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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Himakumar Reddy: 'God saved my brother’

NELLORE: “The car flew up before my eyes and for a second, I almost thought I lost my brother. Thanks to Edukondalavadu (points to the sky), he escaped from the jaws of death by a hair’s breadth...!"

The tension caused by the blood-curdling incident was clearly visible in his eyes even as Nedurumalli Himakumar Reddy, a cousin of the former Chief Minister N. Janardhana Reddy, narrated the incident to this correspondent.

Mr. Reddy was seated in the sixth car in the convoy, just behind the ill-fated Ford Fiesta that was blown up by the landmine triggered by Maoists near Vidyanagar in the early hours of Friday.

“I heard a loud noise and what I could see was just debris and dust all over. Immediately, I got out of the car and a corpse, understandably thrown up by the blast, fell next to me with a thud, spilling blood all over my shirt. I almost thought it was Anna, but found his car much ahead of the spot and ran towards it for confirmation. It was only then I heaved a sigh of relief,” he narrated the nerve-wracking incident to media after the blast.

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