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Friday, September 7, 2007

Security lapse reason for attack on NJR

A serious lapse of security is believed to be the reason for the attack of Maoists on the life of former Chief Minister and Visakhapatnam MP Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy at Vakadu near Nellore on Friday morning.

The Nedurumalli couple command Z-Category security, which requires their routes to be checked wherever they go. The culverts are especially checked, as Naxalites are known to plant landmines at such places. NJR has been on the hit list of the Naxals since he was the first person to ban outfits such as the People's War Group (PWG) when he was the Chief Minister in 1991. Other governments followed suit, but NJR has been the prime target because of his bold initiative.

Neither he nor the police force took the threat seriously enough, as is clear by the failure to man police at all culverts along the route. The Z-Category security requires each police station to submit reports every

15 days after checking the culverts. The sub-inspectors have to physically verify and fill up a proforma stating 'Checked and found nothing particular'.

It is said that the police send the report without actually carrying out the checks. Even on Thursday night, such a report was sent stating that checks had been completed, including the culvert where the incident took

place. Police are also required to post cops at all culverts, particularly for Mr. Reddy, which they failed to do so, manning only the junctions.

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