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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why is Narayana opposed to YSR's ouster?

Once again, Communist Party of India State secretary K Narayana has displayed his unflinching loyalty to Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, at a time when all the other Opposition parties, including the CPI-M, were gunning for YSR's head.

It surprised many a political observer as to why Narayana did not agree with the demand of the Opposition parties that YSR should step down as the Chief Minister. Surprising, because Narayana has been actively participating in the "Bhoo Poratam" launched by the CPI-M these days and is even facing a "Sedition case" from the government. Why then did he differ in seeking the ouster of YSR?

Makhdoom Bhavan sources point out that Narayana has never been opposing YSR, as he is the biggest beneficiary of the Chief Minister's offerings. Right from the beginning, Narayana has been displaying pro-YSR stand, whether it is Pothireddypadu, Polavaram or Raghuram Cements issue. In this regard, even his own party leaders are opposing his attitude. His so-called participation in the agitations against the govenment are only superficial. In a way, he has been acting as a "covert" in the whole land struggle operation, as he is said to be the one who has given the hint to the government to disturb the fast-unto-death by the Reds. So, naturally, Narayana has that gratitude!

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