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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rain gods advance thermal power overhaul

The power generation and supply position in the State improved considerably. Currently AP TRANSCO is supplying 162MU/day and meeting a peak demand of 7300MW. Thanks to good rains, Srisailam reservoir received large inflows since last week of June 2007. Therefore Power generation is maximized at both the power stations in coordination with irrigation department.

Owing to availability of 2200 MW hydro power (Srisailam 1500 MW and Nagarjuna Sagar 700 MW), the annual overhaul of thermal machines is advanced. The annual over haul of 7 thermal units of the state of capacity 1120 MW (RTPP-1, VTPS-1&4 and KTPS-2,3,8,9) and one unit of Kaiga Atomic power station of capacity 70 MW (AP share) in Central sector are already completed.

Power generation at Nagarjunasagar Left and Right power house (50 MW), Pochampadu power house (9MW) and Tungabhadra Power house (30 MW) also commenced. Currently 18000 cusecs water is being released through Nagarjuna Sagar Main Power House generating around 9 MU / day. Generation at Srisailam Power Station is being made as per requirement releasing up to 40000 Cusec generating around 20 MU/day due to decreased inflows into this reservoir as suggested by irrigation department.

At present the base availability is 114.1 MU (4756 MW) and hydel generation is 47.95 MU (2544 MW). During 2007-08 (from April to July), APTRANSCO supplied on an average 159.46 MU/day as against 152.25 MU/day during corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 4.7 per cent. The peak demand met (from April to July) in 2007-08 was 8337 MW as against 8104 MW during corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 2.9 per cent.

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