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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Behind The Scene: Is Naidu a changed man?

Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu is desperately trying to create an impression among the party cadres that he is a changed man. The way he mingled with the party workers at the party executive meeting a couple of days ago and shared lunch with them and the way he admitted his fault of not interacting with party workers during his regime is an indication to this.

But those who know Naidu's style of functioning say that it is all nothing but a drama. No doubt, Naidu has built up the party cadres during NTR regime, but after he assumed power in 1995, he he had distanced himself from party cadres. The disgruntled party cadres did not work for the party's victory in 2004, which is evident from the way the TD could not get the number of votes equivalent to the cadre strength. Groupism and factionalism have become rampant in the party. Even in the last three years of opposition, the TD workers have not gained any confidence, even as the leaders tried to protect their own identity.

So, it is hard to believe, under these circumstances, that Naidu and the other leaders are changed persons. If he is really a changed man, he needs to get his act together and gear up the party cadres for the next elections. As of now, he has no plan or strategy to take on the Congress.

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