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Thursday, December 13, 2007

CC Reddy Starting Daily News Paper

CC Reddy is now running a weekly tabloid called 'Ee Bhumi'. He recruited 200 people for the magazine across the state. That is only a pilot job for his big mission that he is going to start shortly. The magazine 'Ee Bhumi' got good response in the market. The news that is presented in the magazine is interesting and fresh, say the readers. Very soon CC Reddy is starting daily News Paper.

So apart from Surya and Sakshi we are going to see 'Ee Bhumi' daily slowly. Sakshi is about to hit the market for this coming Sankranthi as per initial reports. We have to see if that starts as usual or takes some more time.

Sources say that there is going to be a big brain drain from Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy as 'Ee Bhumi' daily is also going to start. CC Reddy is offering fat salaries and many other benefits for his senior team. Already there was some drain in Eenadu due to Surya. Now Sakshi and Ee Bhumi would add more to that. We have to see if Ramoji Rao hikes up the salaries to his team like he did when Surya was announced.

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