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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rumors: Devender Goud to join Chiranjeevi

Some important developments are in the offing in state. Telugu Desam Party veteran and former home minister T Devender Goud is set to join hands with mega star Chiranjeevi, who is expected to announce launching his own political outfit in the new year.

Vexed with Chandrababu Naidu’s tantrums aimed at him, Goud is seriously thinking of joining the bandwagon, which is likely to have the cause of social justice, sources said. In this case, Chiranjeevi, will have to acknowledge Goud as virtually No 2 in the new party.

This status has been eluding Goud in TDP presently. “Sometimes, Goud assumes that he is No 2 after Naidu, but he is equated with just yet another light weight, like Kadiam Srihari or Errabelli Dayakar Rao,” pointed out a TDP leader close to the Medchel MLA.

Goud is more hurt by the fact that certain TDP seniors like Ummareddy Venkateswarlu, who openly ridicule Goud, are believed to have the backing of TDP chief. “Naidu has no guts to challenge Goud openly, but he does give pinpricks to the latter indirectly,” said the Goud aide.

Normally, Goud always addresses Naidu as Sir”. But, of late, he started using singular number terms like “Aaayana” and “Baabu”. One should not forget the fact, that TDP senior Kotagiri Vidyadhara Rao lost his place with Naidu, just because he addressed the CM as “Baabu” in a cabinet meeting long ago.

If Goud dumps Naidu, and embaraces Chiranjeevi, it is going to be a biggest blow to TDP in Telangana region. Not only that, backward classes elsewhere too would develop cold feet for TDP and distance themselves from it.

Some advisors of Goud are of the view that he should float a separate Telangna TDP and have a tie up with Chiranjeevi. “But, no final decision is taken on the course of action,” a Goud associate said. Anyway, Goud is going to unveil his political ambitions before 2009 polls.

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