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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nostalgia: Doubts Raised On Kantha Rao’s Stammering?

This was the news of 1951. Kantha Rao acted in a small role in the film ‘Nirdoshi’. HM Reddy was the producer in that film. He told Kantha Rao not to act in small roles and promised that he would make him hero. But many have expressed doubts on giving hero chance for Kantha Rao saying, “Reddy garu! How can he become hero? He talks with stammering”.

Then Reddy replied, “This is not stage drama. We can edit till we get the output. Kantha Rao has got grace in face. He is disciplined and enthusiastic. He is also energetic. So we have to encourage”.

That’s how Kantha Rao became hero with the film ‘Pratigna’ (1953) and eventually turned folk hero on Telugu screen. This was the first film for Rajanala as villain as well.

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