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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Politics: What YSR has "achieved" thus far

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The State has ushered into the New Year. As people look forward for a bright future during 2008, Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy look backwards at the achievements of his government. Rajasekhar has completed three and a half years in power and let's see what he himself says about the achievements his government had made thus far.

1. The Congress government waived arrears of power bills related to agricultural consumption to the tune of Rs.1,192 crore on May 14.

2. Free power to the farmers from the first day (May 14th 2004) of YSR in power. Started "Jala Yagnam" to build 26 Major irrigation projects and 6 medium irrigation projects with the expenditure of 56,000 crore investment. FAB (Electronics, Semi Conductor) City to Andhra Pradesh.

3. Distribution of Lands to poor farmers with the "Indira Prabha" programme.

4. Science City Proposal in Ananatapur with 1,00,000 Crores investment.

5. Inter national Airport to Hyderabad.

6. The Congress government launched a new scheme by name Rajiv Yuva Shakthi to provide wage employment and self employment by spending 1000 crore. Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) to Andhra Pradesh.

7. For low-income urban population, government has launched an innovative housing scheme "Rajiv Gruhakalpa". American Consulate to Andhra Pradesh. 25 Paise interest to Dwacra Group Women.

8. Vizag Steel Plant Expansion. Adidas shoe company to Nellore district. Successfully getting highest amount of money from Central Finance commission since three years, for the 2007 year 30,000 crore and 2006 year 20,000 crore.

9. Completed Jhanjavathi Project for Vizianagaram district. Successfully launched "Rajiv Internet Village" to promote technology to villages.

Out of 117 election promises made in 2004, works pertaining to 74 were completed, 19 were are various stages of progress and 24 are pending.

And with elections fast approaching, Rajasekhar Reddy is busy seeking publicity for his schemes and completing the pending works.

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