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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Babu happy over 'Stop Polavaram' order

The mega dam proposed at Polavaram village across the river Godavari would have spelt doom for the Telugu Desam and the TRS alike. The Telugu Desam was hoping that the Polavaram dam would not materialise. Much to the happiness of the Telugu Desam, the Left and the TRS, the Polavaram dam could not get environment clearance. This means there will be no Polavaram project.

Had Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy succeeded in taking up the Polavaram, the Telugu Desam would have been washed away. Because those in East and West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur districts would have voted for the Congress en masse. The Polavaram dam had been a dream project for long and Rajasekhar Reddy would have gone down in the history as the great visionary, after Sir Arthur Cotton.

In the Telangana region, the TRS would have too been washed away because the party failed to stop the Congress from going ahead with the project.

The rejection of permission for the dam had come as a blessing both for the Telugu Desam and the TRS. But it will prove a costly affair to the Congress. However, the Congress may scrape through putting the whole blame on the Telugu Desam, the Left and the TRS. The BJP, though it has a nominal presence in the State, also opposed the dam.

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