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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why did Leftists carry chilli powder?

The Communist parties have been claiming all these days that they have been going absolutely peacefully in their agitation for lands and land sites. But going by the turn of events that happened on Thursday, it appeared that they were prepared for a violent agitation.

The activists of Communist parties, who were participating in the agitation, came well prepared with packets of chilli powder, so that they would attack the police when the latter tried to arrest them. So, definitely they expected that the agitation would turn violent, if the police atack them.

And that exactly what had happened. When the police resorted to lathicharge, the activists attacked them with chilli powder. According to an estimate, 26 Left activists were injured while, 46 policemen were also hurt. So, no hypocricy!!

Written by Rao

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