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Monday, December 17, 2007

Rumors: Chiranjeevi Behaves Like 'Aparichithudu'!

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This is the news from inside sources. It is said that Chiranjeevi has been highly confident on one side, partly confident for a few hours and getting afraid and talking like a timid for some time. That's an evidence of his disturbed mind now. Although he is not wholeheartedly willing, circumstances are pushing him to jump into politics. But Chiranjeevi is not man to go for 'trail and error' method. If he starts a party that should win and he should become CM. That is the requirement as of now. It's like hitting the goal in single shot on Foot Ball ground. It's like hitting an 'Ace' on Golf Course. So the aim should not be missed to safeguard Chiranjeevi and his image. That's really an uphill task when made calculations on normal grounds.

Chiranjeevi shows these split personality traits at home due to overlapping of several thoughts and assumptions. Chiranjeevi is only an actor by conviction and training. He is an actor by profession. But now he is a politician by assumption. Chiranjeevi has no training in politics, no professional outlook in politics but has only vacillating conviction. He assumes that he can win looking the fans organizations and media support. At the same time he goes bewildered looking at the strong leaders like Chandrababu and YSR. Chiranjeevi knows that he is not a spontaneous orator. He knows that he is not a balanced guy as per emotional quotient. He knows that he breaks down to tears if something happens to his image. Just by an indirect hit by Mohanbabu in Platinum Jubilee, people have seen how Chiranjeevi reacted to that. He is too sensitive at heart.

As per Moslow's theory, Chiranjeevi is above the level of 'self actualization'. He made his mark in history already. He need not do something different to be in history. His image is on top, his earnings are on top and his fans are also good in number. Everything is prone to damage once he gets into politics. That would hurt his self actualization and self esteem as aspects as well.

So, as these aspects are overlapping in his head, he is disturbed. But the people those are observing him are saying, 'Chiranjeevi is behaving like Aparichithudu'.

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