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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Behind The Scene: Chiru entry, a Cong Ploy?

Is hype and hoopla around Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics just a ploy by Congress government in the State? Yes, say, some political observers. They said that the entire fracas that surrounded Kasu Prasada Reddy, an eye specialist, is a storm in tea cup.

Many may not agree with this, but the story goes like this: Prasada Reddy who is equally close to both Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy as well as Chiranjeevi wanted to know the pulse of public on the mega star’s entry into politics, and if possible to assess its impact on the ruling Congress fortunes in coming polls.

For this, he has selected a small group of lower rung reporters and invited them to a star hotel at Begumpet for a talk. But, descended there were some senior political reporters who wasted no time in highlighting the story in a big way, making it to banner headlines next day.

NTV, in which a minister from Telangana is stated to have some share, promptly sensationalized the story, by putting it in scroll, throughout the day. This was taken by other channels too, which were badly waiting for a breaking story. So is the case with other major Telugu dailies.

Now, the story is simple. The actor issued a press release urging his fans to keep quiet, till he announced it officially, and the eye specialist is incommunicado to media, after chided by YSR, and the media struggling to sustain its story.

Meanwhile, the minister and the CM are happy that the entire episode has done a big benefit for them; to make people divert their attention from various scams and misdeeds of government. Poor TDP and other parties are left in lurch as they do not know what is going to happen to them now.

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