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Friday, December 28, 2007

YSR tells the world that PJR is his friend

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Everyone in Hyderabad or for that matter even in New Delhi knows that Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy and former Congress Legislature Party leader P Janardhan Reddy are not at good terms. They had been at virtual war for quite some time. But when PJR died on Friday, Rajasekhar Reddy wanted to send a strong message to the people and PJR's strong following that he (YSR) was a good friend of the deceased leader.

But simple condolence message will not work. So Rajasekhar Reddy, first, announced that PJR would get official funeral. Later, he came up with the announcement that there will be a general holiday in Greater Hyderabad municipal limits on Saturday when the funeral will take place.

Rajasekhar Reddy came out with these two measures to ensure that the large fan following of PJR do not become angry. This is exactly what had happened. When Energy Minister Muhammad Ali Shabber went to the hospital, he was received by a hostile crowd. They shouted slogans against Shabber for the simple reason that he is the incharge minister of Hyderabad district.

But when Rajasekhar Reddy went to the hospital, there was no slogan shouting. Everyone welcomed the Chief Minister. PJR and Shabber had been at good terms. The problem was between Rajasekhar Reddy and PJR. But timely announcement by Rajasekhar Reddy had calmed down the anger of PJR's group.

Srija, Sirish create nuisance at PJR's house

The sudden death of Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy due to heart attack has sent shockwaves among the Congress workers in Hyderabad and thousands of his supporters thronged his residence to pay their last respects to the department leader.

It is nothing but natural that there would be stampede when VIPs come to such places, as the police would have to take extra precautions in providing them security. But some people behave as if they are more than the VIPs. Like Srija and Sirish Bharadwaj (daughter and son-in-law of Megastar Chiranjeevi).

It is a known fact that Sirish Bharadwaj is a distant relative of PJR, and he has every right to visit the latter's residence at this hour of grief. But he should behave like any other relative, who came there. But Sirish tried to pose himself as a VVIP, like a Chief Miniter and tried to barge into PJR house. He thought the police would provide him and Srija necessary security, just because they are related to Chiranjeevi, and lead them into PJR's residence, but the police did their duty and tried to push them away. Sirish picked up an argument with the police, stating that he was a close friend of Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, son of PJR and that he should be allowed. After much hungama, however, the police had let them in. Nobody paid them any attention and they had to leave the place quietly, after paying homage to PJR.

MSR decides to lead fresh T-struggle in Cong

Controversial Karimnagar MLA and APSRTC chairman M Satyanarayana Rao has decided to lead a fresh Telangana movement within the Congress to bring pressure on the Congress high command to grant separate Statehood to the region.

MSR is understood to have closeted with a few senior Congress leaders including V Purushottam Reddy, Palvai Goverdhan Reddy, K V Kesavulu and P Narasa Reddy at his residence a couple of days ago and decided that the time has come all the veterans build up pressure on the high command, lest they would all fade out after the next elections.

The seniors are learnt to have observed that the so-called Telangana Regional Coordination Committee had lost its relevance, as many of its leaders like Chinna Reddy and Jeevan Reddy had lost interest in the Telangana and had become stooges of Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

Interestingy, the task of prevailing upon the Centre is said to have been entrusted to former PCC president and Rajya Sabha member K Kesava Rao. The future course of action is expected to be taken in a few days, sources say.

PJR's Funeral Tomorrow At Amberpet

PJR's sudden death shook entire Hyderabad and the shops were shut down at Madhapur, Kondapur, Kukatpalli, Khairatabad, Somajiguda, Punjagutta and Ameerpet.
Party flags were pulled down as a sign of tribute for PJR. His final rites will be performed tomorrow at Amberpet Funeral Ground. Heavy traffic jam is observed at various places in the city.
The family members of PJR were collapsed listening to the news. All the TV channels are busy with the incessant news regarding PJR's death and the condition at his home. Thousands of PJR fans have conglomerated at the residence of PJR. PJR was survived with four daughters and 1 son.

Sirish and Srija Visited PJR’s House

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Chiranjeevi’s second son in law Sirish Bharadwaj and daughter Srija visited PJR’s house to pay homage for the deceased leader. PJR’s son and Sirish are good friends and also relatives. Number of Congress leaders is seen at his house. The parents of Sirish are also seen at the place. The condition of PJR’s wife is uncontrollable and the doctors are seeing to control her Blood Pressure levels to avoid any peril. PJR was born in 1948 and was grown up as a leader from rags. He started his career as a worker in a factory.

Flash Flash : PJR dies of sudden heart attack


Hyderabad: Rebellious Congress MLA from Khairatabad P Janardhan Reddy died of massive heart attack here on Friday.

He was 59. PJR, as he is fondly called, was participating in the Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee meeting at Jewel Gardens in Secunderabad, when he collapsed with severe chest pain. He was immediately rushed to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences nearby, where he was declared dead.

PJR, who rose to the level of Congress Legislature Party leader from an ordinary industrial worker and trade union leader, was always in the news with his rebellious attitude. He was a staunch critic of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and he, along with Sanathnagar MLA Marri Shashidhar Reddy, questioned the indifferent attitude of Rajasekhar Reddy government towards the Telangana region in general and Hyderabad in particular. Both, together, earned the nickname of ‘Hyderabad Brothers.”

PJR was elected to the State Assembly five times and was a minister in the Anjaiah and Vijayabhaskara Reddy Cabinets. He was defeated in 1999 elections by Telugu Desam candidate K Vijayarama Rao.

Bhutto among 10 women most admired by Americans

New York(IANS) Benazir Bhutto figured among the 10 women most admired by Americans in a survey conducted by USA Today newspaper and Gallup polling agency.

The slain Pakistani leader, who had studied at Harvard, made it to the list for the first time, chosen by two percent of over 1,000 respondents in the annual poll conducted earlier this month.

The list was topped by US Senator Hillary Clinton, who narrowly beat television celebrity Oprah Winfrey. Clinton, who is the front-running Democratic party candidate, was chosen by 18 percent of Americans. Winfrey, who has been campaigning for Clinton's rival for the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama, was just two percentage points behind the former first lady.

Other women in the top 10 were US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (five percent), actress Angelina Jolie and first lady Laura Bush, both with three percent support and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who had the same level of support as Bhutto.

US House of Representatives speaker, Nancy Pelosi, African-American author Maya Angelou and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II rounded off the list, all garnering one percent of Americans' votes.

The poll asked 1,011 adults in the US to choose women "living today in any part of the world" they admired most.

Buzz: Ramoji Rao's Land Business In Gujarat!

This is the historical point to underline by Telugus. After winning in elections Narendra Modi talked to Ramoji for more than 20 minutes just to thank him for the support given by his News Channel –'ETV-Gujarathi'. Modi was rightly glorified by ETV and that added a lot for his charisma, Modi believed firmly. Ramoji Rao seems to be keeping the CMs of various states in his grip wherever he is present with his ETV. He is not just confining his 'king maker activities' for Andhra Pradesh but spreading to other states as well.

Inside sources say that Ramoji Rao is in the process of buying a few thousands of acres of land in other states as well to spread his empire. Well, he may set up Film City or start his Eenadu News Paper in other languages as well. Ramoji has 'links' with BJP groups and he has got good relations with Venkayya Naidu and others. It is said that Ramoji wishes to have big lands in Gujarat, Karnataka and other states whichever are possible.

Let us see how far Modi will be helpful for Ramoji now.

Behind The Screen: Condolence or chamchagiri?

Whether or not Chiranjeevi enters politics, Kapu leaders appear to be in a hurry.

What should have been a condolence meeting has turned out to be a political platform for sycophants

On Wednesday, some local Kapu Sangham leaders led by film producer Ramesh Naidu, organized a condolence meeting to pay tributes to late Konidela Venkat Rao, father of Megastar Chiranjeevi at Ravindra Bharati. They invited a few film personalities including Kodi Ramakrishna, Srihari, Babu Mohan and Mada Venkateshwara Rao, apart from several community leaders.

Most of the participants, who spoke at the meeting, were more interested in eulogizing Chiranjeevi, rather than paying homage to Venkat Rao. Some of them, like Babu Mohan, went to the extent of saying that Venkat Rao was fortunate to give birth to a great personality like Chiranjeevi, who was “born on the earth only to serve the humanity”. “Venkat Rao garu should have survived for another one-and-a-half years. He would have been very happy to see his son changing the destiny of Andhra Pradesh,” a Kapu leader said. Babu Mohan, too, was all praise for Chiranjeevi and wished that the latter should take the reins of the State at the earliest, which would make his father’s soul in the heaven happy.

One wondered whether the meeting was organized to condole Venkat Rao’s death or do “chamchagiri” to Chiranjeevi.

Ironically, the same gathering remained on the dais and in the audience to pay homage to slain Kapu leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga on the occasion of his 8th on his death anniversary.

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