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Friday, August 3, 2007

Fact Sheet: Yet another party for Dalits in AP!

The formation of a full-fledged Dalit government in Uttar Pradesh has rekindled a hope among the Dalit outfits in Andhra Pradesh, that they too can dream of such a Dalit government in the State.

However, what is lacking among them is a force that unites different outfits whose leaders have their own motives. As a result, more and more groups are coming up with their individual agenda. So, yet another party has come from Dalits in the name of Rajyadhikara Party, whose founder president V G R Naragoni announced that the sole intention of the party was to fight for power to Bahujans in the elections slated for 2009 and for over all development and up lift of back ward communities including SC and STs in the State.

Already, there is an attempt to bring all the parties fighting for the oppressed sections on to one forum with an objective of bringing weaker sections to power, but there is no cohesion among these parties mainly because the leaders are selfish. No wonder, they are being exploited by upper caste-dominated parties like Congress, Telugu Desam and TRS!

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