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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Left women hitting police below the belt

New tactics adopted by the fiery women activists of the Left parties have left the police reeling in painful surprise. They have been literally hitting police personnel "below the belt" during clashes that erupt when they take out rallies.

In several recent marches, which ended in stone-pelting and caning, women activists swung the iron-bottomed sticks they were carrying at the groins of police personnel. Policemen at the frontline during agitations are now using protective gear, like cricketers, to escape such attacks.

The women activists, who are being used as shields during marches and demonstrations, are also armed with chilli powder. "They throw it into the eyes of the police personnel and later attack them with pins and blades," said a senior police officer.

He added that the women also shower abuse at the police personnel during marches and demonstrations. "The worst is the use of sticks," he said.

This upsurge of "woman power" has even forced some police personnel to opt out of duty during demonstrations and marches.

It has been almost three months since the Left parties took up the Bhoo Poratam agitation and women have taken active part in it.

Many marches and demonstrations ended in street clashes where too women too took the lead in attacking the police using "innovative techniques".

Top police officers are worried about how to tackle this. "We are observing restraint despite women adopting such techniques," said ACP N.V. Surendra Babu. "Several policemen have suffered injuries in such incidents." He said the women are sometimes accompanied by their children and this prevents police personnel from taking effective action.

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