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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Issueless BJP takes up prohibition issue!

The Bharatiya Janata Party in the State is in a miserable situation, as it has no issue to fight against the government and be in the news. The Communist parties have a major issue of land struggle to fight, while the Telugu Desam has plenty of other issues like the Obulapuram mining and also the land struggle. The TRS, too, is going ahead with its consolidation programme in Telangana districts, starting with the Singareni union elections.

But the poor BJP has no programme of action to go into the people. That's why, it has now started reviving the old issue of "Prohibition" in the State. In fact, it was the new part Lok Satta, which wanted to take up Prohibition as a major social issue and make it as an election plank in the 2009 elections. But, it is yet to formulate an action plan on the subject.

The BJP wants to take the advanatage of this delay and is all set to launch the agitation. The BJP leaders are of the view that it would be a major issue in the next elections and so, the party might gain some advantage.

But, has it not become an outdated issue? What does it do, when its opponents question as to why Prohibition is not being implemented in the BJP-ruled States? Does it have any answer?

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