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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fact Sheet: Of elections and talks with Maoists

Now that the election year is fast approaching, the Congress leaders, particularly the MLAs and MPs in the State are worried about their safety and security, as intelligence reports indicate that the Maoists are stepping up their activities silently in the remote areas.

That is precisely the reason why these Congress leaders from Naxal-infested areas are bringing pressure on the government to reopen the negotiations with Maoists and buy peace before the elections. The attack on former Chief Minister N Janardhan Reddy has triggered a lot of panic among the ruling party MLAs and MPs. Succumbing to their pressures, Information Minister from Nellore Anam Ramnarayan Reddy declared that the government's doors were always open for discussions with the Maoists and appealed to them to join the mainstream and cooperate for the development of the state.

The Congress MLAs are primarily worried that they would not be in a position to tour the interiors and make election campaign, if the government does not buy peace with the Maoists. They would definitely become hard targets for the extremists. But, who will bell the cat?

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