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Friday, July 27, 2007

PJR to set up new political party?

Khairatabad legislator and former CLP leader P Janardhan Reddy is reportedly planning to set up his own political party. Though the legislator has not opened up his mouth to make any announcement on this, sources close to him point out that he is giving a deep thought to the idea.

Sources point out that he is weighing all pros and cons of having a own political party and the benefits and demerits, if any, of continuing in the Congress.

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy, a bete noire of Janardhan Reddy, has firmly established his roots in the AICC. The AICC leadership is in no mood to listen to anything against Rajasekhar Reddy. This leave Janardhan Reddy without a god father at the Delhi level. Janardhan Reddy will study the political situation before taking any final decision.

Earlier, several Congress leaders formed political parties but had to return to the Congress fold finally. But in the process they have gained a lot in the Congress. The best example was that of former chief minister M Chenna Reddy.

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