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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Chiru ready to pay 50k crores?

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For some weeks mega star Chiranjivi is hitting the headlines of many Telugu dailies. As each day passes by, Chiru's speculated entry into state politics is getting quite intense driving many politicians crazy.

What started as a game of speculation between many local news channels is actually assuming some serious political consideration given the actor's own game of wait and see.

Whether Chiru actually takes the holy plunge into the dirty politics or not it has some how made the winter of deccan plateau quite hot.

Off late, it has been the turn of all and sundry to script their own foreseeable action scenes on the political screen.

Disgruntled congressmen who could not fill enough of their purses in the mega projects the Chief Minister has initiated in the last three and half years of his rule are now trying their mega best to annoy their high command by making the mega star a Chief Minister designate even before he has set his sights on the ballot box.

The plight of telugu tamullu in the Telugu Desam Party is even more pathetic. Confronted with Telangana sentiment, party rank and file all over the state are increasingly getting polarized on the separation issue. Surely, with the possible entry of coastal boy Chiru the shelf life of their party is likely to expire even before the T-State is announced.

The baby elephant in Andhra wished to grow as big as its mom in theUP state, but Chiru's chilipi cum chinna tammudu has played the spoilsport for the mega dreams of the mega sister. behenji Mayawati annoyed with such chilipi tantrums has not spared the rod on her little brothers for playing truant with her. Hence her outburst shunning the naach gaane wale actor brothers as being unfit for public service.

For the lotus party, the waiting in the murky waters seems to be unending saga. The mega star still seems a mystery. However, for TRS chief, it is like waiting to see which side of the bread chiru is going to butter. Left Parties, having been dreaming since a long time for a third front, Chiru own rylu bandi could once again prove just a day dream best left behind.

Having said so much about the established political parties, lets see what it costs the mega star to gain his entry ticket. A political kitten called T G Venkatesh, of rayalaseema iykya vedika, well known for his obsessive opposition to T-State is now demanding from the mega star Chiranjivi to pay a compensation of Rs.Fifty thousand Crores to seema for actively considering joining politics which could potentially break up the united state of Andhra Pradesh.

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