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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mudigonda: IAS lobby takes advantage

The ongoing cold war between the IAS and IPS lobbies to gain upperhand in the administration has once again come to the fore in the Mudigonda incident.

The IAS officers, who are waiting for an opportunity to prove their superiority to the IPS, took advantage of the Mudigonda incident to defame the police. Accordingly, Khammam District Collector Shashibhushan Kumar submitted a report to the State Human Rights Commission, holding the police responsible for the killing of seven innocent people in the firing. The Collector said the police had not made proper and prior alternative arrangements to avert firing in Mudigonda. He said the cops had not assessed first the seriousness of the situation and not taken prior arrangements such as taking water canons and teargas shells to Mudigonda. He even said the police did not provide even drinking water to the agitators, who got injured in the firing.

The Collector's report is in total contrast to the report submitted by the IPS office Lokendra Sarma, who conducted departmental inquiry into the incident. But with the Khammam district judge also submitting a report to the State High Court, more or less similar to the Collector's report, the IAS lobby got the advantage, leaving the IPS officers fretting and fuming.

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