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Monday, July 30, 2007

Behind The Scene: YSR under Sonia scanner!

The Mudigonda firing incident, which rocked the entire nation, has virtually pulled the carpet from under the feet of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

Though there is no immediate threat to YSR of losing his Chief Minister's post, AICC president Sonia Gandhi has certainly put him under the scanner. Already, the AICC headquarters in New Delhi is being flooded with innumerable complaints against the Rajasekhara Reddy government, especially with regard to high level of nepotism being shown by him and his associates. Everyday, one dissident leader or the other is coming to the AICC with a host of complaints against YSR. However, hitherto, Sonia has not taken them so seriously as to think of replacing YSR with another leader.

But after the Saturday's Mudigonda firing incident, Sonia has been under pressure from the Left parties, which are the main pillars of the UPA government, to remove YSR. The CPI-M politburo, which would be meeting in New Delhi on Monday, is expected to press for the ouster of YSR. If that happens, it would be politically disastrous for the Congress in Andhra Pradesh, which is going to polls in just around 20 months. This would only mean handing over power to the Opposition parties on a platter. Will Sonia agree for that remains to be seen.

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