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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rumors: PJR's Properties In Question Mark

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PJR's demise left many question marks behind. He has huge properties at various places but his son and wife are not informed about them. As PJR never anticipated any such risk to his life at this age, he didn't make arrangements to let his family know about all of his properties.

Whatever is visible before of the eyes of family members is the only property that is known for them. They have to see if they get any information from the close friends of PJR about his investments and properties. It is said that PJR kept many properties in the name of others and now it is a big question mark if they open their mouths or simply keep quiet. However, it is now a big task ahead for PJR's son Vishnu.

He has to carry the legacy of his father and the loyalty of the people who had put faith on him.

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