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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SV Ranga Rao In Kapu Politics Agenda

An informal get together of some Kapu MLAs was held in Krishna district couple of days ago. They have discussed on various topics to tighten the Kapu unity for coming elections with a taken for granted assumption that Chiranjeevi will enter politics.

Apart from routine aspects in the discussion, the topic of SV Ranga Rao has seen light. Popular film actor of the past, SV Ranga Rao was a kapu and the Kapu leaders proposed to bring bigger glory for this actor by setting up statues and announcing an award on his name that gives bigger prize money than that of NTR Award. Although the proposal appears to be made with loose ends, if we recall what Chiranjeevi said a few months ago, it sounds something relevant. Chiranjeevi, when asked to name his favorite Telugu actor, he said 'SV Ranga Rao'. For that matter, even Kaikala Satyanarayana, another Kapu actor imitates SV Ranga Rao while portraying different roles.

Although SV Ranga Rao's image cannot push Kapu politics, he may get some added glory if Kapus come to power using Chirajeevi's image.

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HinduYuva said...

How about researching on a Kapu GOD or Godessess!

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