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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Article: YS Jagan The Gen-Next Ramoji Rao!

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Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is a highly intelligent young man. He is soft-spoken but at the same time, he is also shrewd and successful businessman. He has built up a formidable business empire in a short span of time.

Father Y S Rajashekar Reddy is naturally proud of his son’s achievements. And like all doting fathers, he wants his son to go higher and higher and notch up many more successes.

Jagan now wants to replicate this success in the media field too. So has now trained his sight on building up a media empire. He has announced the launch of a Telugu newspaper Saakshi, which will come out with a record 19 editions from day one.

Work is on full swing and top journalists are being hired at hitherto unheard of salaries. The paper is scheduled for launch in January, on Sankranthi to be precise.

Jagan is also firming up plans to launch a 24x7 TV Indira TV.

Along with the 24x7 news channel, there are reports that plans are afoot to start an entertainment channel as well. And the popular FM radio space is also being eyed. And the web is of course a natural extension of the print media. So, Sakshi will naturally have an Internet edition too. So, Jagan is likely to have presence in all the four media segments by 2008.

The paper and the channel are expected to give him a firm foothold in the media space in Andhra Pradesh. And starts with the advantage of having the government on his side. Which more or less will take care of the advertisements.

The paper is likely to click, as it is going to be a well designed and a quality product. The paper is likely to priced at just One Rupee for strategic reasons. This could turn out to be its USP as the other papers in the market like Eenadu; Andhra Jyothi etc. are priced at Rs. 3/- on weekdays and higher on Sundays.

Jagan’s yet to be launched daily has already put established papers like Vaartha, Andhra Prabha and Andhra Bhoomi on notice.

Come 2008 and we will have a new media mogul on the AP horizon.

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