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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For Babu it's everything but Bapu

The Telugu Desam organised a mega event at party headquarters NTR Bhavan to mark the birth anniversary of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi on Tuesday. Chandrababu Naidu, as usual, was the chief guest and spoke at length on various issues touching everything on the earth. But strangely enough he did not talk of Gandhi or his ideal principles. Except referring to Gandhi Jayanti he did not take pains to talk of the great leader.

The opportunity was utilised to criticise the Congress government and announce the pre-poll promises of the Telugu Desam. No one in the audience dared point out to Chandrababu Naidu that he was speaking out of context and it was the occasion to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and not the time to criticise others. Mahatma Gandhi, no doubt, criticised the British but he did it in a subtle way. It was not to derive political mileage. It was in national interest. But of late our power hungry leaders are utilising noble events like Gandhi Jayanti to settle political and personal scores. Hey Ram!

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