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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Leftists forced the firing victims to die

The post-firing incidents at Mudigonda village kicked up several doubts over the intentions of the Communist leaders: whether they are really fighting for securing land for the poor people, or get political mileage out of it.

The way the Communist leaders behaved after the firing incident at the village showed their inhuman attitude and utter regard towards the plight of the victims. Eyewitnesses say that the death toll would have been minimal had the injured were shifted to the hospital immediately rather than to the Collectorate for agitation. A local surgeon, who saw the clippings in the television news, observed that the victims did not succumb to bullet injuries instantaneously, but were battling for death for some time. Had the bodies been in the hospital rather than on the road, the persons would have been saved. "I feel that a few of the six dead were not clinically dead at the spot due to the bullet injuries. They died because there was no treatment for several hours," he felt.

Locals wonder how could the CPI-M leaders come to the conclusion that those who received bullet injuries died, since it was for the doctors to confirm whether the injured were dead or alive. Then a post-mortem is to be conducted following which the bodies could be handed over to the relatives. This process was not followed and the fate of the injured was left to the angry CPM activists, who took them to the Collectorate rather than the hospital. The agitators, who are making hue and cry today about the death of the six persons did not make any attempt to shift the injured to the hospital and save their lives. In stead, they mishandled the injured and tried to gain political mileage, they observed.

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