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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What happened to Venkat's case?

Public memory is really short. People tend to foget issues fast. In fact there are so many issues before the people in the country that they forget them fast. Even if one wants to remember them, it's not possible. Before newer issues go on adding to the old ones and it's quite hard and almost impossible to think of old issues.

Politicians take advantage of people's short memory and benefit from them. The recent case of death in the house of K Venkat Rao, son of former APCC chief K Keshava Rao. The Opposition raised a hue and cry till he was arrested. Once he was arrested and sent to jail, no one is talking about Venkat Rao or about the case. The police are doing their job silently and sooner or later Venkat Rao will emerge "victorious" from the legal battle with a clean chit, ala film actor N Balakrishna.

Interestingly the Congress did not make much noise when Balakrishna, brother-in-law of Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu was in the same situation as is Venkat now. But the Telugu Desam shouted from the housetop in Venkat's case.

Now that the shouting has stopped, public attention has turned away from Venkat and Keshava Rao.

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