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Friday, August 3, 2007

potlight: Dogs cheaper than police!

Strange as it might sound, the Police department has come to a conclusion that trained dogs work out to be cheaper than recruiting more policemen.

Official sources say the department is planning to increase tracker dogs services on a large scale, as they are not only cheaper, but also more effective than the policemen due to the special ability. Each police circle in the State will get tracker dogs facility with in short period. To meet this new methodology the police officers were trying to procure Alsatian, Doberman Pinscher, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel breed of dogs.

Since dogs have extraordinary power of sniffing, Ultrasonic hearing capability, and possess night vision capability, the department feels dogs are ready to work under all geo-climatic conditions, relatively inexpensive and easy to train. Police officials strongly believe that dogs are faithful, alert and be trained to be aggressive.

Now, proposals are flooding from all the districts for getting more dogs. Why then are the police? Let it be a dog's department!

Fact Sheet: Yet another party for Dalits in AP!

The formation of a full-fledged Dalit government in Uttar Pradesh has rekindled a hope among the Dalit outfits in Andhra Pradesh, that they too can dream of such a Dalit government in the State.

However, what is lacking among them is a force that unites different outfits whose leaders have their own motives. As a result, more and more groups are coming up with their individual agenda. So, yet another party has come from Dalits in the name of Rajyadhikara Party, whose founder president V G R Naragoni announced that the sole intention of the party was to fight for power to Bahujans in the elections slated for 2009 and for over all development and up lift of back ward communities including SC and STs in the State.

Already, there is an attempt to bring all the parties fighting for the oppressed sections on to one forum with an objective of bringing weaker sections to power, but there is no cohesion among these parties mainly because the leaders are selfish. No wonder, they are being exploited by upper caste-dominated parties like Congress, Telugu Desam and TRS!

Arguments between CPI leaders and BVR!

The Telugu Desam, which is waiting in the wings to capitalise on every issue that embarasses the government, has virtually created serious differences between the CPI and CPI-M leaders.

After the Mudigonda incident, the CPI-M is keen to draw support of other parties, more particularly TD, so that it can form an anti-Congress front in the state, CPI, on the other hand, wants to maintain distance from both the Congress and TD so that Left parties' distinct role in the land struggle is not diluted. K Narayana and S Sudhakar Reddy have been voicing moderation whereas B V Raghuvulu and Tammineni Veerabhadram want a show-down with Congress on Bhoo poratam and police firing issue.

Sources say Sudhakar Reddy's comments against Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu stating that the latter had no moral responsibility to participate in the land stir has led to arguments between CPI leaders and CPI-M State secretary B V Raghavulu. It is learnt Raghavulu argued that such a statement would cause damage to the Opposition's fight against the government, as it is the time to carry all the parties along with the Leftists to intensify the agitation. It has created an impression that CPI has fallen into the trap of the Congress, which would take advantage of the situation and run down the Opposition unity.

The CPI leaders are of the view that if the Telugu Desam is allowed to join the land stir, it would hijack the entire movement and would only sideline the Leftists. "The focus of Bhooporatam is lost, if the TD enters the scene because it only gives political colour to the agitation. Why should we give it such an opportunity? Let it fight on its own issues. The land stir should be confined only to the Leftists. If there are other issues, we can join hands with the TD," CPI State secretary Narayana argued.

Fact Sheet: Now, Cong takes up 'Bhoo Akramana!'

Wisdom seems to have dawned upon the Congress party at last. They have realised how much damage the Bhooparatam of the Leftists has done to the Congress party and eroded its electoral base.

Though the party has not come out with any action plan to undo the damage and counter the Opposition strategies, Congress leaders at the district level have been chalking out their plans to regain their hold among the poor. In Adilabad for instance, the Congress leaders launched their own Bhoo Akramana, encouraging the poor people to occupy government lands, as they don't want to give any credit to the left parties. Hundreds of poor from slum areas of Adilabad town and nearby villages occupied government lands on the outskirts of the town; erected signboards in the lands they have occupied reads that these lands allocated by the local Congress MLA C Ramachandra Reddy. The MLA assured the people that the government would regularise all such encroachments in the near future. Surprisingly, the local police or district administration did not intervene in this issue unlike in the past when poor led by left parties occupied government lands.

Though it might give a temporarly mileage to the Congress in the districts, it would create a lot of problems for the Y S Rajasekhar Reddy government, as it has only justified the Lefists' action. Whether he will regularise all such encroached lands is a million dollars question.

Apollo to run mini-hospital at new Hyderabad airport

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL), which is building a greenfield airport in Hyderabad, Thursday selected Apollo Hospitals for setting up a medical centre inside the passenger terminal.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL), which is building a greenfield airport in Hyderabad, Thursday selected Apollo Hospitals for setting up a medical centre inside the passenger terminal.

The 17-bed medical centre will be built in the passenger terminal building (PTB) of the airport in Shamshabad, which is expected to become operational by March 2008.

'We are fully aware of the importance of providing emergency treatment to the passengers as well as the basic medical care for employees working in the airport. We are sure it will live up to our expectations in making the new Hyderabad international airport a truly customer-friendly one,' T. Srinagesh, chief operating officer of GHIAL, said in a statement.

As per the agreement, Apollo Hospitals will set up the medical centre spread over 300 sq meters in Level B of the PTB and first aid kiosks in passenger restricted areas.

'It (Apollo) will provide permanent staffing and dedicated paramedics in this centre. It will have facilities like ultrasound, ECG as well as round-the-clock emergency dental services,' the company added.

GHIAL is a joint venture company promoted by the GMR Group, which has a stake of 63 percent, and Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad with an 11 percent stake.

The Andhra Pradesh government and the Airports Authority of India will have 13 percent stake each in the project.

'The facility will serve as an emergency treatment centre for passengers who may develop medical complications while on travel or in the airport premises.

'It will also serve as an important partner in disaster management during crisis periods such as explosion, fire, earthquake, plane crash etc within the airport premises,' the company added.

In addition to the passengers, the centre will provide medical care to needy airlines and airport staff, and will also act as a centre for conducting pre-flight medical tests for pilots and flight crews.

The agreement also envisages the medical centre to own and operate a minimum of four advanced ambulances, the company added.

Political Talk: PCC Chief KK is enemy No.1!

The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/newsimages/kk1186072011.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee chief K Kesava Rao is enemy number No.1 for congress party in Andhra Pradesh.

We are referring to the Congress party for which KK happens to be the party president. KK has time and again proved to be a major embarrassment to the party by his uncalled for comments and statements. He has now mastered the art of putting his foot firmly in his mouth at regular intervals.

The latest example is the Mudigonda issue. At a time when the party high command was trying to soften the ruffled feathers of the leftist, KK put spoke a in the wheel with his uncalled for and derogatory comments. He accused the leftists of playing casteist politics. He pointed out that the TDP chief and the leaders of the left parties in the state belong to the same community and therefore they are making all kinds of noises. He even went to the extent of accusing the leftists of amassing wealth in the name of Bhooporatam. This has put the reconciliatory efforts of not only the chief minister but also the efforts of the party high command, in serious jeopardy.

KK’s other blunders in the recent past include challenging the TRS chief to resign as MP and contest once again afresh. This revived the sagging fortunes of not only KCR but also managed to galvanize the party into action once again.

KK also publicly commented on YSR saying that he should not have attended the felicitation function of Kasani Gyaneswar. This caused serious embarrassment to the CM. And the list goes on and on.

His term as PCC chief has ended but he is still continuing as the high command is still on the lookout for a suitable person to succeed him.

However on the other hand, the opposition parties are secretly wishing that he would continue in the present post, at least till the next assembly elections.

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