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Saturday, September 22, 2007

ACB becomes active, thanks to Samal dhamal

The Anti-Corruption Bureau, which had been in deep slumber all these days, has suddenly woken up and started conducting raids at will on the government officials in high places, thanks to the "dhamaka" created by former Vigilance Commissioner R C Samal.

In the last one week, the ACB sleuths conducted surprise raids on several officials and caught them redhanded. Perhaps, they might have that that the government would turn its ire on the ACB for turning a Nelson's eye on the corrupt officials that prompted Samal to expose several bureaucrats. So, they stepped up their activity all of a sudden and trapped the corrupt officials, so that the government would give an impression that it is not shielding the corrupt.

This sudden action of the ACB has also created a scare among the middlemen. For instance, the brokers at the RTA department, who collect huge amounts from the people for obtaining driving licences and vehicle registrations, disappeared from the scene the moment the ACB started its operations. The Samal effect might have created an embarrassment to the YSR government, but it has also provided the much-needed relief to the consumers!

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