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Friday, August 3, 2007

Political Talk: PCC Chief KK is enemy No.1!

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The Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee chief K Kesava Rao is enemy number No.1 for congress party in Andhra Pradesh.

We are referring to the Congress party for which KK happens to be the party president. KK has time and again proved to be a major embarrassment to the party by his uncalled for comments and statements. He has now mastered the art of putting his foot firmly in his mouth at regular intervals.

The latest example is the Mudigonda issue. At a time when the party high command was trying to soften the ruffled feathers of the leftist, KK put spoke a in the wheel with his uncalled for and derogatory comments. He accused the leftists of playing casteist politics. He pointed out that the TDP chief and the leaders of the left parties in the state belong to the same community and therefore they are making all kinds of noises. He even went to the extent of accusing the leftists of amassing wealth in the name of Bhooporatam. This has put the reconciliatory efforts of not only the chief minister but also the efforts of the party high command, in serious jeopardy.

KK’s other blunders in the recent past include challenging the TRS chief to resign as MP and contest once again afresh. This revived the sagging fortunes of not only KCR but also managed to galvanize the party into action once again.

KK also publicly commented on YSR saying that he should not have attended the felicitation function of Kasani Gyaneswar. This caused serious embarrassment to the CM. And the list goes on and on.

His term as PCC chief has ended but he is still continuing as the high command is still on the lookout for a suitable person to succeed him.

However on the other hand, the opposition parties are secretly wishing that he would continue in the present post, at least till the next assembly elections.

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