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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Manisharma Live – A Resounding success in NJ

EDISON, New Jersey - July 28th 2007: It was a truly spectacular sight at the Royal Albert’s Palace on the evening of 27th July. The occasion was the Maiden Live performance by the Top South Indian Music Director Mani Sharma and his incredibly talented troupe. The Hall was packed with a tremendously charged crowd of over 1500 people. Several people went back as the tickets were sold out in advance.

Manisharma started the proceedings with a beautifully melodious performance of one of his songs. It just set the mood for a music filled evening. But as he started picking the fast paced numbers from his repertoire, the excitement of the crowds knew no bounds. So much so that, for several foot tapping numbers even the more sober members among the audience just couldn’t contain them selves and started dancing at the back of the hall. It was truly mass hysteria.

And this only further prompted Manisharma to belt out one after the other of his adrenaline pumping hits and every time the cheering crowd would do an encore. People were so engrossed that NOT a single person left till the VERY end of the show. People really loved Mimicry by Harikishan. People lapped up the comedy by Shiva Reddy. They were in raptures when Shiva Reddy in his inimitable style imitated the crème de la crème among the Stars of Telugu Film Industry.

The audiences were very appreciative of the arrangements at the venue, the seating and the banquet style dinner. The sound system was excellent. Many members of the audience actually made it a point to meet the organizers after the show ended and congratulated them for holding the event with such high standards. Many said that this event in particular changed the perception people had about South Indian, especially Telugu Film/Music events organized in US till date. KAD Entertainment thanks Manisharma and his troupe consisting of singers Suneetha, Usha, Vijaya Laxmi, Vinodh Babu, Mallikarjun and his orchestra members of Mastanvalli Shaik, Sai Karthik Kothapalli, Sai Srinivas Ghantasala, Chiranjeevi Muthukuri, Vara Prasad Raghavendra, Ranjith Vasudevan, Sagar, mimicry artiste Harikishen, Fun Star Shiva Reddy and the troupe manager Ravishankar for making the event such an entertaining one.

Among the notable attendees were Dhulipala Narendra, Gone Prakash and Satish Vemana. The organizers KAD Entertainment & SSR wish to thank their sponsors Globe 7, American Info Serve, Synchron, Hyderabadi House, Cyber Resource Group, Dakshin, Axill, Saransh Technologies, and all the others who supported the event. KAD Entertainment also thanks SS, Laxmi and Nandu for being part of the event and make it a grand success.

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