiranjeevi will lead us in our efforts to form a third alternative," said Mala Mahanadu leader K. Shivaji.

Over the last few days, enthusiastic fans and supporters of the actor held meetings in his support across the state, especially in the politically significant coastal Andhra, the region to which the actor belongs.

They are confident that the actor would recreate the magic of thespian N.T. Rama Rao, who had taken politics by storm by coming to power within nine months of launching the TDP in 1982.

Chiranjeevi, one of the highest paid actors in the country who has acted in 148 films in a three-decade long career, is said to be consulting his family members and close friends about the timing of the launch of a new party and its policies and programmes. It is still not clear if his party will represent the interests of a particular caste or a group of castes.

Like other popular actors in the south, he also enjoys a demigod status. With 3,000 Chiranjeevi fan clubs across the state, his popularity can be compared to that of NTR.

The actor's entry could realign political forces in the state. The Left parties, who are keen on building a Third Front as an alternative to the Congress and TDP, said they would not mind joining hands with Chiranjeevi if he came up with specific policies and programmes.

"Let us wait for him to announce the launch of his party and its policies and programmes," said Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) MP Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy.

Meanwhile, sources close to the 52-year-old actor said he was also planning a movie with a political message to mobilize public opinion in his favour.

The major political parties are wary of the impact of Chiranjeevi's entry in politics. Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy said he would welcome the actor's foray into politics and would even ask him to join the Congress.

"He may leave an impact in the coastal belt and Rayalaseema regions but not in Telangana," said Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K. Chandrasekhar Rao, whose party is fighting for separate statehood for the Telangana region.

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