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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Behind The Scene: PJR's death a shock to Chiru?

There have been unconfirmed reports that film star Chiranjeevi was in secret confabulations with Khairatabad legislator P Janardhan Reddy over launch of a new political outfit. Chiranjeevi fully knows that without the support of Janardhan Reddy it was quite a difficult task to launch a political party and survive in Hyderabad. But unfortunately, Janardhan Reddy breathed his last all of a sudden keeping everyone high and dry. Sources point out that Chiranjeevi was badly hit by the death of Janardhan Reddy.

PJR, as he was fondly called, had a mass following in Hyderabad and parts of Telangana. He was a well known labour unionist and lakhs of poor people were solidly behind him. Chiranjeevi reportedly was advised to take the support of Janardhan Reddy as the film star will not only lose the image of a "Kapu leader" but also get the support base of BCs, STs, SCs, minorities and the have-nots. Though Janardhan Reddy hailed from a upper caste, he was famous with the poor and underprivileged.

Chiranjeevi has been receiving a blow after blow because he is passing through a bad astrological phase. Let's hope and pray that the film star will get a new phase of life in the New Year.

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