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Monday, August 20, 2007

Political Talk: Snap Poll Will Benefit TDP!

There talk of mid-term elections to the Lok Sabha are being heard everywhere. But many feel that such a possibility is very remote. The Left parties have certainly raised the pitch, but it is highly unlikely that they would pull the rug from under the feet of Manmohan Singh.

But the ground reality in the state suggests that in such an eventuality, it is the Telugu Desam Party that will emerge as the biggest gainer from a snap poll. The party fared poorly last time and managed to win just 5 MP seats. So if the TDP can manage to win even 10 seats now, it would have doubled its strength in the Lok Sabha.

The biggest loser undoubtedly would be the TRS, which will have to, in all probability, go it alone.

Behind The Scene: Babu silences 'Maharaja'!

Former minister and senior Telugu Desam leader P Ashoka Gajapathiraju is hardly seen at the TD State party headquarters NTR Bhavan. He used to be active while the TD was in power. The former "Maharaja" of Vizianagaram kingdom has reportedly decided not to be in the limelight at least for one more year. And this explains why he is not seen much at NTR Bhavan. Moreover, Chandrababu Naidu has entrusted the responsibility to his "trusted lieutenants" MV Mysoora Reddy and Nagam Janardhan Reddy.

An interesting aspect now observed in TD headquarters is the active participation of former information minister Dadi Veerabhadra Rao. This man had remained silent for more than five years. But during the past three months, he is sitting on the media conference dias and sharing it often with none other than Chandrababu Naidu.

Another leader who has been given a "raw deal" is former union minister Ummareddy Venkateswarlu. Also same is the case with former CBI director and former minister K Vijayarama Rao.

Only God knows what is in the mind of Chandrababu Naidu these days.

Lokesh' marriage: two quite contrasts

It is being dubbed as the "marriage of the year" in the political circles in the State. Whatever be the reasons attached to the marriage being dubbed as the wedding of the year, there's one reason no one can escape from or overlook.
It is the quite contrast between the bride and the bridegroom.
While the marriage arrangements are in full swing in the bungalow of film star Balakrishna whose daughter Brahmani is getting married to Nara Lokesh, son of former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu on August 26, there's no such an environment in the bungalow of Chandrababu Naidu.
With Chandrababu Naidu deciding to keep the marriage a "low key affair", much activity is not seen at his house, though occassionally Lokesh and his mother Bhuvaneswari are said to be busy shopping. It is in quite contrast to the busy schedule in the residence of Brahmani.
The invitation list is also going to be quite contrast: big list vs small list. In every aspect the marriage is going to be quite in contrast, one making it a big affair and the other a low-ley function.
Many feel that they have not come across such a marriage in contrast.

Fact Sheet: Of Naidu and his 10, Janpath links!!

Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu, who was in New Delhi last week, took the party leaders and mediapersons by surprise by going into hiding for a couple of hours early in the morning.
There was nobody with him, except former Rajya Sabha member Kambhampati Rammohan Rao, when he went out in the latter's car without even taking his breakfast. Nobody could guess where Naidu had gone and after a week, too, Kambhampati also did not open his mouth even before closest of his friends, leave along the Desam MPs.
However, mediapersons tried to sniff the news about Naidu's secret mission. Accoding to their guess, Naidu had a one-on-one meeting with an industrialist, who has close links with the powers-that-be in 10, Janpath (Sonia Gandhi's residence), on a business deal. Sources say Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy has become a major hurdle in getting clearance to this business and therefore, Naidu sought the help of this industrialist to prevail upon YSR through Sonia Gandhi. So, business is politics and politics is business!

Undavalli's Verbal Bombardments In 'Ee Varam'

The new weekly Ee Vaaram is launched and the first issue deals with Ramoji Rao and his deeds with Margadarsi. The chief editor of the magazine is Undavalli Arun Kumar and the other story that took big place in the magazine is about Chiranjeevi's political entry.
The sensational Congress leader who came to file only with Margadarsi issue is now turned a Press person as well with 'Ee Vaaram'. It is obvious that Congress is funding that magazine and the multi color magazine is being sold out at just Rs 5. Television Ads are also hitting in big way about this magazine.
We have to see how Congress and Undavalli use this magazine in near future.

Fact Sheet: Ex-bureacrats go on their own!

Three retired IAS officers -- D. C. Rosaiah, B. Danam and I. Venkateswarulu – who earned notoriety as the most corrupt officers during their tenure, are on a crusade to empower Dalits and minorities of the State.
The retirned bureacrats were associated themselves with the United BC/SC/ST Front initially, but later, they realised that their purpose won't be served if they play second fiddle to the petty politicians. So, they have decided to go on their own and see the people's response.
These former bureaucrats are now conducting political awareness programmes at Kakinada, Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Warangal and Hyderabad to enlighten the Dalits and prepare them for a longer battle for power. They saythough Dalits and minorities comprised about 85 percent of the population, they did not have decision making power.
"Power is in the hands of the remaining 15 percent and they are trampling over the rights of the Bahujans," they say.

Jagan ‘stopped’ in his tracks by YSR

Vijayawada: Is Y S Jaganmohan Reddy wary of group politics in the ruling Congress? Is he restrained by his chief minister-father YS Rajasekhara Reddy on making tours? Whatever may be the reason, the ‘rising son’ of the state, Jagan has cancelled his visit to Krishna and Guntur districts scheduled for August 25.
In fact, there was a flurry of activity in the Congress circles ever since the cadres came to know about his visit to the city to attend the marriage of a youth Congress leader in Guntur. On learning the news, leaders from Krishna too exerted pressure on him to spare some time in Vijayawada. But, youth leaders from Palnadu who secured his promise to visit Macherla did not agree to the proposal.
A group of leaders, led by local ZPTC member Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy, told Jagan that they have already made arrangements for a ‘grand welcome’. Meanwhile, proprietor of construction giant Ramky group Ramakrishna Reddy, a partner of Jagan in real estate business holdings, reportedly suggested Jagan to visit Sattenapalle to inaugurate charity works taken up by their foundation.
Guntur market committee chairman L Appi Reddy, who planned Jagan’s visit to the city, too wanted to keep him busy. As the rush of invitations kept growing, Jagan reportedly said he was going to Mumbai for a board meeting of Raghuram cements. But, rumours are rife in the party circles that the CM asked Jagan to wait for some time before plunging into active politics.

Behind The Scene: Why PJR is lying low!

Looks like the worries of the Chief Minister, Mr YS Rajasekhar Reddy, are over now. The main dissident in the Congress in the State, Khairatabad legislator P Janardhan Reddy is lying low. Another MLA M Sashidhar Reddy is also keeping mum. Suddenly all the dissident elements including MP Sarve Satyanarayana, MLA P Shankar Rao and MP Madhu Yashki Goud have decided to keep the dissident activity under wraps. No one understands why they are keeping quiet. Is it the calm before the calm. Let's wait and see.
Sources point out that AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi has acted tough and this explains for the silence of these leaders. Only time will tell, whether their silence is because of fear of Sonia or it is calm before the storm.

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