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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fact Sheet: Hard choice before voters in 2009

It seems voters in Andhra Pradesh are in for really tough time choosing candidates during the May 2009 Assembly elections. Even small political parties have come out with a plethora of promises. The big political parties have promised everything that's possible under the blue sky. With still 18 months left for the polls, these political parties may come out with a few more promises, of course with some twists to the already made promises. This will be so because hardly any new political promise is left for these parties to announce.

An average voter will now have before him at least a dozen important promises and half a dozen political parties to choose from. He may be confused since all these political parties are making their promises appear genuine. Only the intelligent and discerning voters will be able to judge between these political parties to choose the right party and the right candidate.

Since our politicians want confusion to be created in the mind of voter so that they could benefit from the confusion, it's really going to be a hard time for the sincere voter when he or she enters the polling booth to excercise the adult franchise.

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