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Saturday, December 29, 2007

TV9 and NTV Did Business With PJR's Death

PJR passed away yesterday suddenly and it is obvious that the two top news channels TV9 and NTV started rolling on incessant news bulletins since the news broke down. But simultaneously they have done business by asking people to send condolences to PJR's family through SMS.

"That's the trick of business which can be accepted- but cashing the situation of death is something condemnable", says a viewer.

Estimation says that the money earned through SMS is being used by those channels to cover many expenses and the salaries of a few employees as well.

Keeping that business aspect aside, TV9 is doing demeaning act by being careless in some issues. The reporter standing in front of PJR's house says, "Every body is grief-stricken here and the surroundings are dull". But the general public who were standing behind the reporter were seen laughing with happiness for showing their faces to TV9 camera. A few guys were taking out their cell phones and calling their friends to switch on TV9 and see them. They were also taking confirmation if they were seen in the channel with smiles. When the news and the report was in sorrow, allowing general public who does such demeaning acts proves to be a mismanagement of TV9 reporter and cameraman. They should take care for not allowing the general public stand behind reporter while reporting news of sorrow.

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