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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Popular Politician of the Year-2007

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He has been a notable personality in Rajahmundry from the past 30 years but not known for the rest of the state. He was in Congress and has been known as an interpreter and translator for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi when they used to come to Rajahmundry. He never earned big and never made any sort of news in the past 30 years. But he turned a news maker all of a sudden this year by attacking Ramoji Rao's Margadarsi. His name goes along with that firm now. He is Undavalli Arun Kumar, the MP of Rajahmundry who turned popular this year. He exposed his invincible arguing capabilities, timely response for tricky questions and boldness in putting strife with media baron Ramoji Rao.

He turned a newsmaker this year and attracted each and every media channel, tabloids, news papers and websites. There were many magazines those were sold out in market in big way with his photograph on cover page. He also started a magazine by himself this year called 'Ee Vaaram'. He is now an MP and Editor of 'Ee Vaaram' too.

Every politician will be a news maker somehow or other. But breaking the silence and attracting the media and public all of a sudden is something to be underlined- and that too for quite a long time. So, Undavalli Arun Kumar can be called the popular politician of the year 2007.

Chiranjeevi's Father Very Strong And Sturdy

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Chiranjeevi's father Shri Konidela Venkat Rao turned a topic for discussion among many. He breathed his last last morning leaving his family in big grief. The fans of Chiranjeevi took it very personal and few had shed tears as a silent condolence for the family of their star. Not only the fans of Chiranjeevi, but many other hearts also melted with compassion.

Many have started saying great things about Late Shri Venkat Rao.

"He was very strong and sturdy. He used to drive on motor cycle from Nellore to Rajahmundry when he was in his 50s. He is very disciplined and affectionate and the qualities were taken by his children", said an old friend of Venkat Rao.

"He used to have great affinity for Mogultur although traveled various places on transfers. Chiranjeevi used to study in Mogultur living in his aunt's house. Venkat Rao was known for love and affection", recalled another.

The day was spent by many mega fans and admirers of Mega Star by paying homage for the passed away father of Chiranjeevi, Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan.

New channel to have Telangana tinge

One more Telugu news channel will hit your screens soon. Called T Channel, this latest 24 x 7 network is likely to be commissioned by first quarter of next year. Former Andhra Jyoti editor K Ramachandra Murthy is the CEO cum MD of the new channel.

Bhavanarayana, of Maa TV former news editor will be the editor of this new channel, and Mallepalli Lakshmaiah, senior journalist and Dalit intellectual will be state network in charge. Rammohan, till recently with Satya TV, will be its output editor.

Though Kapil Chit fund people are touted to be owners of this new channel, sources say that Andhra Joyti boss Vemuri Radha Krishna has a strong stake in T Channel. A few NRIs from Karimnagar district are also said to have some minor stake in it.

The new channel will have a Telangana tinge to it, though its top brass is unlikely to own it. “Some people may say we are Telangana channel, while others are free to interpret it as Telugu channel and Truth channel,” said a functionary associated with the channel.

Anyway, it is going to be refreshingly different from the existing seven private Telugu news channels - ETV-2, TV 9, Maa TV, Teja News, Zee Telugu, NTV and TV 5. Indications are that actor Nagarjuna is busy with preparations of launching his own news channel in 2008.

Rumors: Devender Goud to join Chiranjeevi

Some important developments are in the offing in state. Telugu Desam Party veteran and former home minister T Devender Goud is set to join hands with mega star Chiranjeevi, who is expected to announce launching his own political outfit in the new year.

Vexed with Chandrababu Naidu’s tantrums aimed at him, Goud is seriously thinking of joining the bandwagon, which is likely to have the cause of social justice, sources said. In this case, Chiranjeevi, will have to acknowledge Goud as virtually No 2 in the new party.

This status has been eluding Goud in TDP presently. “Sometimes, Goud assumes that he is No 2 after Naidu, but he is equated with just yet another light weight, like Kadiam Srihari or Errabelli Dayakar Rao,” pointed out a TDP leader close to the Medchel MLA.

Goud is more hurt by the fact that certain TDP seniors like Ummareddy Venkateswarlu, who openly ridicule Goud, are believed to have the backing of TDP chief. “Naidu has no guts to challenge Goud openly, but he does give pinpricks to the latter indirectly,” said the Goud aide.

Normally, Goud always addresses Naidu as Sir”. But, of late, he started using singular number terms like “Aaayana” and “Baabu”. One should not forget the fact, that TDP senior Kotagiri Vidyadhara Rao lost his place with Naidu, just because he addressed the CM as “Baabu” in a cabinet meeting long ago.

If Goud dumps Naidu, and embaraces Chiranjeevi, it is going to be a biggest blow to TDP in Telangana region. Not only that, backward classes elsewhere too would develop cold feet for TDP and distance themselves from it.

Some advisors of Goud are of the view that he should float a separate Telangna TDP and have a tie up with Chiranjeevi. “But, no final decision is taken on the course of action,” a Goud associate said. Anyway, Goud is going to unveil his political ambitions before 2009 polls.

Devendar Goud suggests, Babu follows

Till a few days ago it was the other way round. Telugu Desam supremo N Chandrababu Naidu used to call the shots in the party meetings and internal discussions. Now it is senior party leader T Devendar Goud who has been virtually dictating terms in the review meetings. Devendar Goud's suggestions and advices are accepted by Chandrababu Naidu instantly. Now that he is in the race for power, with State Assembly polls fast approaching, Chandrababu Naidu has come to terms. He knows fully well that if he has to win the political race, he should keep everyone in the Telugu Desam in happy mood. Since Devendar Goud hails from the backward Telangana and his role getting important in the area, Chandrababu Naidu does not want to antagonise him. Devendar Goud has of late emerged as a crowd puller in the Telangana region and Chandrababu Naidu wants to keep Devendar Goud in good humour at least till he bounces back to power.

On Monday during the Politburo meeting of the Telugu Desam, Devendar Goud came up with a list of suggestions which Chandrababu Naiud promptly agreed to implement. Even the distribution of blankets among the inmates of social welfare hostels is the idea thrown up by Devendar Goud.

BC leaders in the Telugu Desam are happy that Chandrababu Naidu is at last giving importance to senior leaders in the party. But the million dollar question that remains unanswered is: will Chandrababu Naidu continue with the same generous attitude after he comes to power, whether in 2009 or 2014.

Y S Jagan as Youth Congress president?


Will Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, son of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, take over as the president of Andhra Pradesh Yough Congress?

Well, Khammam Zilla parishad chairperson G Vijayalaxmi wishes so. She asked Jaganmohan Reddy to join politics and take over as the Youth Congress president, so that he could give a new direction to the youth of the State.

Mrs Vijayalaxmi said that the energetic leaders like Jagan should not be away to the politics and he should join politics to extend his services to the poor. "I felt the above as a mother and I hope Jagan may honour my appeal", she said and she added that she noticed various programmes organised by him for the welfare of the poor in Kadapa and other districts.

Merry Christmas

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