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Saturday, September 22, 2007

TSR Frightened Children and Infants With Shouts!

T Subba Rami Reddy is known for his spiritual bent and Shiva bhakthi. He has shown that in the presence of ANR shouting 'Sivoham' for three times very loudly and chanting the benedictory manthrams for ANR on the occasion of his birthday. TSR utters 'om' for such a long time which speaks volumes about his daily practice with praanaayama.

While TSR was shouting 'Sivoham' in mike with such loud voice, the kids sitting in the hall were turned afraid and hugged their parents. Infants cried for a moment for this sudden change. Although it's a chant to call the divine, the children didn't understand what he was doing. Elders and youngsters sat in utter silence when he was shouting 'Sivoham'.

After this, TSR said, "ANR and I are good friends. But in one aspect we differ. I believe in Lord Shiva but he believes only in humanity. As 'Eeshawara' is there in his name 'Nageshwara', I feel Lord Shiva is within him".

That way TSR has given dramatized speech in Ravindra Bharathi last evening.

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