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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fact Sheet: "Naidu has no moral right in Mudigonda"

Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu is trying every method, including the so-called one-day fasting (or a few hours fasting?), to take absolute mileage out of the recent Mudigonda firing incident, in which seven people died.

But the people in Khammam district are not being carried away by his crococodile tears. In fact, Sattenapalli Manda, wife of Ramakrishna, who was shot dead in the Basheerbagh police firing in 2000, categorically said Naidu had no moral right to call on the victims of police firing at Mudigonda.

"Chandrbabu and former minister T Devender Goud termed the deceased of Basheerbagh struggle as traitors of country and he also rejected to give compensation to the families of them," she said. She feels Naidu should tender apology to the Basheeragh firing victims at least one.

Yet, Naidu shamelessly demanded the resignation of YSR in connection with the Mudigonda incident. And he is day dreaming of coing back to power and saying that land distribution would be the top prioitity, if the TD comes to power (sic!)

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