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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Behind The Scene : Lok Satta leaders frustrated!

Even as the political activity is hotting up in the State with Opposition parties intensifying their tirade against the Rajasekhara Reddy government, one party which remained cold is Lok Satta, which has no programme or plan to realise its day-dream of getting into power in 2009 elections.

So much so that the leaders and cadres of Lok Satta, who joined the new party with a lot of hope and commitment, are getting frustrated day by day. At a time when all the political parties are buzzing with activity with one programme or the other, the atmosphere is dull and uninspiring in Lok Satta. There are no hunger strikes, no dharnas, no rallies and no bandhs. They are wondering how its founder Jayaprakash Narayana is hoping to get the people's support without fighting for their problems.

Secondly, there is no coherence in what this so-called intellectual is saying. One day, he says the Chief Minister should take moral responsibility for the police firing at Mudigonda in which seven people died. The very next day, he opposed the demand of the Left paties that the Chief Minister should step down. He has not provided any valid solution for the ongoing land struggle.

While this deep thinking has been going on in Lok Satta, there has been a fight among the leaders of Lok Satta for crucial posts in the party. The Lok Satta leaders in Tirupati for instance went to the extent of entering into fisticuffs on the issue of gaining positions in the party. So, what's the difference betwen Lok Satta and other parties?

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