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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Leftists forced the firing victims to die

The post-firing incidents at Mudigonda village kicked up several doubts over the intentions of the Communist leaders: whether they are really fighting for securing land for the poor people, or get political mileage out of it.

The way the Communist leaders behaved after the firing incident at the village showed their inhuman attitude and utter regard towards the plight of the victims. Eyewitnesses say that the death toll would have been minimal had the injured were shifted to the hospital immediately rather than to the Collectorate for agitation. A local surgeon, who saw the clippings in the television news, observed that the victims did not succumb to bullet injuries instantaneously, but were battling for death for some time. Had the bodies been in the hospital rather than on the road, the persons would have been saved. "I feel that a few of the six dead were not clinically dead at the spot due to the bullet injuries. They died because there was no treatment for several hours," he felt.

Locals wonder how could the CPI-M leaders come to the conclusion that those who received bullet injuries died, since it was for the doctors to confirm whether the injured were dead or alive. Then a post-mortem is to be conducted following which the bodies could be handed over to the relatives. This process was not followed and the fate of the injured was left to the angry CPM activists, who took them to the Collectorate rather than the hospital. The agitators, who are making hue and cry today about the death of the six persons did not make any attempt to shift the injured to the hospital and save their lives. In stead, they mishandled the injured and tried to gain political mileage, they observed.

YSR's dream: hi speed rail corridor

The Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy will seek Viability Gap Funding from the Prime Minister and the Central team for the Inter-City High Speed Rail Corridor between Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad via Dornkal connecting Vijayawada, Chennai and Bangalore. This will be connected to the already proposed high speed rail corridor of Mumbai-Delhi. This will integrate emerging cities in Deccan and Southern parts of India into one large metro grid to enhance social, leisure, tourism, infrastructure, and business connectivity.

This will use the potential high-speed passenger traffic as a productivity fillip for new niche markets on the corridors and nodes and will de-congest intra-city and encourage inter-city business opportunities. The State Government will plead that the project must be taken up by the Indian Railways on a PPP/SPV Model with direct Viability Gap Funding (VGF) from the Centre. This high speed rail corridor will facilitate the common people to go to any of these cities in the morning and come back in the evening.

The Chief Minister will seek a total assistance of about Rs. 8800 crore for the revenue, energy, urban development, industries, road transport, panchayat raj and railway sectors. He will also seek Rs.1550 crore for Bhu Bharathi since it is the endeavour to provide a firm and conclusive title deed to each one of these 3.47 crore premise owners. It involves resurvey operations using space technology for aerial photography, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) imposed upon digitised cadastral maps. The concept is proven and is being successfully implemented as a pilot project in Nizamabad.

The Chief Minister will also raise the gas supply issue and explain that the existing gas based power projects (1276 MW) are operating only at 50% due to non supply of gas and the new gas based power projects (1500 mw) completely lying idle.

GAIL have not honoured the commitment to supply adequate gas. As a result, GoAP have to bear additional financial burden of around Rs.4000 crore to procure expensive power. Production sharing contract under New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) has a provision to opt for Profit Petroleum in kind. This option is to be exercised for supply in kin from K-G Basin to these stranded assets.

Government of India will be requested to ensure supply of Profit Petroleum in kind to gas based power projects in A.P. As far as Pricing Policy is concerned, the State Government will explain that in the absence of a competitive Market in a Monopoly Situation, "Market Price Discovery" is not possible. Production Sharing Contract under NELP provides for pricing methodology to be referred to an independent Regulatory Authority. The Chief Minister have already addressed GoI on the need to establish a Regulatory Authority in the current market context. Expert Committee of Planning Commission has also endorsed the same.

The State Government will request GoI to set up an independent Market Regulator to scrutinize apex and for methodology for pricing of Natural Gas. Tariff Commission has recommended lower tariffs to be charged by GAIL to implement these recommendations.

Tariff Commission have recommended lower tariffs for gas to be charged by GAIL. Tariff Commission also directed excess charges of Rs.606 crores recovered between 1997 and 2006 are to be returned. PMO referred the matter to the Planning Commission. They have confirmed Tariff Commission recommendations.

A.P. Government's sponsored company to develop pipeline infrastructure on 'common-carrier' basis. The State Government will request the GoI to accord approval for Krishna-Godavari Gas Network Limited (KGGNL), a Public Private Partnership, to lay gas pipelines in the State.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural GAs (MoPNG) is insisting on a binding gas supply contract. Risk in laying pipeline is to be entirely borne by Krishna-Godavari Gas Network Limited (KGGNL). Any further delay in laying of gas pipeline will hamper gas requirements of all regions of state. The GoAP will also seek to allocate a part of the Centre's profit gas from KG basin to AP for Krishna-Godavari Gas Network Limited (KGGNL), a common carrier.

The Chief Minister will also seek Central assistance for Hyderabad Outer Ring Road Project, Hyderabad Metro Rail Project (MRTS), development of Hyderabad Outer Ring Road (ORR) Project, bypassing NH 7&9 through Hyderabad city.

The Chief Minister will also seek central assistance for the refinery project by ONGC at Kakinada and a Petrochemical investment region (PCPIR) in Visakhapatnam.

The Chief Minister will also explain that there is a necessity for urgent upgradation of 17 important State roads into National Highways. Upgradation proposals covering a length of 4950 kms were already submitted to the MOSRT&H. He will also seek assistance for major bridge over Rayapatnam, Nizamabad-Jagadalpur of NH-16, another major bridge across river Godavari and re-alignment of NH-202 from Eturnagaram to A.P.State Border. He will seek central funds for construction of roads in the extremist-affected areas and construction of rural roads under PMGSY.

Spotlight: Union mantris from state ‘desert’ YSR

While the state government and the state Congress are struggling to wriggle out of the fallout of the police firing and resultant six deaths in Mudigonda, all the central ministers from the state, save expression of sympathy for the victims by Renuka Chowdhury and S Jaipal Reddy, have maintained a stony silence on the entire episode.

No statement either condemning the police firing or supporting chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, has been issued by the AP ministers in the Union council of ministers.

There are six ministers from the state in the Union council of ministers. Of these, Jaipal Reddy is the lone cabinet minister while the rest, Dasari Narayana Rao, Jairam Ramesh, Renuka Chowdhury, Panabaka Lakshmi and Purandeswari are ministers of state.

None of the other senior leaders at the Centre including G Venkataswamy, deputy leader of the party in Lok Sabha and N Janardhan Reddy, former chief minister, spoke on the issue. Rayapati Sabasivarao simply issued a statement condemning the attempt by the opposition parties to change the YSR government in the state.

In fact, several leaders were reluctant to broach the subject and defend the chief minister openly on the issue.

“I am a small person in the party. Small people are not supposed to comment on big issues like firing and its legitimacy. Kindly do not press for a reaction from me,” said a Union minister who sought anonymity.

In fact, Dasari Narayana Rao was very much in town, but preferred not to comment on the incident. So was the case with Purandeswari and Panabaka Lakshmi, both of them making themselves unavailable for comment.

Analysts say this clearly shows the lack of solidarity and the sorry state of affairs in the Congress party.

The reason for this silence, party observers comment, being in case Rajasekhara Reddy has to be replaced, they could be aspirants for that post.

Buzz: Media was informed in advance?

The presence of media in large numbers, particularly channels like ETV and TV9 is raising suspicion that they knew some big development that was likely to happen at Mudigonda.

Mudigonda is a small mandal headquarter, one among thousands of mandals in the state. So how come the channels were present in advance before the incident took place. The place is also far off from Hyderabad, over 250 kms to be precise.

Even Vijayawada is a good two hours journey from Mudigonda. Therefore it is not possible for them to say that they rushed the team immediately. No channel has the wherewithal and equipment to cover each and every mandal let lone a district.

So it obvious that the incident was a pre-planned one and it was done with the intention of embarrassing the Y S Rajashekar Reddy government.

Why is Narayana opposed to YSR's ouster?

Once again, Communist Party of India State secretary K Narayana has displayed his unflinching loyalty to Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, at a time when all the other Opposition parties, including the CPI-M, were gunning for YSR's head.

It surprised many a political observer as to why Narayana did not agree with the demand of the Opposition parties that YSR should step down as the Chief Minister. Surprising, because Narayana has been actively participating in the "Bhoo Poratam" launched by the CPI-M these days and is even facing a "Sedition case" from the government. Why then did he differ in seeking the ouster of YSR?

Makhdoom Bhavan sources point out that Narayana has never been opposing YSR, as he is the biggest beneficiary of the Chief Minister's offerings. Right from the beginning, Narayana has been displaying pro-YSR stand, whether it is Pothireddypadu, Polavaram or Raghuram Cements issue. In this regard, even his own party leaders are opposing his attitude. His so-called participation in the agitations against the govenment are only superficial. In a way, he has been acting as a "covert" in the whole land struggle operation, as he is said to be the one who has given the hint to the government to disturb the fast-unto-death by the Reds. So, naturally, Narayana has that gratitude!

Buzz: PM satisfied with YSR's explanation

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday reviewed the law and order situation in the State in the wake of police firing in Mudigonda in Khammam district where six people died when the Left parties sponsored Bhooporatam turned violent.

Immediately on arrival by a special plane from Delhi late at night, Dr Singh drove to Raj Bhavan and discussed the issue with Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy, Home Minister K. Jana Reddy, chief secretary J. Harinarayan, director general of police M. A. Basith and other senior police and civil officials.

Sources told this correspondent that the Prime Minister patiently heard the Chief Minister who explained to him the struggle for land launched by Left parties and their attempts to grab government, wakf, temple, assigned, tank bed and other lands. “The Prime Minister was apparently satisfied with the explanation given by Chief Minister,” the source disclosed. Activists of the Left parties tried to grab lands in 1400 places and their attempts were thwarted by local police, the Chief Minister told the Prime Minister.

Ministers attack the Left, but YSR goes soft

The Congress leaders, particularly the ministers in the Rajasekhar Reddy cabinet, who did not dare to talk about the Mudigonda firing incident fearing repraisal from the people, started raising their voice after a couple of days.

Minister for Health Sambhani Chandrasekhar, who hails from Khammam district, was scared of going to the district on Saturday. He picked up courage and went to Khammam only on Monday and attacked the Communists, holding them responsible for the firing incident. Roads and Buildings Minister T Jeevan Reddy, Transport Minister Kanna Lakshminarayana, Marketing Minister Botsa Satyanarayana and others came down heavily on the Communists and the Telugu Desam leaders for trying to politicise the Bhooporatam issue. They even demanded that the government would have to file "attempt to murder case" against the Communist leaders for causing the firing.

Surprisingly, the Chief Minister has decided to go soft on the Reds. In a television programme on Sunday night, he said the cause for which the Communists had been fighting is the same for which the government is striving to achieve. "The Communists are our friends and they are giving support to our government at the Centre. We have a common principle of upholding the secularism. They have every right to fight for the land issue; and as a ruling party, we have every right to explain our programme in this regard," he said.

Apparently, YSR must have got an advice from the high command not to make any damaging statements against the Left, since there is every possibility of the Left theatening to withdraw support to the UPA government, if things precipitate. Hence, the change in CM's stand!!

High command rejects demand for Reddy's resignation

With several parties, including Left and the BJP, clamouring for the blood of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, the Congress today started singing the tune of healing touch and rejected demands for Y S Rajasekhar Reddy's resignation in the wake of the Khammam police firing.

"We do not see that it is an occasion to ask for the resignation (of Chief Minister) when constructive, concrete and serious action is being taken," party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi told reporters here.

Singhvi said it is "unfair to link unlinkables and connect the unconnectables" when told that Reddy has been in a series of controversies of late and that regional parties like TDP and TRS have also trained guns at the Chief Minister.

His comments came close on the heels of both CPI(M) and BJP's demands for Reddy's resignation and the Left party's decision to step up its agitation seeking distribution of land to the poor in the state.

Singhvi insisted that the Chief Minister has taken a number of steps to address the problem and has even announced a judicial inquiry into the police firing that claimed six lives in Mudigonda in Khammam district on Saturday.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh earlier in the day spoke to Reddy and expressed regret at the "unfortunate incident" and reiterated the government's commitment to redistribute surplus land and fulfil its stated commitments to the landless.

At the same time, Singhvi sidestepped questions whether the party high command was satisfied with the performance of the Chief Minister.

Party sources feel any action against the Chief Minister at this point of time could prove counter-productive for the organisation.

Curtain-raiser: YSR's wishlist for PM's visit

The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh who will be arriving in Hyderabad tonight for a whole day's working visit tomorrow on State-specific projects will review the achievement, plan and demands of various vital departments like Agriculture, Irrigation, Cooperatives, T R&B, Revenue, MA&UD etc. in two separate sessions.

The Chief Minister will utilise the opportunity to seek not only additional State-specific Central Assistance for Agriculture, Irrigation, infrastructure etc, but also to show-case achievement of Andhra Pradesh in Irrigation and various other sectors.

This is the first time that a Prime Minister visiting a State and spending a whole day discussing in depth all the specific issues and developmental issues. The Prime Minister will be accompanied by Union Agriculture Minister Mr Sharad Pawar, Union Finance Minister Mr Chidambaram, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Secretaries of the Union Ministries concerned and top Central Officials. Dr. Singh will have a high-level discussion with the Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, Ministers concerned, Advisers to the State Government, Chief Secretary and other top officials of the State Government.

First session of the Prime Minister's review meeting will start at 10.00 am at Jubilee Hall, will continue up to 1.00 p.m. The forenoon session will review Food Security, Agriculture Plan, Agriculture Extension, Cooperatives and Irrigation. The session will start with brief introductory speeches by the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and close with their concluding remarks. There will be a lunch break for two hours and the Chief Minister will host a lunch for the Prime Minister and the Central Team.

The Afternoon session will start at 3.00 p.m. and will continue up to 5.45 p.m. In this session the Prime Minister and team will review State-specific projects of Revenue, Energy, Infrastructure, OR Project, Urban Development, Industries, Road Transport, Panchayat Raj and Railways.

Government of India has selected Andhra Pradesh since the Prime Minister felt it is the most happening State and it is from here that he wants the country to take a kick off for fast development and boost agricultural production. He was particularly concerned about the food security and rice production in particular and Andhra Pradesh is the State which has the capability to take off, thanks to the massive irrigation facilities it has created and copious rains it has received consecutively for the last four years.

The Chief Minister held a special meeting to finalise the presentations and issues to be brought before the Prime Minister and the Central team.

The Chief Minister will take up irrigation as top priority to seek maximum assistance under the Special package, many proposed projects under AIBP and DPAP schemes. He will also explain to the Prime Minister the 12 lakh ayacut for which irrigation facilities are created under the Jalayagnam programme, show him the villages and projects through the help of a map, the areas to be covered under the numerous projects which are in full swing.

The Chief Minister will present before the Prime Minister a unique State Agricultural Plan integrating all the district plans ensuring baseline share of agriculture in its total state plan expenditure to get the new Additional Central Assistance. The State government is making all efforts to complete all projects under the AIBP. The State Government will also highlight the Seed Plan involving all institutions both private and public.

The Chief Minister will explain the major strategies for improving crop sector like stabilising the cropped area, bridging the yield gap, diversification, research support, improving credit delivery, rural infrastructure etc. In the agriculture sector, the State govt. will seek Central Assistance of Rs. 3258 crore. The State Govt. will also seek additional Central Assistance to the tune of Rs.1280.69 crore per annum and a total of Rs.5997.95 crore during the XI plan period for agriculture and allied sectors.

The State Government will undertake major expansion and revamping of State Agricultural Extension Systems. The State will also seek assistance to implement the Vaidyanathan Committee Report. The Chief Minister will explain to the Prime Minister development of modern markets and encouraging linkages by using cooperatives and contract farming etc.

The State will also present before the Prime Minister the State strategy for increasing Rice production and productivity and bringing in additional area under cultivation with the help of the massive irrigation systems being created. The State is also going for intensification --interventions at the farming level based on yield gap between the potential and the actual. Tools will be employed for introducing appropriate mechanical devices, critical inputs, compulsory green manuring etc. Special focus will be given on districts like North Coastal Andhra, where the gap is the highest with special attention to water management and drainage.

State strategy for increasing pulse production includes compulsory mixed-cropping with groundnut, maize, jowar; promoting deep-tillage practices through custom hiring centres, expanding in non-traditional areas (rice fallows, new command areas etc.) and promoting critical inputs like use of quality seeds.

The Prime Minister will be asked to clear the Indira Sagar (Polavaram) Indira Sagar Lift Irrigation, Rajiv Sagar (Dummugudem) Lift Irrigation scheme, Sripadasagar (Yellampally Barrage), Bhupatipalem, Komaram, Masurumilli, Peddavagu (Neelwai), Modikunta Vagu, Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Scheme (MGLI), Nettampadu Lift Irrigation (Jawahar LIS), projects in principle pending final clearance. He would also seek central assistance for construction of 2573.86 kms roads in the remote areas covering 18 districts costing Rs. 565.83 crores. The State will seek enhancement of refinance of NABARD from existing 40 to 75%.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Political Buzz : Whose speech is it anyway?

Ministers and bureaucrats who accompany a chief minister on a visit abroad are usually unable to hog the headlines and this is for obvious reasons. But one minister who visited the US recently alongwith chief minister garu is still trying to figure out how to get the best deal out of it.
Industries minister J Geeta Reddy on the said trip apparently gave a stirring speech which dwelt elaborately on the emergence of Telugu pride from the days of the battle of Talikota. Not unexpectedly the speech went unreported both in the Indian American media as well as the local media back home.

A little bird tells us that A K Goel, special chief secretary in the planning department, has taken it upon himself to spread the word about the oratorial skills of the minister by bringing out a book with a multi-colour wrapper and circulating this to all and sundry.

For those wondering why a speech delivered by a minister is being circulated by a babu, the story doing the rounds is that it is Goel himself who drafted the speech. So is it publicising the minister's speech, or, well, oneself?

Fact Sheet: Naidu fishing in troubled waters!

Obviously, it is Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu who is trying hard to cash in on the Bhooporatam taken up by the Communist parties, though he has not launched any such programme on behalf of the Telugu Desam.

Naidu has realised that the land struggle has all the potential to shake the government and therefore, the TD should see that it should continue to burn for another few months, if it has to gain mileage out of it. That is the reason why he has been adding fuel to the fire ignited by the Left parties. The Mudigonda incident has come as a blessing in disguise for Naidu, as he knows it will set the fire within the Congress and create all troubles for Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

So, the Telugu Desam is making all efforts to please the people and at the same time, come closer to the Leftists. While the government announced an ex gratia of Rs 5 lakh to the victims of firing, Naidu also announced another one lakh on behalf of the TD, so as to create a positive image for the party among the people.

And he is also not leaving the hands of the Communist leaders. He did not lose the opportunity of interacting with national leaders like Prakash Karat, Siraram Yechury and Gurdas Das Gupta to work out alternative strategies. In all probability, this incident might be a major milestone in the repolarisation of political forces and stabilisation of third front by next elections!

Behind The Scene: PJR develops cold feet!

Finally, Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy gave up his fight against Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and his family, with regard to the recent unsavoury Jubilee Hills incident.

PJR, who threatened to launch an indefinite fast in protest against filing of "attempt to murder" case against his son Vishnuvardhan Reddy, met AICC president Sonia Gandhi and explained the sequence of events in connection with the incident. He also reportedly brought to her notice, the unruly atmosphere prevailing in the YSR government and the growing resentment among the people against the government. The Mudigonda police firing incident also reportedly came up for discussion during his brief interaction with Sonia.

Nobody knows openly as to what Sonia told him, but PJR said he would not take up any agitations against YSR or his family and that Sonia had given him an assurance that "everything would be alright in a few days." He did not elaborate on what Sonia meant, but sources close to PJR draw the inference that she had assured him to see that YSR's brother Ravindra Reddy would withdraw case against PJR's son. It could also be a hint that there could be changes in the leadership in the State and PJR would get his due recognition in future.

Behind The Scene: Pilot buro or politburo?

When the mediapesons were seriously covering the incident of killing of seven persons in police firing at Mudigonda in Khammam district on Saturday on all angles, Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao has provided the much-needed comic relief to mediapersons with his innocent and ignorant questions.

While even the die-hard Congress leaders are openly and privately admitting that the Mudigonda firing incident has projected Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy in bad light, Hanumantha Rao strongly defended the Chief Minister, saying the incident would not have happened had the Communists used their "brains" and not provoked innocent people. He wondered why that "pilot buro member" (sic!) was demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister – he was referring to CPI-M politburo member Sitaram Yechury's demand.

"What is that place in West Bengal, where the police fired at innocent people?" he asked reporters. When someone said Nandigram, VH said: "Aah, that same gaaon. Why didn't that pilot buro member asked Bengal CM to resign?" he asked.

Behind The Scene: YSR under Sonia scanner!

The Mudigonda firing incident, which rocked the entire nation, has virtually pulled the carpet from under the feet of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

Though there is no immediate threat to YSR of losing his Chief Minister's post, AICC president Sonia Gandhi has certainly put him under the scanner. Already, the AICC headquarters in New Delhi is being flooded with innumerable complaints against the Rajasekhara Reddy government, especially with regard to high level of nepotism being shown by him and his associates. Everyday, one dissident leader or the other is coming to the AICC with a host of complaints against YSR. However, hitherto, Sonia has not taken them so seriously as to think of replacing YSR with another leader.

But after the Saturday's Mudigonda firing incident, Sonia has been under pressure from the Left parties, which are the main pillars of the UPA government, to remove YSR. The CPI-M politburo, which would be meeting in New Delhi on Monday, is expected to press for the ouster of YSR. If that happens, it would be politically disastrous for the Congress in Andhra Pradesh, which is going to polls in just around 20 months. This would only mean handing over power to the Opposition parties on a platter. Will Sonia agree for that remains to be seen.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Manisharma Live – A Resounding success in NJ

EDISON, New Jersey - July 28th 2007: It was a truly spectacular sight at the Royal Albert’s Palace on the evening of 27th July. The occasion was the Maiden Live performance by the Top South Indian Music Director Mani Sharma and his incredibly talented troupe. The Hall was packed with a tremendously charged crowd of over 1500 people. Several people went back as the tickets were sold out in advance.

Manisharma started the proceedings with a beautifully melodious performance of one of his songs. It just set the mood for a music filled evening. But as he started picking the fast paced numbers from his repertoire, the excitement of the crowds knew no bounds. So much so that, for several foot tapping numbers even the more sober members among the audience just couldn’t contain them selves and started dancing at the back of the hall. It was truly mass hysteria.

And this only further prompted Manisharma to belt out one after the other of his adrenaline pumping hits and every time the cheering crowd would do an encore. People were so engrossed that NOT a single person left till the VERY end of the show. People really loved Mimicry by Harikishan. People lapped up the comedy by Shiva Reddy. They were in raptures when Shiva Reddy in his inimitable style imitated the crème de la crème among the Stars of Telugu Film Industry.

The audiences were very appreciative of the arrangements at the venue, the seating and the banquet style dinner. The sound system was excellent. Many members of the audience actually made it a point to meet the organizers after the show ended and congratulated them for holding the event with such high standards. Many said that this event in particular changed the perception people had about South Indian, especially Telugu Film/Music events organized in US till date. KAD Entertainment thanks Manisharma and his troupe consisting of singers Suneetha, Usha, Vijaya Laxmi, Vinodh Babu, Mallikarjun and his orchestra members of Mastanvalli Shaik, Sai Karthik Kothapalli, Sai Srinivas Ghantasala, Chiranjeevi Muthukuri, Vara Prasad Raghavendra, Ranjith Vasudevan, Sagar, mimicry artiste Harikishen, Fun Star Shiva Reddy and the troupe manager Ravishankar for making the event such an entertaining one.

Among the notable attendees were Dhulipala Narendra, Gone Prakash and Satish Vemana. The organizers KAD Entertainment & SSR wish to thank their sponsors Globe 7, American Info Serve, Synchron, Hyderabadi House, Cyber Resource Group, Dakshin, Axill, Saransh Technologies, and all the others who supported the event. KAD Entertainment also thanks SS, Laxmi and Nandu for being part of the event and make it a grand success.

Nandigram Vs Mudigonda: who is responsible?

The Communists are now demanding that Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy resign from his post owning moral responsibility for the police firing on people in Mudigonda village in Khammam district. Six people were killed in the police firing.

Are the Communists justified in their demand? If yes, then the same applies to the Communist government in West Bengal. The WB police resorted to firing on innocent people and left many agitators dead. The issue in both the cases was the same. Land. When the Communist chief minister of Bengal did not resign, why should the Congress chief minister of Andhra Pradesh submit his papers.

What is good for the geese is also good for the gander.

Behind The Scene: PJR complains against YSR!

Dissident Congress leader and Khairatabad legislator P Janardhan Reddy has finally got access to AICC chief Sonia Gandhi. PJR who waited in Delhi for Sonia's appointment had returned to Hyderabad without meeting her. But no sooner he landedin Hyderabad than he received a call from the party high command to rush back to Delhi.

PJR immediately boarded the next flight to Delhi with a list of complaints against Rajasekhar Reddy and his alleged authoritarian style of functioning.

Following assurance from Sonia Gandhi that everything would be taken care of, PJR decided to keep his mouth shut for the time being. He announced that as a disciplined Congress worker he would not take up any agitations.

A Day After Police Firing, Situation Tense In Khammam

The situation in Andhra Pradesh's Khammam district remained tense Sunday as activists of the left parties continued their protests, parading the bodies of six people who died in police firing a day earlier.

Wrapped in red flags of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), the bodies of the six were kept outside the district collector's officer in Khammam town, about 15 km from Mudigonda, the scene of the police firing.

The protestors have been staging a sit-in with the bodies since Saturday evening. They are demanding that murder cases be booked against the policemen involved in the 'unprovoked' firing.

The six CPI-M activists were killed and eight others were injured when police opened fired at protestors at Mudigonda, about 200 km from here, during the Left parties' statewide agitation seeking land for the poor. Initial reports had put the death toll at eight.

The Communist Party of India (CPI) and CPI-M had given call for a shutdown in Andhra Pradesh Saturday against the use of force by police against their activists at different places Thursday when the firing took place.

On Sunday, the two parties called for shutdown in Khammam district. For the second consecutive day, life came to a standstill in Khammam, considered one of the strongholds of the Left parties.

Shops and business establishments remained closed while the state-owned road transport corporation suspended its bus services.

The two parties and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) are staging protests across the state to condemn the police firing. CPI-M politburo member Sitaram Yechuri and other leaders of the party and TDP president and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu have left for Khammam.

Talking to newsmen here before leaving for Khammam, Naidu demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy. He alleged that policemen used AK-47 rifles and Self Loading Rifles (SLRs) to fire at protestors.

'Never before in the history of the state have such sophisticated weapons been used against political activists,' he said.

The Congress government has blamed the presence of two Maoist leaders in the protest at Mudigonda for the violence.

However, acting swiftly, the chief minister ordered a judicial probe in the police firing, transferred the district superintendent of police and suspended the additional superintendent of police.

For nearly three months, the communist parties have been holding 'bhooporatam' or land agitation in the state, demanding housing sites and land for poor.

Some Left activists encroached government and private lands at various places in the state, leading to clashes with the police.

Last week, they intensified the protests when top leaders of the parties launched an indefinite strike in Hyderabad. Late Friday, the police shifted the fasting leaders to a hospital.

The Congress government maintains that the protest by the Left parties is 'unnecessary' as it has taken up a massive programme for construction of houses and distribution of surplus land among poor.

'There is no need for any opposition party to agitate as we remain committed to providing a house to every houseless family and land to every landless,' said Rajasekhara Reddy.

However, Saturday's incidents have embarrassed the ruling party.

The central leadership of the party has reportedly sought a report from Reddy on the incident as the Left parties, who are supporting Congress-led UPA government at the centre, have threatened that the incident could have its repercussions.

The CPI-M and CPI had fought the 2004 elections in the state in alliance with Congress. However, the CPI-M later distanced itself on the ground that the Congress government was resorting to 'anti-people measures'. The Left parties, especially CPI-M, later moved closer to the TDP.

Left women hitting police below the belt

New tactics adopted by the fiery women activists of the Left parties have left the police reeling in painful surprise. They have been literally hitting police personnel "below the belt" during clashes that erupt when they take out rallies.

In several recent marches, which ended in stone-pelting and caning, women activists swung the iron-bottomed sticks they were carrying at the groins of police personnel. Policemen at the frontline during agitations are now using protective gear, like cricketers, to escape such attacks.

The women activists, who are being used as shields during marches and demonstrations, are also armed with chilli powder. "They throw it into the eyes of the police personnel and later attack them with pins and blades," said a senior police officer.

He added that the women also shower abuse at the police personnel during marches and demonstrations. "The worst is the use of sticks," he said.

This upsurge of "woman power" has even forced some police personnel to opt out of duty during demonstrations and marches.

It has been almost three months since the Left parties took up the Bhoo Poratam agitation and women have taken active part in it.

Many marches and demonstrations ended in street clashes where too women too took the lead in attacking the police using "innovative techniques".

Top police officers are worried about how to tackle this. "We are observing restraint despite women adopting such techniques," said ACP N.V. Surendra Babu. "Several policemen have suffered injuries in such incidents." He said the women are sometimes accompanied by their children and this prevents police personnel from taking effective action.

City buzz: 500 Hyderabad lakes to get life

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy has finally turned attention on the need to restore the once picturesques lakes of Hyderabad. In all he has selected 500 lakes for development.

He has entrusted the conservation, protection, beautification and maintenance of these lakes in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area to Hyderabad Urban Development Authority.

He said conservation of these all important water bodies are very important and they are vulnerable to encroachment by vested interests and land grabbers. Hence the HUDA should immediately swing into action and protect all the identified lakes in the GHMC areas by constructing lake buds and fencing.

He told the HUDA officials to take this up as a crash programme. The Chief Minister wanted HUDA to involve the nearby residents and form Lake Protection Committee. Dr Reddy also asked the HUDA to recruit sufficient staff by outsourcing, particularly in the Enforcement Division. This Division which now has only a strength of 8 staff will be increased to 80.

He said every lake has to be protected including the major ones like Himayatsagar and Osmansagar. All these lakes are to be taken up for purification and beautification later. No unauthorised construction should be allowed to come anywhere on the FTL or catchment areas of these tanks including the major ones like Himayatsagar, Osmansagar, Miralam Tank etc.

The Chief Minister also asked HUDA to speed up the Hussainsagar Lake and Catchment Area Improvement Project within a strict time-frame. He was informed by the officials that Master Plan preparation and detailed design for shoreline improvement, contractors selection works are in full swing.

The complete work on this project is expected to be over in the next two years. The Chief Minister was informed that 87 urban lakes were identified for improvement and conservation under Green Hyderabad Environment Programme (GHEP) scheme with an outlay of Rs.106 crore of grant from Netherlands government.

These lakes were classified into Category I and II as highly polluted and moderately polluted. However the Netherlands Government has withdrawn financial support from March, 2004 due to Government of India policy.

Now conservation of works of 12 lakes are completed in these two categories. Steps are also being taken to clean the Noor Mohammed Kunta Lake on NH 7 under Shivarampally village. HUDA officials agreed to take up the conservation works of all the lakes in the GHMC area on war footing.

City buzz: 500 Hyderabad lakes to get life

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy has finally turned attention on the need to restore the once picturesques lakes of Hyderabad. In all he has selected 500 lakes for development.

He has entrusted the conservation, protection, beautification and maintenance of these lakes in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area to Hyderabad Urban Development Authority.

He said conservation of these all important water bodies are very important and they are vulnerable to encroachment by vested interests and land grabbers. Hence the HUDA should immediately swing into action and protect all the identified lakes in the GHMC areas by constructing lake buds and fencing.

He told the HUDA officials to take this up as a crash programme. The Chief Minister wanted HUDA to involve the nearby residents and form Lake Protection Committee. Dr Reddy also asked the HUDA to recruit sufficient staff by outsourcing, particularly in the Enforcement Division. This Division which now has only a strength of 8 staff will be increased to 80.

He said every lake has to be protected including the major ones like Himayatsagar and Osmansagar. All these lakes are to be taken up for purification and beautification later. No unauthorised construction should be allowed to come anywhere on the FTL or catchment areas of these tanks including the major ones like Himayatsagar, Osmansagar, Miralam Tank etc.

The Chief Minister also asked HUDA to speed up the Hussainsagar Lake and Catchment Area Improvement Project within a strict time-frame. He was informed by the officials that Master Plan preparation and detailed design for shoreline improvement, contractors selection works are in full swing.

The complete work on this project is expected to be over in the next two years. The Chief Minister was informed that 87 urban lakes were identified for improvement and conservation under Green Hyderabad Environment Programme (GHEP) scheme with an outlay of Rs.106 crore of grant from Netherlands government.

These lakes were classified into Category I and II as highly polluted and moderately polluted. However the Netherlands Government has withdrawn financial support from March, 2004 due to Government of India policy.

Now conservation of works of 12 lakes are completed in these two categories. Steps are also being taken to clean the Noor Mohammed Kunta Lake on NH 7 under Shivarampally village. HUDA officials agreed to take up the conservation works of all the lakes in the GHMC area on war footing.

DGP : Extremists instigated agitators at Khammam

The Director General of Police Mr. M.A. Basith today told that extremist elements have infiltrated into the agitation at Mudigonda Mandal in Khammam and instigated the agitators that lead to the opening of the police firing on the day of Bandh call given by left parties.

Speaking to the Media persons at a press conference at state police headquarters the DGP further told that one extremist couple Bandi Ramesh and his wife Bandi Padma have played a key role in instigating the agitators at Mundigonda.

The police have to resort for using the force after the agitators belonging left parties turned violent and pelted stones on police and even burnt the jeep of the Additional Superintendent of Police Khammam the DG told.

He also informed that the Additional DG Lokendra Sharma has been appointed as the Inquiry officer into the Khammam police-firing incident.

Action would be taken against those police officers that are found to be responsible in failing to control the situation at Mudigonda. Initially it was found that the Additional SP Ramesh Babu failed to control the situation and for this he has been suspended the DG informed the Media persons.

Sonia Seeks Report On Andhra Police Firing

Congress president Sonia Gandhi expressed concern over the violent turn taken by two Left parties' protests in Andhra Pradesh Saturday, with at least eight people being killed in police firing, and sought a report from Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy.

Gandhi appealed to all to shun violence and bring about peace, a party spokesperson said after a two-hour meeting of the Congress Working Committee here.

The Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India-Marxist, which support the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government from outside, have been agitating for the distribution of government land and housing sites among the poor in Andhra Pradesh.

A shutdown called by them in Khammam district saw violence as police resorted to caning and firing, allegedly after being stoned by Left activists.

Rajasekhara Reddy of the Congress soon ordered a judicial inquiry in the matter even as the two parties demanded strict action against the police officers responsible for the deaths.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Police get the whip for Khammam firing

The Chief Minister today announced suspension of the Additional Superintendent of Police, Khammam and transfer of the Superintendent of Police, Khammam, following the death of 8 persons in police firing in Mudigonda, Khammam District. The Chief Minister also ordered a judicial enquiry into the firing incident.

Reacting to the police firing in Mudigonda in Khammam District at his Camp Office today, the Chief Minister said the incident was quite unfortunate. He said he was asking the police to keep cool in spite of all provocations and agitation since the last 2 months by the two Communist Parties.

Police were keeping restraint till now. But, however today when the police were attacked with the stones and one Circle Inspector and one Sub Inspector were seriously injured and the vehicles of ACP and Addl.SP were attacked, the police reported to have opened fire. The Chief Minister said, whatever may be the reasons that led to the police firing, The judicial enquiry he ordered will look in to all the aspects in death and submit the report immediately.

The Chief Minister said following the bandth, the government also ordered APSRTC to withdraw majority of the buses from the road and only skeleton services were being run. In spite of bandth turning violent and many provocative incidents during the day the police remained calm and many places and only at Mudigonda the police open firing and causes which will be enquired in depth. The Chief Minister said he has been appealing to the CPM, CPI parties to spare the life of innocent people and not to involve them in violent provocative agitations.

The Chief Minster appealed to all political parties to help maintain peace and law and order. He reiterated that the government will provide houses to all the landless in the State and there is no need for such agitation. He once again appealed to the political parties to call off the agitation. The Chief Minister lamented that innocent lives have been lost in the firing. "Every life is very dear and precious. Their lives could have been spared. I am pained very much that some innocent people lost their lives.

Regarding ex-gratia, we will take a decision after a preliminary enquiry", he said.

No parallel between Basheerbagh and Khammam?

Eight people including a woman and a boy were killed in police firing on a group of agitators in Mudigonda village of Khammam district on Saturday. The Congress wants to draw a parallel between the Khammam firing and the one that took place at Basheerbagh in Hyderabad when the Telugu Desam was in police. Then two persons died in the firing.

The Telugu Desam does not want to draw any parallel. It says the Basheerbagh firing was under compulsion and the Khammam firing was without provocation.

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu says the Khammam firing was a sequel to the dictatorial attitude of Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

The Congress built a memorial at the Basheerbagh site. It is to be seen whether the Telugu Desam will cash on the firing and convince the Left in building a similar memorial there.

Fact Sheet: Babu fishes in troubled waters!

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu has finally got a real political issue to fight with the Congress government.
The unprovoked police firing on Communsts in Mudigonda village in Khammam district which left eight people dead has come handy for Chandrababu Naidu to settle political scores with Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy.
Chandrababu Naidu has given a call for State-wide protests on Sunday and has decided to visit the village to console the family members of the victims. He also claims that the Pedala Shankaravam, which the TD had taken up, had led the Communists to take up the ongoing land agitation.He in a way suggested that the TD has inspired the Left to take up fight for land distribution among the poor.
Chandrababu Naidu was busy all through the day holding meeting with senior TD leaders and at the end of the session held a press conference. He said he was withholding the demands and would come out with demands only after he visits the village.
This is a clear cut case of fishing in troubled waters.

Guru Purnimi Celebrations in Shri Sai Baba Temple

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Los Angeles, CA
144 S. 4th St. Montebello, CA – 90640 Ph: (323) 721-1772

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu hu, Guru Devo Maheshwara ha
Guru Saakshat Para Brahma Tasmai Sree Guruve Nama ha!!

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Los Angeles cordially invites all the Sai devotees with family and friends to join the celebrations of “Guru Purnima” on Sunday, July 29th 2007 at Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Montebello, CA.

The Special Special whole day events start at 7.30 AM with Kakad Aarti and end with Shej Aarti at 8.15 PM. The events include Shri SatyaNarayana Vratam, Rudraabhishekam, Sai Naam Japam, Vishnu Sahasranama Paarayanam, Madhyan Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, Procession and Bhajans. Please visit the temple on this auspicious occasion and get the blessings of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

For Services pre-registration please contact temple priest @ (323) 721-1772 or send email to ram@shirdisaila.org or inquiries@shirdisaila.org

Volunteers and Maha Prasad sponsors are welcome – For details please contact amar@shirdisaila.org

Priests Information:
Srinivasamurthy Kambhampati
Madamudre Murthy

For More Information: Please visit us on the web at www.shirdisaila.org or email us at inquiries@shirdisaila.org

In Sai Seva,
Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, LA

Health Talk : Smoking could ruin your sex life

New York: Smoking could ruin your sex life as it can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction among men, says a new study.
And the more cigarettes smoked, the greater the risk, found the research that studied 7,684 men between the ages of 35-74.
The researchers led by Jiang He, professor of epidemiology at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, examined the association between cigarette smoking and erectile dysfunction.
They used questionnaires to assess the participants - none of whom had vascular disease.
The study found that there was a significant statistical link between the number of cigarettes that men smoked and the likelihood of them experiencing erectile dysfunction, reported science portal EurekAlert.
The link between smoking and erectile dysfunction was even stronger in participants with diabetes.
Although erectile dysfunction is not a life-threatening condition, it compromises well-being and quality of life.
The Tulane study results suggest that smoking prevention should be an important approach for reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.
Smoking is already known for causing 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. It is also responsible for many other cancers and health problems.

TD raises environ issue on Obulapuram

Seeking to counter the statement of Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy that the Obulapuram Mining Company has renewed license upto 2017, the TDP has submitted a letter to the Union minister of state for environment and forests Reghupathi on Friday.

The Telugu Desam party has alleged that while sending its proposal for approval to iron ore mining in Obulapuram village of Bellary reserve forest area, the Andhra Pradesh government has failed to give the "true picture" to the environment ministry. "About the various cases pending before the courts, which runs contrary to the guidelines issued by the Government of India, for obtaining approvals under section 2 of the Forest Conservation Act, 1980."

TDPP leader K Yerran Naidu and former MP Kambhampati Rammohna Rao met Mr Reghupati and handed over the letter. "Added to this, the mining department of Government of Andhra Pradesh granted mining licenses and extended lease without prior sanction of the Union of India under the FCA act," Naidu said in the letter.

YSR succumbs to Andhra lobby on GO 610

Andhra and Rayalaseema MPs and MLAs urged the Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy not to repatriate government employees who are on the verge of retirement under GO 610 rule.

The MLAs met under the leadership of senior Congress leader and MP Harirama Jogaiah in the assembly premises on Friday and decided to oppose repatriation of such employees.

After an internal meeting, a delegation met Chief Minister and submitted a memorandum requesting him to create supernumerary posts for such employees and retain them in their respective places in Hyderabad city. Chief Minister promised to consider their plea.

Mr Harirama Jogaiah later told media persons that they were not opposed to implementation of GO 610 but the Government should also look into the problems of senior employees who are on the verge of retirement. "Repatriating the employees at the fag end of their career will disturb their families. On humanitarian grounds, the Government should retain them in their respective places by creating supernumerary posts," Mr Jogaiah said.

Behind The Scene: Diggy finds fault with YSR!

The Congress high command is apparently not happy with Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy's foul mouthing of Opposition Leader N Chandrababu Naidu, which the national media projected in big way showing the Congress party in bad light.

This was evident from the words of AICC general secretary in-charge of Andhra Pradesh affairs Digvijay Singh. Diggy found fault with YSR saying it was not proper on the part of the Chief Minister to utter those words and then apologise. He sounded that AICC president Sonia Gandhi was not happy with the aggressive behaviour of YSR.

The AICC president is also not happy with the handling of Left parties' land struggle issue by the YSR government. She tried to influence CPI-M national secretary Prakash Karat, but the situation has already gone out of hands, as the YSR government tried to suppress the agitation using force.

Another issue that displeased Sonia was the PJR issue. Though he is cooled down a bit, thanks to the intervention of V Hanumantha Rao and Iqbal Singh, there is evey possibility that he might lead the anti-YSR gang within the Congrss. PJR is meeting Diggy on Saturday and hopefully, he migh get an appointment with Sonia, too, sources say.

Andhra Congress leaders rake up GO 610 issue!

Looks like the woes are not over for Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy on the controversial GO 610. Several governments have kept the GO in cold storage and YSR government took interest in implementing it. But the government is facing trouble for taking up the long lost issue.

Even as the Telangana Congress leaders are bringing pressure on Rajasekhar Reddy, now two senior Congress MPs from coastal Andhra have called on him with the demand that the GO 610 be implemented in the larger context of the Presidential Order. The coastal Andhra leaders feel that there will be no problem in the Presidential Order was implemented.

They have raked up the demand that super numerary posts should be created in Telangana region and stop the repatriation of employees from coastal Andhra.

Why did Leftists carry chilli powder?

The Communist parties have been claiming all these days that they have been going absolutely peacefully in their agitation for lands and land sites. But going by the turn of events that happened on Thursday, it appeared that they were prepared for a violent agitation.

The activists of Communist parties, who were participating in the agitation, came well prepared with packets of chilli powder, so that they would attack the police when the latter tried to arrest them. So, definitely they expected that the agitation would turn violent, if the police atack them.

And that exactly what had happened. When the police resorted to lathicharge, the activists attacked them with chilli powder. According to an estimate, 26 Left activists were injured while, 46 policemen were also hurt. So, no hypocricy!!

Written by Rao

Friday, July 27, 2007

PJR to set up new political party?

Khairatabad legislator and former CLP leader P Janardhan Reddy is reportedly planning to set up his own political party. Though the legislator has not opened up his mouth to make any announcement on this, sources close to him point out that he is giving a deep thought to the idea.

Sources point out that he is weighing all pros and cons of having a own political party and the benefits and demerits, if any, of continuing in the Congress.

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy, a bete noire of Janardhan Reddy, has firmly established his roots in the AICC. The AICC leadership is in no mood to listen to anything against Rajasekhar Reddy. This leave Janardhan Reddy without a god father at the Delhi level. Janardhan Reddy will study the political situation before taking any final decision.

Earlier, several Congress leaders formed political parties but had to return to the Congress fold finally. But in the process they have gained a lot in the Congress. The best example was that of former chief minister M Chenna Reddy.

Fact Sheet: KCR puts foot in his mouth!

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao has virtually his foot in his mouth by inadvertantly admitting that the TRS is not a political party.

In reply to a question during a tete-e-tete with viewers in a private television channel, the TRS president categorically said the TRS was not a political party but only a movement launched for pursuit of seperate Telengana State. As such, the TRS is not obligated to obey the dictums of the Election Commission of India, he said.

KCR's statement has come as a blessing in disguise for the TRS rebel MLAs, who have been making a similar argument all these days, saying the TRS is not a political party and as such, it cannot issue whip to its MLAs. Therefore, they are now demanding that the Election Commission should make a serious note of KCR' statement and treat all the TRS MPs and MLAs as independants, who can choose their own line of action. They are also appealing to the Speaker of AP legislature to dispose of the petition filed by the TRS president seeking to disqualify them for fielding Kasani Gyaneshwar as an independent candidate in the recent elections to to the State Legislative Council.

Naidu brands CBI as 'Cong Bureau of Investigation'

The Central Bureau of Investigation figured during the heated discussion on land issue in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly today, with Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and his predecessor N Chandrababu Naidu trading charges against each other.

Dubbing the CBI as ''Congress Bureau of Investigation'', the leader of the Opposition claimed that the CBI had put in cold storage the case relating to alleged irregularities in the Outer Ring Road (ORR) project.

Later, winding up the debate on the issue, Dr Reddy said the government was transparent and it had no hesistation in referring cases to the CBI on various issues when demanded by the Opposition parties.

On the other hand, Mr Naidu had scuttled inquiry by the CBI and had went round courts to avoid inquiries against the government on various issues, Dr Reddy charged.

Fact Sheet: Babu makes the Left starve!

Strange as it might sound, it was Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu who literally made the Communist party leaders to starve and caused their land struggle taking a violent turn on Thursday.

The CPI-M and CPI leaders, who have been on indefinite fast for the last four days, were frustrated with their own agitation and were waiting for a statement from Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao in the Assemblyy as an excuse to withdraw their fast. The way out was suggested by none other than CPI-M national secretary Prakash Karat, who carried the message from AICC president Sonia Gandhi, requesting withdrawal of the land stir.

The Left leaders would have given their fast on Wednesday itself, but things changed with Chandrababu Naidu visiting their camp and giving a call to the TD activists to participate in the land stir and intensify it. At the same time, the expected statement from the Revenue Minister or Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy in the Assembly did not come, as the discussion remained inconclusive.

On Thursday, the situation worsened with Left agitators turning violent and the police resorting to lathicharge at 10 district Collectorates. The agitation witnessed a lot of violence in Hyderabad and the Left leaders had to receive lathi blows. Now, they are left with no option but to continue their agitation, notwithstanding the reply from the Revenue Minister as well as the Chief Minister. And the man who is having the last laugh is Chandrababu Naidu!!

Spotlight: 20 ways to get orgasm in women

Here are 20 hints from sex and family expert Cynthia Lief Ruberg on how to achieve sexual orgasm by women. Her study was present at a recent meeting in Hyderabad.

1) Anticipate the Sexual Encounter--Many women find that if they spend some time fantasizing about an upcoming sexual encounter, they can use their minds (imagination) to "turn themselves on" physically, as well as emotionally. It also helps for women to learn to identify what turns them on in their environment ( i.e. romantic or erotic stories, love songs, videos, etc.) and use this material in anticipation of a sexual encounter. This process of "starting on warm" can help to make reaching "the end" easier.

2) Get Relaxed--Most women require a transition or "down time" in order to be opened-up to receiving sexual pleasure. This is because emotional tension negatively interferes with sexual response. So, listen to music, take a hot bath, read a book, do "whatever works" to get relaxed. Being in a relaxed mode is very helpful to achieving orgasm.

3) Eliminate Distractions--Women frequently find that their minds are cluttered with distractions such as "to do" lists, worries about privacy, too much light in the room, too much noise, pets in the room, etc. Identifying ones distractions and then eliminating them before sex can help a woman to focus on her body and her good feelings so that orgasm is easier to achieve. Distractions of any kind usually sabotage the sexual focus needed for most women to reach orgasm.

4) Eliminate Anger--It is hard to make love to a porcupine---and that is how many women feel when they are angry at their partner. Anger distances people. It is necessary for most women to work on eliminating angry and hurt feelings so that they can feel intimately connected with their partner. Most women require connection at the heart before they can truly connect with their genitals.

5) Get Comfortable with Your Body and Its Imperfections--Learning to appreciate and accept ones body is key to good sexual responsiveness. Obsessing over body imperfections--how it looks, feels, smells, or tastes, etc., may sabotage sexual response and certainly can interfere with orgasm. Such obsessing interferes with sexual arousal. In other words, the mind gets in the way of the bodys response. It is good to remember that most men get more turned on by an interested and interesting partner than by a perfect body.

6) Get Into an Erotic Focus During Sex--This requires putting the mind in an erotic mode so that the mind can boost physical arousal. This can be done by following in "the minds eye" what ones partner is doing (to you) physically. It may require imagery of an erotic or romantic scene or fantasy that is a turn on. Perhaps best of all is being turned on by watching ones partner and/or looking into each others eyes. But this might not be possible because many women need closed eyes to focus in order to reach orgasm.

7) Concentrate--As arousal builds, most women need to concentrate on their pleasurable feelings (especially those in the clitoris and/or vagina), and on their growing excitement. Concentration, which usually excludes verbal responses, is part of the erotic focus necessary for many women to reach orgasm.

8) Get Out of The "Real Way" Trap--Many people of both genders mistakenly believe that "the real way" to orgasm is only through vaginal intercourse. Other ways of achieving orgasm, such as by clitoral stimulation (manually or orally), do not count to these people because these orgasms are deemed inferior to a "vaginal orgasm." This false belief (which originated with Sigmund Freud) still causes many modern women to think they are broken, abnormal or inferior because they can not orgasm "the real way." Please remember: The majority of women orgasm most effectively with clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation assisted by clitoral stimulation, not by vaginal stimulation alone, and that is okay and fine! Many women will never orgasm just by vaginal stimulation alone. All orgasms are valid no matter how they happen to occur. Trying to orgasm the "real way" can trap people into worrying about sexual performance and can certainly inhibit orgasm.

9) Make Time For Play--People frequently leave lovemaking for very late hours, when bodies just need sleep. If people would "make time for play" (not necessarily foreplay), protect that time and not wait for spontaneous encounters, they would be more assured of good sex. This is especially meaningful for women because it is easier to reach orgasm when feeling energized rather than tired and weary.

1) Become an Expert On Your Own Body--Learning about your body and its responses is essential for most women to reach orgasm reliably. The idea is to take control of your body and personally get in touch with your responses, then teach your partner what kind of touch is most pleasurable. Remember, he is the expert only on his body! You are the expert on yours! Women who havent learned about their bodies are not able to know what they like sexually. These women are often not orgasmic because they havent learned what works for them.

2) Communicate Openly--Open communication is essential for sexual satisfaction because people are not mind readers. Spoken communication is clearest, but guiding your partners hand or prearranged cues may work as well. Open communication about sex takes honesty, trust, respect and the ability to take risks.

3) Be Sure Your Partner is "On the Mark"-- If your partner is off target when stimulating your body, you wont ever reach orgasm. So, make sure you convey where you need to be touched as well as what you like best.

4) Exaggerate Sexual Tension--With physical arousal it is natural for ones muscles to tense up as orgasm approaches. This happens in both sexes, but is more noticeable in women. Exaggerating this muscle tension may help to trigger an orgasm.

5) Squeeze those Muscles--Contracting the muscles around the vagina (called PC muscles) helps to bring blood to the genitals and thus builds arousal. These are also the muscles that contract with orgasm. Squeezing the PC muscles (called Kegel Exercises) may help to trigger orgasm and may make orgasm more intense.

6) Hang Your Head--Hanging your head over the side of the bed may trigger orgasm. In some women this may heighten arousal and sexual tension. If nothing else, this position will be a distraction from "trying too hard" and hence may lead to orgasm.

7) Breathe Differently--Varying breathing patterns may also add to sexual arousal and can trigger orgasm.

8) Be a Tease--Teasing yourself or allowing your partner to tease you by touching your "pleasure spots," then withdrawing the touch over and over again, is a very effective way to build arousal and heighten orgasm.

9) Practice Letting Go--Orgasm rehearsal (in private) is often helpful for women who have trouble relinquishing control. Practicing orgasms, including making noises and "funny" faces, may help to increase comfort and reduce anxiety about having orgasms. This may help in the process of learning to orgasm.

10) Be Superior--For women who want to "work on" their orgasms with intercourse, the female superior position (on top) generally works best. This position allows a woman to take control of intercourse, thus allowing maximum stimulation. In this way, she can control the tempo of intercourse, the depth of penile thrusting (or sliding movements), and the clitoral stimulation. The female superior position is especially good for women who have personal issues that require the need to feel in total control sexually.

11) Use Toys If You Like--If you are comfortable with the use of sex toys, vibrators can be a fun way to help "get there" reliably and easily. They take "the work" out of trying to orgasm and can also take pressure off your partner because your pleasure then becomes your own responsibility. Vibrators work best when you hold them on yourself. Vibrators can be used (held on the clitoris) for sexual play or during sexual intercourse to facilitate the path to orgasm.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Babu dilutes land debate much to the chagrin of Left

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu, who has changed his decision to boycott the Assembly proceedings on the suggestion of the Left parties, on Thursday diluted the debate on the all-important land distribution. The two Communist parties have been agitating alleging that the government had failed to do justice to the poor and the rich were being benefited from the land distribution and Indiramma scheme.

The Left requested Chandrababu Naidu to extend them moral support in the State Assembly. Chandrababu Naidu agreed to the request but unwittingly created problems for them. When the House was debating the issue rather seriously, Chandrababu Naidu included in his speech several items which are not related to the debate. Even Speaker KR Suresh Reddy said Chandrababu Naidu was deviating from the given subject.

According to sources, the Left parties are not happy with the dilution of the important topic by including political allegations and anecdotes to settle scores with the ruling party. The Communists did not expect this from the Leader of the Opposition. The disgust was clearly writ on the faces of the Communist leaders.

Kalam's new website to be launched today!

CHENNAI: Fans of APJ Abdul Kalam need not lose heart that he will no longer be available on www.presidentofindia.nic.in.

The tech savvy missile man who moved out of Rashtrapati Bhavan on Wednesday will continue to chat with millions of students and admirers on www.abdulkalam.com, a portal that will be launched on Thursday in Chennai.

“The new site will be as interactive as the President's official website. Browsers can continue to chat with Kalam, send him e-mails, share their thoughts for Vision 2020 with him,” a source said.

During his five year term as President, Kalam had ensured that all his speeches and interaction were posted online. “All that content including his poems will be shifted to www.abdulkalam.com now,” the source added.

On Wednesday night, the official website of the President of India was put under renovation to enable the content transfer.

Fact Sheet: Naidu kneels down before Left!

Fresh from the publicity he got from the Obulapuram Mines incident, former Chief Minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu has announced that the TD would actively participate in the Bhoo Poratam launched by the CPI and CPI-M to intensify its attack on the Y S Rajasekhar Reddy government.

Naidu, who desperately needs the support of the Left parties to stage a comeback in the 2009 general elections, is prepared to do anything to please the Reds. Just like the Congress which got benefitted from the Left support in 2004 elections, the TD too wants to gain maximum mileage from the agitations of the Left parties.

That Naidu personally went to the dharna chowk at Indira Park to participate in the indefinite fast launched by the Communists clearly shows how much he can bend head over heels to woo the Left. He wants that the land struggle launched by the Communists would now be extended to all other parties all over the country. His interaction with CPI-M national leader Prakash Karat gave enough hint that the TD would soon seek the support of the Left to the TD in the State and the Third Front at the Centre.

Interestingly, even Bharatiya Janata Party has started participating in the land struggles of the Left. In several Telangana districts, the BJP cadres joined the Leftists in occupying lands, saying that the ongoing agitation for lands by the poor as a justified demand.

Desam helps TRS in fighting rebels

Believe it or not, it is the Telugu Desam Party which is indirectly helping the Telangana Rashtra Samithi to fight its rebel MLAs Duggyala Srinivasa Rao and Mandadi Satyanarayana Reddy, who have become thorn in the flesh for TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao.

True to the Telugu adage: "Kaagala Karyam Gandharvule Teerchinattu," the TRS leaders in Warangal district are immensely happy with the Telugu Desam leaders lodging a complaint with the R&B department, alleging that Dugyala Srinivasa Rao committed irregularities in the road works in the distict, causing a loss of several lakhs of rupees to the government, for which he was "blacklisted" by the government. They also demanded that the government initiate a judicial inquiry or vigilance inquiry into the corruption allegations against the TRS dissident MLA. They also alleged that Duggyala extorting commissions in every work being carried out in his constituency and was blackmailing all those who are opposing his policies.

On another dissident TRS MLA Mandadi Satyanarayana Reddy, the TDP alleged that the veteran politician's name was all too familiar in the urban housing scam in the city. The TD leaders said the region's people had made up their mind to teach the dissident TRS MLAs a lesson in the next elections.

So, the TRS is sitting pretty, with the TD doing all the job of exposing the TRS dissidents!!

How could Kutuhalamma get Dy Speaker post?

Guess, who was responsible for G Kutuhalamma getting the Deputy Speaker post? Nay, not Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, but it was Koduru MLA Prabhavatamma.

This secret was revealed by former minister M Satyanarayana Rao in the Assembly on Wednesday. He said the seat adjacent to Prabhavatamma in the Assembly is a very lucky seat and whoever sits in that would get one position or the other. Earlier, Galla Aruna used to sit beside Prabhavatamma and she was lucky enough to become the Cabinet minister. After Aruna moved into the front benches, Kutuhalamma occupied her seat and thanks to her proximity to Prabhavatamma, she was blessed with the Deputy Speaker post within three months.

Now, Satyanarayana Rao expressed desire to sit beside Prabhavatamma and who knows, he might get the chance to become the minister once again at a later stage? If not minister, will he become the Governor of any State?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No politicians, media at Lokesh wedding!

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu does not want any politicians or mediapersons at the wedding of his only son Nara Lokesh on August 26. The venue selected is the sprawling Hitex but Chandrababu Naidu wants only a few people to attend the wedding ceremony. According to Telugu Desam sources, Chandrababu Naidu has decided to limit his guest list toabout 70 to 80 people and none of them is from the media or politics. No Telugu Desam leader will grace the occasion since Babu wants it to be purely a private affair.

If there will be any guests, they will be from the bride's side. And sources point out, there will be hundreds of them from the film industry.

It seems Chandrababu Naidu wants to present himself as the "simplest politician" in the country. So he has limited his guest list for the wedding, as he did earlier for the engagement ceremony.

How Can Gali Call Chandrababu Like This?

It is really demeaning to the society. A responsible industrialist slipped his tongue in nasty way. The former CM of AP and the present Opposition Party Leader is insulted with that dirty word ('A KOJJA') out of rage by Gali Janardana Reddy, the head of Mining Company at Obulapuram. How can he use that dirty word? He also said that the day will come when people throw stones on Chandrababu.
"Chandrababu! Nuvvu Magadivaithey, Nee Raktamlo neethi unte Hyderabad lo naa intipai raallu veyisthaava? Nuvvoka Durmargudivi, Chetakaani vaadivi, kojjaavi..", said Gali.
It's really demeaning. Can Chandrababu allow his business run smoothly when he comes to power if Gali shouts like this? Well, who knows there will be no permanent enemies in politics! Gali may buy Chandrababu if he comes to power.
Talking on this mining issue, "It's Paritala Ravi who preyed on the mines of that area when Chandrababu was in power. Now it's the time of Gali to prey on that. TDP is with insecurity that the Congress would go financially powerful with this mining business. So to curb that, TDP is sitting on that issue. Another aspect to be observed is that TDP has been silent from the last 3 years on this issue and suddenly woke up as there is no other issue to tickle the ruling party", said a lecturer who teaches political science in college of Hyderabad.

Opinion: Ramoji Rao Agreed He Is Licking TDP

Ramoji Rao agreed that he is the pamphlet of TDP in his editorial today. Shamelessly, he said that he called on people to vote for TDP in 1983 elections. How can a responsible News Paper (as he claims) boast this disgracefully? He also gave several covering inferno statements to support his act. He says that he was worried looking at the ill affects of monopoly of Congress in the state for about 30 years. He also said that he took the responsibility of standing as an opposition to Congress and encouraged TDP.
He recalled that he also wrote many things against TDP as well during its rule keeping the people's interest in view point. But how he earned the land for Ramoji Film City? Is that not by putting TDP on shoulders? The number-1 selfish old man, Ramoji Rao speaks about ethics in journalism which is a shame on his part.
Everybody does mistake. Standing with guilt looks mightier than the act of supporting it.
(Letter posted by greatandhra.com reader K. Raghunandan, New Jersey)

YSR gets 'Seema Simham' image!

Notwithstanding the hullabaloo created by the Telugu Desam members and the vilification campaign run by the media, there was an overwhelming support from not only the Congress leaders but also from other sections in Rayalaseema, to Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy for coming down heavily on Opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu in the Assembly on Monday.
In fact, YSR is now being described as "Seema Simham" by the Congress leaders from Kadapa and Anantapur districts. For the last two days, the high drama enacted by the Desam MLAs at Obulapuram mines, making all sorts of wild allegations against the Chief Minister and his family, were irritating these Rayalaseema Congress leaders. They were surprised as to why the Chief Minister remained silent when the TD MLAs were creating a nuisance at Obulapuram. In a way, these leaders were feeling that YSR's silence was not in tune with his Rayalaseema image.
But, when the Chief Minister took Naidu to task in the Assembly, threatening to make the latter regret for having born to his mother, his image graph has suddenly gone up and there were wide spread accolades for him in Rayalaseema, though some Congress leaders from Andhra like Finance Minister K Rosaiah felt that YSR should not have used such harsh words. And YSR proved himself a dignified leader by tendering an unconditional apology to Naidu on Tuesday, with a rider that if at all the latter felt there was any reference to his mother.

Fact Sheet: Dayakar becomes TD leaders' envy

Wardhannapet MLA and Telugu Desam whip in the Assembly Errabelli Dayakar Rao has become a hero in the party overnight, thanks to his overaction at the Obulapuram mines in Anantapur, where the Desam MLAs tried to tresspass into the mining area.
Though it was Dayakar Rao who dealt blows on the police personnel, the media tried to project as if he was manhandled by the police and that he fainted in the melee. The entire media focus was, thus, on Dayakar Rao and the next day, he put up a big show by shaving his beard and taking bath in front of the police station. Naturally, Dayakar Rao's image has gone up steeply in the party and Naidu had a word of praise for his daring acts.
This has created an envy among the other TD leaders towards Dayakar Rao. Particularly, his rival in Warangal district, Kadiam Srihari, has not taken kindly the kind of importance being given to Dayakar. In fact, when Srihari was the minister in Chandrababu Naidu cabinet, Dayakar Rao used to grumble everyday for being denied the berth in the Cabinet. In 2004 elections, Dayakar Rao won his seat, while Srihari lost the polls. Since then, Dayakar's role in the party has been increasing and Srihari has been relegated to back seat. With the Obulapuram incident, Srihari is forced to play a second fiddle to Dayakar, organising dharnas and rallies in support of the latter in Warangal district. That's Desam politics!!

Babu does an NTR in House boycott

Former Chief Minister and Opposition Leader in the Assembly N Chandrababu Naidu tries to imitate every trick of his father-in-law N T Rama Rao to be in the news and get the publicity.
On Tuesday, Naidu adopted the same trick NTR followed when he was the Opposition leader between 1989 and 1994 – of boycotting the Assembly proceedings. Naidu announced that he would be boycotting the Assembly proceedings for the next and last three days of the monsoon session in protest against the pungent remarks made by Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy against him. He is trying to create an impression that he was deeply hurt by YSR's comments, personally denigrating him and his mother. Obviously, Naidu did not want to face the uncomfortable situation, if there is a debate in the Assembly on Obulapuram issue, as it would thoroughly expose his role in granting the mining lease. Hence, he decided to avoid the proceedings of the Assembly and at the same, be in the news.
When NTR was the Opposition leader, he, too, boycotted the Assembly proceedings in protest against the ill-treatment meted out to him by the then Vijayabhaskara Reddy government. Then, the entire show in the Assembly was handled by Chandrababu Naidu, who behaved as de facto Opposition leader. Now that Naidu himself chose to stay away from the proceedings, who would play his earlier role? Perhaps, Devender Goud might take the mantle.

DS lunch for Hyderabad bros: What's cooking?

Gandhi Bhavan was agog with rumours on Tuesday about possible outbreak of a full scale dissidence activity against Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, under a Telangana leadership.
The cause for the rumours was hosting of lunch by former Pradesh Congress Committee president and Minister for Higher Education D Srinivas exclusively for Hyderabad Brothers – Khairtabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy and Sanathnagar MLA Marri Shashidhar Reddy at his Banjara Hills residence. The so-called "luncheon meeting" lasted more than two hours and nobody knew what transpired between Srinivas and the Hyderabad brothers at the meeting. "Lunch ku pilichindu, vacchinam; antey," was the cryptic reply given by PJR to the waiting mediapersons.
Normally, PJR is outspoken and doesn't hide anything before the media. But this time, he remained tightlipped. So were Srinivas and Shashidhar Reddy. This had given rise to speculations about a possible dissidence activity in the Congress, in the wake of recent developments. There was also a speculation that the Chief Minister himself had asked Srinivas to cool down PJR and Shashidhar and buy peace with him (YSR). Anyway, the luncheon conclave was the talk of the town on Tuesday, providing a lot of fodder for mediapersons.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fact Sheet: PJR scared of his own gunmen!

Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy may have the guts to challenge even Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, but he is scared of his own gunmen.

After the recent unsavoury Jubilee Hills incident, in which PJR's son Vishnuvardhan Reddy allegedly manhandled YSR's brother Ravindra Reddy, the government recalled the two gunmen allotted to PJR and replaced them with a fresh batch of two gunmen. Though it was a prerogative of the police department to decide on whom to post and whom to recall as gunmen for an MLA, it should tell the MLA before making such changes.

But in PJR's case, it did not happen. A couple of days after the incident, he was surprised to find two new gunmen at his residence. He now fears the earlier two gunmen, who were eyewitnesses to the Jubilee Hills incident, could be used as evidences against his son in the criminal court. They might also provide vital information about his political strategies, because normally gunmen keep on eye on who is coming and who is going and what the leaders are up to. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons why PJR has become quiet in the last three or four days!

YSR's 'unconditional' apology to Babu with conditions

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy has finally realised the impact of his remarks against his bete noire and Telugu Desam supremo N Chandrababu Naidu. After insisting for full 24 hours that what he had spoken against Chandrababu Naidu was not in bad taste, Rajaseskhar Reddy has now bowed down to the public wish. He has tendered an unconditional apology to the leader of the Opposition. But Rajasekhar Reddy's apology would have been more weighty had he not attached strings to it. His apology reads like this, "if Chandrababu Naidu feels that I have spoken against his mother, I herewith tender an unconditional apology".

Many do not realise that there's a condition attached to this "unconditional apology". The condition is that if Chandrababu Naidu feels hurt.

Bramhani Steels drags Babu, Ramoji to court

Looks like the fight over the controversial Obulapuram iron ore mines has taken legal overtones. Industrialist and Bramhani Steels promotor G Janardhan Reddy has filed a suit in Rayadurgam Munsif Court against Telugu Desam supremo and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He sought damages in the defamation suit alleging that Chandrababu Naidu had defamed him by calling him an illegal miner and cheat.

He has also filed private cases against Telugu Desam MP MV Mysoora Reddy and media barons Ch Ramoji Rao (Eenadu) and V Radhakrishna (Jyothi) for publication of reports in their newspapers.

Bedlam in House over CM's remark against Naidu

Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Monday plunged into pandemonium when Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy's personal remark against TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu evoked strong reaction from the entire Opposition leading to suspension of 13 TDP members from the House for the day.

During the course of his clarification over allegations of illegal iron ore mining in Anantapur district, the Chief Minister directed his ire at Naidu and made certain personal remarks, triggering furore in the House.

Apparently provoked by Naidu seeking to interrupt him, Reddy made a stinging personal attack which was condemned by the entire Opposition as "unparliamentary."

Later, the Chief Minister said he had no objection to his remarks being expunged if they were found unparliamentary.

Speaker K R Suresh Reddy assured the agitated Opposition that he would expunge the remarks after verifying them.

Demanding apology from the Chief Minister, TDP members frequently stormed the podium and stalled the proceedings. Amidst din, the Speaker abruptly adjourned the House till 4.30 pm.

When the House re-assembled, there was no respite from the furore with TDP members surrounding the podium and raising slogans demanding Reddy's apology.

Agriculture Minister N Raghuveera Reddy then moved a resolution, under Rule 340, seeking suspension of 13 TDP MLAs present in the House.

Later, CPI (M) and CPI members staged a walk-out as a mark of protest against the CM's remarks.

Behind The Scene: Why did YSR foul mouth Naidu?

It surprised even the Congress MLAs when the otherwise cool and composed Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy suddenly lost his cool in the Assembly on Monday and used "harsh words" against Opposition Leader N Chandrababu Naidu.

A review of the events that unfolded in the House shows that it was a deliberate and not a spontaneous act on the part of the Chief Minister to provoke the Telugu Desam party. Inquiries revealed that the strategy was worked out by Chief Whip Kiran Kumar Reddy with Agriculture Minister N Raghuveera Reddy and Media advisor Ravichander. They prompted the Chief Minister to run down the Opposition leader, so that the whole attention of the public on the TD leaders's dharna at Rayadurgam police station in Anantapur would be diverted. However, they did not expect YSR to use such a harsh language; they only gave him the evidence about Chandrababu Naidu's involvement in leasing of Obulapuram mines in his own regime, so that he would turn tables on the main Opposition.

As expected, the attention was diverted to the Assembly, while the police successfully put an end to the agitation of the TD MLAs. But, by losing his tongue, YSR created a fresh controversy, much to the chagrin of the Congress media managers.

Fact Sheet: Now, it's BSP turn to fire at Ramoji!

After the Congress party, it is now the turn of Bahujan Samaj Party to fire salvos at media baron Ramoji Rao, in the State.

The BSP, though it has a very little presence in the State, has been writing to all the BC and SC organisations as to how Eenadu newspaper is ignoring the news pertaining to Dalits. The BSP is particularly peeved at publishing a photograph of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati with that of Monica Bedi, film across who was arrested in the pass port forgery case, thereby equating both the women, saying that both these women could go scot free without punishment for lack of evidence.

The BSP activists took out rallies in several parts of the State in protest against the Eenadu report, saying it was nothing but insulting crores of Dalits. The party is now trying to take up the issue of "self-respect for the Dalits" and use it as an election plank in the next elections, along with the other weaker sections.

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