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Sunday, September 2, 2007

YSR hits last nail in Ramoji coffin!

After stepping up a multi-pronged attack on media baron Ramoji Rao in the form of targetting the Margadarsi Financiers and destabilsing Eenadu Telugu daily by launching his own paper Saakshi, Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy is hitting the last nail into his coffin.

Eenadu group's agricultural magazine "Annadata" is a very popular journal among the farmers, as it provides a lot of material for their benefit. It has a respectable circulation and is fetching a lot of profits for Ramoji Rao. The Chief Minister, who did not concentrate on this magazine all these days, suddenly woke up and decided to sound a death knell to Annadata.

He asked the Agricultural Department to revive its old journal "Paadi Pantalu" in tune with the latest trend and see that the copies reach all the farmers' groups free of cost. He ordered that the content of Paadi Pantalu should be more attractive and informative than Annadata. What is more, he instructed that all the farmers groups and gram panchayats stop subscribing to Annadata and switch over to Paadi Pantalu. Two birds at one shot!!

YSR spares TDP, but attacks Left

Guntur: In a departure from his usual rhetoric, YSR on Saturday skipped commenting on the TDP and instead trained his guns on former allies, the Left parties, and assailed their land for landless agitation.

Addressing a meet at B R Stadium here, the CM , without naming the Left parties, said that neither the Congress nor the state government need lessons on welfare from some political parties. “We are giving pucca houses to the poor in the state. Unfortunately, some political parties are waging a war for house sites,” he said.

According to him, about 19 lakh houses would be constructed in the first phase of the Indiramma programme and nearly 22 lakh houses in the second phase. “The construction of lakhs of houses is going on at a brisk pace and the aim is to ensure that no one is left without a house in the state,” he said.

“I do not understand the agitations launched by some parties for house sites for the poor. They are trying to mislead the people by telling them that the government launched housing schemes for the people only due to the agitation launched by these parties. We need no lessons from any political party on doing good for the poor”.

YSR said he had advised Sonia against visiting Hyderabad after the bomb blasts to avoid unnecessary publicity to the terrorist attacks. Such publicity would have shown the state in a bad light and also reflect on the investments, he added.

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